WWE Top 10 Superstars who has highest winning percentage

Just because WWE is scripted, many fans say that win and lose doesn’t matter. But when people’s favorite WWE superstar wins any match over hated heel superstar then they give loudly cheer to him. Today we are going to publish a list of WWE Top 10 Superstars who had the highest winning percentage.

Who has the highest win percentage in WWE history?

After seeing our list of WWE superstars then you are definitely going to surprise because there are many surprising names in it. We take those superstars who wrestle in minimum of 25 matches in WWE. Let’s surprise began.

10) Bad News Brown  

Bad News Brown with winning percentage was 82.17% - Sports Info Now

In the attitude era of WWE, Bad News Brown played an interesting character of Bad-ass loner. His famous victory comes when he won the battle royal at Wrestlemania IV.

Who has the most wins in wrestling?

But unfortunately, He left WWE on a bad note when Vince McMahan refuses him to become a champion because he doesn’t want a black champion in the company.

During his stay in WWE, his winning percentage was 82.17% in his 101 matches.

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