WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE states SummerSlam location, Stephanie McMahon on fans return and more

Hello and a warm welcome to our daily edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. We bring some new WWE stories and Latest WWE News and Rumors including WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE states SummerSlam location, Stephanie McMahon on fans return, and more.

WWE Rumours Roundup

Here we talk about, WWE Rumours and spoilers on WWE give an official statement on the changed location of SummerSlam 2020. WWE Rumours and News on Stephanie McMahon gives update on when fans return on WWE shows. Latest WWE news and rumors on AJ Styles shout out on CM Punk and more Pro Wrestling news rumors and Spoilers.

So let’s start today’s top WWE headlines from WWE Rumor Roundup edition.

#7 WWE News: WWE states changed the location of SummerSlam 2020

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - WWE states changed the location of SummerSlam 2020 - Sports Info Now

WWE confirmed on their official website that SummerSlam 2020 and its weekend events no longer take place in Boston. They said further that a refund would be collected at the original location of the purchase.

WWE has made a big announcement regarding the status of SummerSlam

WWE also told that the new location of the events is forthcoming. But we would expect that the new location will be the WWE Performance Center.

Here is the WWE official statement:

“In coordination with our local partners, government officials, and TD Garden, WWE’s SummerSlam and related events will no longer take place in Boston. Refunds are available at the original point of purchase. We are grateful to the city of Boston for their longstanding partnership and look forward to holding WWE events at TD Garden in the future. SummerSlam will stream live on Sunday, August 23, at 7 p.m. ET on WWE Network, and information regarding a new location for the event is forthcoming.”

WWE issues official statement on the location change for SummerSlam 2020

So according to WWE Rumours and spoilers, SummerSlam 2020 takes place at WWE Performance Center on 23rd August 2020 Sunday.

If we talk about current WWE plans for SummerSlam 2020 matches then here are some expectations:

For WWE Championship, WWE not advertised Brock Lesnar for SummerSlam PPV, so he is not returning for the event. As per the WWE Rumours and News, WWE planned to do a match of Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton for WWE Championship.

WWE’s reported plans for SummerSlam 2020

For Universal Championship, WWE already did two matches between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt. Now score stands at 1-1, first Braun Strowman defeats Bray Wyatt at Money In The Bank 2020. Then Bray Wyatt defeated Braun Strowman in Wyatt Swamp fight at Extreme Rules 2020. Now WWE planned a match of Braun Strowman vs The Fiend Bray Wyatt for Universal Championship.

There are also Latest WWE news and rumors about WWE planned two nights event of SummerSlam and second night going to be All Women’s PPV. So WWE gives more details of the event in the upcoming weeks. So Stay with Sportsinfonow for further updates.

This is the top WWE Headline from WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE states SummerSlam location, Stephanie McMahon on fans return, and more.

#6 WWE Rumors: Stephanie McMahon gives update on when fans return on WWE shows

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - Stephanie McMahon gives update on when fans return on WWE shows - Sports Info Now

In the recent interview, Stephanie McMahon talks about multiple topics. The absence of a live crowd is a top topic that she discusses during that interview. Stephanie said that there is no exact date marked yet about return on live audiences for WWE shows. But she said that the live crowd expected to return sooner than later.

Only a few sporting promotions run their event in this pandemic situation and WWE is one of them. Even WWE holds their biggest PPV of the year Wrestlemania in front of no crowd.

Stephanie McMahon gives an important update on when the fans will possibly return

Here are the WWE News and Rumors:

“Stephanie McMahon said in an interview with AdAge that she thinks WWE will fans back in attendance at shows “sooner than later.”

She also talks about the current WWE show and WWE superstars who have no pressure to work in this pandemic situation.

Stephanie McMahon talks about the current situation

Here are Stephanie McMahon’s words:

“It’s all optional, it’s volunteer-based. It’s up to them if they want to participate, we did have talent and crew members opt-out, and we do support that. We do testing before all programming. It is more advanced testing, it isn’t the rapid test, that does have false positives and negative, we want the best testing positive.”

“I think that happens sooner than later. So I’ll just throw that out there to the universe.”

According to Sportsinfonow’s experts’ speculations, WE can see the live crowd in WWE shows by October 2020.  

These are the top WWE stories from WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE states SummerSlam location, Stephanie McMahon on fans return, and more.

#5 WWE Updates: AJ Styles scream out on CM Punk

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - AJ Styles scream out on CM Punk - Sports Info Now

WWE Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles one more time takes a dig at CM Punk. Punk previously called out Styles for his stand on the George Floyd Protest. Then Styles said that he is not going to react on CM Punk comment because he does not respect.

WWE Superstar AJ Styles lashes out at CM Punk

Now AJ Styles takes a shot on CM Punk on his live streaming on Twitch. Below are the AJ Styles’ words:

“I’m all about business and some people I don’t think are capable of doing good business. It’s that simple. He’s not worth my time. This guy (CM Punk) just likes to get attention, even if it’s bad.”

CM Punk and AJ Styles feud

In the past, on a few occasions when these two take a shot on each other. First CM Punk takes a shot AJ Styles and said:

“Well come on. That one has been obvious for years.”

Then, AJ Styles responded to CM Punk’s words. Check out below:

“I will not react at all coming from a guy like that I don’t respect anyway. It doesn’t matter. Look, my job as a performer is to perform and get the mind off all the things that have happened throughout the world. I am not going to react to people saying ridiculous and stupid things.”

#4 WWE Spoilers: WWE turn down ‘live marriage consummation’ storyline

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Spoilers - WWE turn down ‘live marriage consummation’ storyline - Sports Info Now

Current NXT superstar, Drake Maverick gives some details about multiple topics in his recent interview. Drake revealed so many details about the backstage of WWE. He also talks about his famous chase for 24×7 Championship.

Drake Maverick had a lot of ideas for his 24/7 Championship feud with R-Truth

Maverick also talks about WE drop live marriage consummation celebration idea. This storyline pitched by the time when Drake Maverick and R-Truth playing cat and mouse games from the 24×7 championship.

In that angle, Maverick’s wife gives him an ultimatum that she would only consummate her marriage if Maverick won the championship. Fortunately, Drake wins Championship. But WWE rejects another idea for another segment. Just like Edge and Lita live marriage angle, Drake also wants to do d same. But WWE decline this angle.

WWE Superstar was upset when the storyline was dropped suddenly

Here are Drake Maverick’s words on original plans for that segment:

“The one I pitched was the live consummation celebration which was supposed to be a spoof on the Edge and Lita one, which was very PG but you could imagine Drake Maverick stripping off for his wife, trying to take his pants off and falling over, then getting back up like it didn’t happen.”

“That sort of stuff, and then when he finally gets in the bed, and they’re getting closer together, closer together, R-Truth just peeps up. Then that’s when it’s’s fighting him in your underpants, he schoolboys you 1-2-3 and runs off.”

WWE rejected ‘live marriage consummation’ angle, original idea revealed

“One of the most fun runs I’ve had in the business. I was very upset that it ended with no explanation.”

“I always thought that 24/7 Title worked when you had the Roadrunner and the Coyote because as soon as the Coyote disappeared then it’s’s just Roadrunner running around and it’s not as entertaining. But we created that together.”

#3 WWE News: The Rock responded to former WWE writer Kristian Harloff

WWE News - The Rock responded to former WWE writer Kristian Harloff - Sports Info Now

On Social Media, The Rock gives his response to the old WWE scene from 200. That scene featuring The Rock and former WWE writer Kristian Harloff.

The Rock responds to former WWE writer Kristian Harloff

In the recent interview, Harloff discusses the story with The Rock in his time in WWE. One Social Media user notice that and posted a video of The Rock and Kristian Harloff segment. Then The Rock responded to that.

The Rock’s scene with Kristian Harloff for WWE in 2001

Here are Kristian Karloff’s words:

“The story was the best, two years later I ran into you at a birthday party, we talked for a bit, and you did this same thing to me at the end of the night. Life copying art. Ha hopes all is well.”

Here is the Rock’s response:

“Good times. “Eh-eh”

Kristina Harloff started his career as a WWE writer in 2001. He involved in a segment with The Rock when he was WCW champion in 2001.

#2 WWE rumors: MVP confirm his contract negotiation with WWE

WWE rumors - MVP confirm his contract negotiation with WWE - Sports Info Now

MVP shortly becomes attraction on Monday Night RAW after make WWE return at Royal Rumble 2020. He also makes stable with Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin on RAW and named it ‘The Hurt Business’

MVP confirms that he and WWE are in negotiations for his contract

In the recent interview, MVP speaks about his second run in WWE. He also said that both he and WWE in talks about long term program.

Here are MVP’s words:

“I had every intention of retiring this year. I’m from Miami but I reside in Houston. My son has become a massive wrestling fan. For him, I reached out to WWE about being a surprise entry in the Rumble. They welcomed me with open arms. It was meant to be for my son. It went so well that I was invited to come to San Antonio the next night for Monday Night Raw.”

MVP’s status with WWE

“I was allowed to wrestle Rey Mysterio who is my son’s favorite wrestler. The Company was offered a job as a producer which I accepted because I had the intention of retiring anyway. I was working as a producer. They asked me to do an on-screen VIP Lounge.”

“Then I was asked to do a short match and then another on-screen segment and then another. Before I knew it, my responsibility as a producer became less and less as I was asked to do more and more as a talent. Now I can say that WWE and myself are in negotiations for a long term deal.”

#1 WWE Updates: Cody gives a word on Zack Ryder joins AEW

WWE Updates - Cody gives a word on Zack Ryder joins AEW - Sports Info Now

In the recent interview, Cody talks on many topics including top free agent could join AEW, his TNT championship defends against new stars every week. While talking about possible upcoming challengers for the TNT championship, one name comes in light i.e. Zack Ryder.

Cody gives a response on that and said that AEW importantly chooses opponents who not work then and aware of around the world for them.

Cody responds to rumors of Zack Ryder coming to AEW

Here are Zack Ryder’s words:

“It’s important we access those opponents, the ones that do not work for AEW. We need to always be aware of the world around us. One of the charming things about what we’ve been doing is we’ve been real and we’ve been transparent. Wrestling exists outside of AEW, we are aware of that. We try to be the best wrestling, and I really think we are, but there is great wrestling outside of us, too. We need to acknowledge that.”

Cody hints at more free-agents coming to AEW

Cody also hinted that AEW could sing more free agents in the upcoming time. Below are Cody’s words on that:

“I love seeing when people that don’t work here put to try to get some notice or acknowledgment for the TNT Championship. That’s wonderful. When we say it’s an open challenge, I think you’ll see in the next few weeks that we mean open.”

These are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE states SummerSlam location, Stephanie McMahon on fans return, and more.

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