WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE plans against AEW, Tony Khan Takes a shot on WWE and more

Hello and welcome to our latest edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. We bring some new WWE stories and the latest WWE News and Rumors including WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE plans against AEW, Tony Khan Takes a shot on WWE, and more.

WWE Rumours Roundup

We talk here; WWE Rumours and spoilers on WWE plan against AEW. WWE Rumours and News on Tony Khan takes a shot on WWE. THE Latest WWE news and rumors on WWE cancel live events and more WWE News and Rumors.

So let’s start sports news in today’s edition of WWE Rumor Roundup.

#5 WWE News: WWE plan to run out AEW from competition

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News WWE plan to run out AEW from competition

As per the early WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2020, WWE move to shifted NXT shows from Wednesday is for took out NXT from competition against AEW. Now it’s been a few weeks that NXT and AEW do not stand against each other in weekly competition.

WWE may be moving NXT to other nights in the future

Now WWE Latest News and Rumors stated that WWE NXT shows the future on Wednesday and future details about WWE’s plan regarding competition against AEW.

Here are WWE latest updates 2020:

“Over the past month or so, discussions have transpired regarding NXT moving off Wednesday nights. No decision imminent, however, talks are ongoing. The numbers over the next 2 weeks might have some impact on this decision.”

WWE’s plan to run AEW out of business revealed; update on NXT’s move

Latest WWE News 2020 suggested that Vince McMahon and USA Network mutually on the same page to counter the AEW competition to NXT. Both parties Vince McMahon and USA Network do not want that other promotion to attract the universe from WWE.

Update on WWE NXT moving away from competing with AEW on Wednesdays

NXT deal with USA Network is worth $265 Million while the AEW deal with TNT is $40 Million. Vince McMahon not succeeding in ruling out AEW from the competition and it surprises everyone.

At the start when NXT and AEW weekly war started, WWE drops the plan to move NXT from Wednesday. But WWE started to losing the war against AEW every single week and it makes changes in WWE decision and now we can expect WWE moved the NXT show from Wednesday permanently.

This is top WWE breaking news WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE plans against AEW, Tony Khan Takes a shot on WWE, and more.

#4 WWE Rumors: Tony Khan takes a dig at WWE

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - Tony Khan takes a dig at WWE - Sports Info Now

All Elite Wrestling presidents Tony Khan recently address things to media. During talking with media, Tony Khan takes a shot on WWE and WWE Wrestlemania 36.

The AEW President had some bold claims on WrestleMania

Tony Khan believes that Double or Nothing brings crap out of Wrestlemania. AEW considers Double or Nothing as their top event just like WWE consider Wrestlemania as their top PPV.

Here are Tony Khan’s words:

“Double or Nothing kicked the crap out of WrestleMania.”

#3 WWE Updates: WWE canceling whole their live events

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - WWE canceling whole their live events - Sports Info Now

WWE considers their live event as their most important part of their promotion. The reason behind this consideration is WWE Live Events give enough audiences from different parts of the world.

Backstage News on WWE completely canceling Live Events

One the other side, WWE superstars getting tired of these live events because of the have to do more work because of these WWE Live Events. WWE Live Events is just like WWE weekly shows which never stop or end.

But during the current pandemic situation, WWE has to stop their entire live event across the forcefully. Due to this pandemic, WWE also released their WWE Superstars and other backstage employees.

Will WWE Live event cancelations result in superstars get a good downside with their contracts?

Now WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2020 stated that, WWE currently planning to cut back WWE Live Events completely in the future. There is no case that WWE stops touring internationally forever but this is just happening for a short time.

WWE Live Events have been a staple of the company for decades now

In the past so many WWE superstars leave the company because WWE Live Event’s extra works load. So now we can say that WWE superstars take a deep breath of relief due to the no WWE Live Event.

This is the top WWE headline from WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE plans against AEW, Tony Khan Takes a shot on WWE, and more.

#2 WWE Spoilers: Renee Young disclose her AEW status

WWE Spoilers - Renee Young disclose her AEW status - Sports Info Now

After departure from WWE, Renee Young not revealed about what is her next step after WWE. WWE Rumors 2020 speculates that Renee Young could go to AEW. The reason behind Renee Young joins WWE is her husband Jon Moxley who works in AEW and also he is the current AEW World Champion.

In a recent interview, Renee Young talked on many topics. She also addresses things about joining AEW.

Is Renee Young heading to AEW?

Here are Renee Young’s words:

“There have been no talks… That’s everybody. The second anybody leaves WWE or is fired or whatever, it’s like ‘Oh, they’re going to AEW. AEW confirmed!’ It’s non-stop. So obviously, I knew it was going to come up. But you know what I found interesting is, as much as I assumed that’s what everyone was going to say when I left, more people were like, ‘No, she’s going to work for FOX, she’s gonna go to ESPN, she’s gonna do whatever.’ Like, a lot of people saw me kind of leaving the wrestling world, which I was surprised by.”

Renee Young shares disheartening experience on FOX

During the recent interview, former WWE presenter Renee Young also spoke about the canceled WWE Backstage show which aired on FS1.

Here are Renee Young’s words:

“I was a little surprised in the sense that, we got a vague email, ‘we have a Zoom call today.’ I was like, ‘What?’ I message a producer and go, ‘Is this bad news?’ He’s normally great about keeping me in the loop and he didn’t respond to me. I was like, ‘Oh shit, something is up.’ It sucks that Backstage got canceled, I think it was starting to get into its groove. The show still could have been more than it was.”

Renee Young shares an experience about working on FOX

“To me, it started to feel like another WWE kick-off show, and that’s not what the heart of the project started as. That was disheartening to me. Going to work for FOX, I was like, ‘Hell yeah, now we can get out from under the thumb.’ You hear the stories about being overproduced (in WWE). To get away from that and be under the FOX umbrella, I was like, ‘We can finally do some stuff.’ No, we can’t. Our hands are still tied.”

Renee Young also talked about CM Punk’s secret return on WWE Backstage. She spoke about how WWE handles him and talk about CM Punk’s script:

“He didn’t do anything all that controversial to upset people. At first, it was like, ‘Eh, what’s he going to say?’ Once he was on, it’s not like he just wanted to sh*t on everything, what’s the point of that? People expect that to a certain degree.”

#1 WWE News: Sasha Banks’ plans to become a mother and retirement

WWE News - Sasha Banks’ plans to become a mother and retirement - Sports Info Now

Right now Sasha Banks enjoys and busy giving her services on all WWE brands alongside Bayley.

In the recent interview, former WWE RAW Women’s Champion and Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks was asked about how long she continues to wrestle in the square circle.

In reply, The boss revealed that there is no plan to retire anytime soon. She told that She would retire only if she feels that she accomplished everything in pro-wrestling. Banks also said that she is now happy and healthy to continue wrestles. She wants to be work and end up like Ric Flair.

Sasha Banks does have plans to become a mother, but will that affect her WWE career?

Here are Sasha Banks’ words:

“I’m gonna do it until I just feel like I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do. How about that? How about that? Healthy as well. I’m gonna leave healthy, happy, and fulfilled with what I’ve done because I already have been fulfilled, and I’m very thankful, and I’m healthy with what I’ve been doing in the ring. I’ve been taking care of my body; I’ve been happy, healthy, and wholesome. Who knows how long. It could be forever. I could be like Ric Flair.”

Sasha Banks’ plans to become a mother

Sasha Banks also asked to take a break from wrestling to become a mother just like Becky Lynch and Sarah Logan. Banks replied and said that right now she has no plans to become a mother. She revealed this thing when time is right.

Here are Sasha Banks’ words:

“Well, I don’t know what the near future is, but I would like to be a mother one day, and when that time is right, I’m sure the universe will let me know that.”

These are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE plans against AEW, Tony Khan Takes a shot on WWE, and more.

Wrestling Rumors Roundup

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