WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE Draft night 1 results, Drew McIntyre message to Brock Lesnar and more

Hello and welcome to our Saturday edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. We bring some important WWE stories and Latest WWE News and Updates including WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE Draft night 1 results, Drew McIntyre message to Brock Lesnar, and more.

WWE Rumours Roundup

We discuss here, WWE Rumours and spoilers on WWE Draft 2020 night 1 results. WWE Rumours and News on Drew McIntyre sends a message to Brock Lesnar. THE Latest WWE news and rumors on Samoa Joe talks about his in-ring career and more WWE News and Rumors.

So let’s start breaking sports news from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup.

#6 WWE News: WWE Draft 2020 first night results

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - WWE Draft 2020 first night results - Sports Info Now

WWE SmackDown episode and the first night of Draft 2020 both are done and dusted. WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon hosted Draft 2020. Just we expected, the first picks from RAW and SmackDown are their respected champions Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns.

Full WWE Draft 2020 Night One Roundup

So here are other WWE Draft 2020 results:

Round 1

RAW: Drew McIntyre (WWE Champion)

SmackDown: Roman Reigns (Universal Champion)

RAW: Asuka (RAW Women’s Champion)

SmackDown: Seth Rollins

RAW: The Hurt Business (United States Champion Bobby Lashley, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander)

Roundup 2

RAW: AJ Styles

SmackDown: Sasha Banks

RAW: Naomi

SmackDown: Bianca Belair

RAW: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

WWE Draft 2020 saw some huge names changing brands on Night One

Round 3

RAW: Ricochet

SmackDown: Jey Uso

RAW: Mandy Rose

SmackDown: Dominik and Rey Mysterio

RAW: The Miz and John Morrison


Round 4

RAW: Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods (SmackDown Tag Team Champions)

SmackDown: Big E

RAW: Dana Brooke

SmackDown: Otis (Mr. Money in the Bank 2020)

RAW: Angel Garza

What to expect from WWE Draft 2020 Night Two?

This is what we see on the first night of WWE Draft 2020. So now let’s talk and speculates about the second night of WWE Draft 2020.

Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss may draft to RAW

Brock Lesnar remains on RAW

Randy Orton may draft to SmackDown

Bayley remains on SmackDown

Charlotte Flair remains on RAW

The Street Profits may draft to SmackDown

Kevin Owens may remain on RAW

Aleister Black drafts to SmackDown

Jeff hardy drafts to RAW

Tucker drafts to RAW

Sheamus remains on SmackDown

King Corbin remains on SmackDown

Matt Riddle draft to RAW

Keith Lee remains on RAW      

So these are some notable picks that we can see on next week’s RAW episode on the second night of Draft 2020.

This is the top WWE breaking news from WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE Draft night 1 results, Drew McIntyre message to Brock Lesnar, and more.

#5 WWE Rumors: Drew McIntyre sends a message to Brock Lesnar

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - Drew McIntyre sends a message to Brock Lesnar - Sports Info Now

In a recent interview, current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre talked on a string of topics including his current champions run on RAW and his victory over Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 36.

Drew McIntyre recalls his rivalry with Brock Lesnar for WWE Championship headed into Wrestlemania 36. He said that if Brock Lesnar comes back in his way again then he will give him another Claymore Kick.

Here are Drew McIntyre’s words:

“I had Lesnar’s number every step of the way, which not many people can say. Every time, he showed up, I dropped him with my Claymore. And at WrestleMania, I defeated him in 5 minutes. Brock knows what I’m all about now. I’m not going to get confident, not going to get cocky, it’s still Brock Lesnar, but I’ll drop him again if he shows up.”

If WWE plans one more match of Drew McIntyre and Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship then fans won’t mind it. Brock Lesnar’s current WWE status is unknown yet but maybe this is a teaser that led towards another future show stopper storyline and match between these two.

This is the top WWE headline from WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE Draft night 1 results, Drew McIntyre message to Brock Lesnar, and more.

#4 WWE Updates: Samoa Joe talks on his in-ring career and future

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates -Samoa Joe talks on his in-ring career and future - Sports Info Now

The last time we saw Samoa Joe wrestles in a WWE ring was in February this year. After that, he suffered from several injuries that take him off from in-ring competition. During his injury period, he does the job of commentary on the RAW brand.

In a recent interview, Samoa Joe talked about his in-ring future after his injuries. Jae said that he is still not done with in-ring career. He currently enjoying commentary on the RAW brand but he does not lose hope on in-ring aspiration. Samoa Joe is excited about an in-ring return but he doesn’t know when this happens.

Samoa Joe finally reveals his decision about in-ring career and future

Here are Samoa Joe’s words:

“Right now, I’m enjoying commentary on Raw. It’s been a fun challenge. Obviously, I’m not done in the ring by no means. I think right now; I’m exploring things. Aside from that, I’m doing voice acting, which is fun and very cool. It’s a very enjoyable thing. I have a project coming up with Warner Brothers. I’m very fortunate, and I’m very happy that I’m doing the things I’m doing right now.”

WWE’s backstage perception of Samoa Joe

“Probably not, but for now, he does such a great job with announcing, and he’s had a lot of concussions, but for now, he’s doing this. I know that when he first did the announcing, and of course, things changed, I was told that it was temporary because he’s too valuable as a talent to have him as an announcer. But obviously, minds changed from when I was told that when they decided to revamp it, and he is great as an announcer. In theory, he’s supposed to wrestle again, but who knows.”

This is the top WWE story from WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE Draft night 1 results, Drew McIntyre message to Brock Lesnar, and more.

#3 WWE Spoilers: WWE made a big change in the RETRIBUTION stable

WWE Spoilers- WWE made a big change in the RETRIBUTION stable - Sports Info Now

According to WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2020, Mercedes Martinez now no longer be a part of the RETRIBUTION faction because WWE decided to move back here to the NXT brand.

Here are WWE Latest News and Rumors 2020:

“Mercedes Martinez, who was just moved to the Raw roster as Retribution’s Retaliation is no longer part of the group, PWInsider.com has learned. Martinez is being shifted back to the WWE NXT roster”

WWE makes a massive change to the core RETRIBUTION lineup

RETRIBUTION leader Mustafa Ali also hinted the same way earlier when Martinez is missing in his social media post. Recently filed Trademark by WWE, the Retaliation name was chosen for Mercedes Martinez. Every time we saw RETRIBUTION on WWE TV, Mercedes make his presence in the group.

WWE could potentially replace the member or choose to go ahead with the existing lineup

Right now there is no clear direction for RETRIBUTION stable. There are currently involved in a feud against The Hurt Business but we can’t call it a proper feud. Survivor Series 2020 could be the place where we can see RETRIBUTION wrestles in a proper match.

#2 WWE News: Kevin Owens sends a message to Roman Reigns

WWE News - Kevin Owens sends a message to Roman Reigns - Sports Info Now

Kevin Owens is right now involved in a feud against both Aleister Black and The Fiend Bray Wyatt. In a recent interview, Kevin Owens talked about who he would like to face as his dream opponent in WWE. Owens also said that he wants one more feud with the current Universal Champion.

Kevin Owens praises Roman Reigns’ work and his new persona of Tribal Chief. Owens believes that the showdown between him and Roman Reigns could be interesting if WWE plans it the proper way.

Kevin Owens sends a message to Roman Reigns, reveals dream WWE feuds

Here are Kevin Owens’ words:

“It’s easy to say because it’s the top star and he’s the champion, so who wouldn’t want to work with him? But Roman’s new identity or whatever you want to call it. I always thought me versus Roman in the proper setting could be really interesting, and the proper setting is, more than ever, now that he’s embraced his awesome Tribal Chief persona. I think me being pretty much the complete opposite of him would be an interesting clash.”

Later in the same interview, Kevin Owens also takes the name of current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton consider as his two dream feuds in WWE.

Kevin Owens’ message for Roman Reigns and his dream WWE feuds

Here are Kevin Owens’ words:

“Drew McIntyre and I had two matches on TV and that’s it, just two matches. We never worked with each other on live events, but both of those matches were bangers, and I’d love to do it again on a bigger stage. I never had the chance to work an actual storyline with Randy Orton. He’s one of my favorites to work with, so that’d be great, too. There’s plenty of things I’d love to do, but who knows how things will shake up.”

So as per our opinion, WWE should give one shot to Kevin Owens on each top title in his WWE run because Kevin Owens is the superstars who can deliver the best storyline and feud against any opponent.

#1 WWE Rumours: Superstars who left out from Draft 2020

WWE Rumours - Superstars who left out from Draft 2020 - Sports Info Now

WWE includes more than 60 superstars in the Draft 2020 pool from RAW and SmackDown. But few superstars could miss out on this year’s draft edition.

Some superstars who not to be part of Draft 2020 due to the injuries while others are not being available for some reason.

Which Superstars have not been included in WWE Draft 2020?

Here is the list of those superstars who not take part in Draft 2020:

Becky Lynch

Bo Dallas


Forgotten Sons



Jimmy Uso

Jinder Mahal

John Cena

Mojo Rawley

Samoa Joe

Singh Brothers

Sonya Deville

The Big Show

In this list, Edge, Ivar, Jimmy Uso, and Jinder Mahal have missed out on Draft edition due to their respective injuries. Becky Lynch missed out due to her pregnancy. Goldberg sings WWE contract for just two matches in the 2020 year and that is already done. Bo Dallas has not been featured on WWE TV for a long time now.

Superstars who will miss WWE Draft 2020

While Forgotten Sons are written off from WWE TV due to some controversial comment of Jaxson Ryker. Sonya Deville takes off from WWE due to her personal issues. The Sing Brothers are stuck in Canada and had some visa issues due to the current pandemic. John Cena and Big Show are now part-timers; So WWE thinks to make them free agents who work on any brand whenever needed.

These are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: WWE Draft night 1 results, Drew McIntyre message to Brock Lesnar, and more.

Wrestling Rumors Roundup

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