WWE Rumors Roundup: The Miz on his retirement, Chris Jericho reacts to Cody’s comment and more

Hello and a warm welcome to our today’s edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. We bring some interesting WWE stories as well as latest WWE News and Rumors including WWE Rumors Roundup: The Miz on his retirement, Chris Jericho reacts to Cody’s comment and more.

WWE Rumours Roundup

We discuss here, WWE Rumours and spoilers on The Miz revealed when he retired from WWE. WWE Rumours and News on Chris Jericho react to Cody’s latest statement. Latest WWE news and rumors on Finn Balor send message to Edge and more stling news rumors and Spoilers.

So let’s start top WWE break news from WWE Rumor Roundup edition.Pro Wre

#6 WWE News: The Miz told when he retire from WWE

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - The Miz told when he retire from WWE - Sports Info Now

Recently on Social Media, The Miz attends a Q&A session to promote his new WWE network show named Cannonball. During that session, one of his fans asked questions about his WWE retirement.

The Miz answered the question about his WWE retirement during a Twitter Q&A session

Below are fan’s exact words:

“@mikethemiz what age do u plan to retire, and would you ever take up a management role in WWE?”

The Miz answered on just a few words by said ‘whenever it stops being fun’. He didn’t answer the second question of that fan. So only time will tell that Miz plays any role in WWE management.

The Miz reveals when he will retire from WWE

Here are Miz’s words:

“Whenever it stops being fun.”

Another fan asked him one interesting question about which team he likes to join between The New Day and Undisputed Era. Miz replied and said that We chose to join The New Day because after that he can beat Xavier Woods in a video game.

This is the top WWE story from WWE Rumors Roundup: The Miz on his retirement, Chris Jericho reacts to Cody’s comment and more

#5 WWE Rumors: Chris Jericho react on Cody’s latest comment

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - Chris Jericho react on Cody’s latest comment - Sports Info Now

Recently on Social Media, Chris Jericho revealed himself as better wrestler then WWE legend Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio is the multi-time WWE world champion and still, he runs his career in WWE on RAW brand.

Recently, Cody praises for Rey Mysterio in his latest interview. Cody said that he and Jericho can agree that Rey Mysterio is all-time great wrestlers.

Chris Jericho reacts to Cody’s statement that nobody is greater than Rey Mysterio

Below are Cody’s words:

“The one thing Chris Jericho and I can agree on is that there is nobody greater than Rey Mysterio. That’s someone really special.”

Chris Jericho believes that he’s better than the current WWE Superstar

Chris is angry about Cody to give any statement on behalf of him. Than on Social Media, Jericho clear thing and said that he is better than Mysterio.

Here are Chris Jericho’s words:

“Don’t agree.  I’m better.”

This is top WWE headline from WWE Rumors Roundup: The Miz on his retirement, Chris Jericho reacts to Cody’s comment and more.

#4 WWE Updates: Finn Balor send a message to Edge regarding a match

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - Finn Balor send a message to Edge regarding a match - Sports Info Now

NXT’s Robert Stone Brand send a proposal to Edge about join RSB. Then, Rated R superstar gives his response on that by giving forth a list of demands. One of his demands is to face Finn Balor at the NXT TakeOver match.

Edge called Finn Balor out for a match, and Balor has finally given a fitting response

Here is Robert Stone Brand proposal to Edge:

“Hey, @EdgeRatedR !!! We LOVE your twitter account. Would you like to collab??? DM here and one of my #RobertStoneBrand team members will get back to you and organize something special for you!”

Could we see the dream match happen shortly?

Then Edge responded to that proposal with this:

“Ok @RobertStoneWWE my man! Let’s collab. Get me a match vs @FinnBalor at Takeover, I only want Fuschia m&m’s(they don’t make those, so figure it out), ideas on someone to help me cosplay the pic below, crushed velvet furniture on my bus, oh yeah a bus(everyone has em now), etc, etc”

Now recent interview, Finn Balor addresses Edge’s desire to have a match with him. He said that he is in for a singles dream match against Rated R Superstar. Balor also proposed a possible venue for this match and he offers a match at NXT UK TakeOver Dublin.

Finn Balor sends a message to Edge

Here are Finn Balor’s words:

“Somebody was talking online about possibly challenging Finn Balor at NXT Takeover and that was Edge I would like to address that situation right now, Edge was saying he wanted to face Finn Balor at Takeover so if we could do it at Takeover Dublin all the better. An absolute legend in the ring, but what an absolute gent and a true pro outside the ring. “

Finn Balor picks big event for their proposed dream match

“I’ve always said it to both him and Christian that when they retired, I met them at a couple of media appearances and I said: ‘lads, you two are like how I’d look to transition out of wrestling – to carry yourself with such professionalism – and to see him (Edge) back is fantastic. Getting the chance to wrestle with him would be even better.”

#3 WWE Spoilers: why WWE hold up SmackDown Hacker storyline

WWE Spoilers - why WWE hold up SmackDown Hacker storyline - Sports Info Now

It’s been a long time since WWE run one Mysterious hacker storyline on SmackDown show. This hacker also played a vital role in Many Rose – Otis – Sonya Deville – Dolph Ziggler’s storyline.

The reason why WWE was reportedly forced to change ‘SmackDown Hacker’ storyline

But now there are months that we do not see any appearance or angle of SmackDown hacker on WWE shows. Many WWE Rumours and spoilers and fans also speculate that Mustafa Ali could be the Mysterious hacker because during that time Ali was out of WWE action due to the injury.

Now WWE Rumours and News stated that WWE’s original plans were to bring back Mustafa Ali as a SmackDown’s mysterious hacker. WWE creative teams are fully quite on this angle in the last few months.

Why WWE were forced to change plans involving the SmackDown Hacker?

According to Latest WWE news and rumors now, after Mustafa Ali return in WWE on RAW, now it’s impossible that WWE shows us Mustafa Ali as a SmackDown’s Mysterious Hacker. WWE has to change its initial plans regarding hackers forcefully.

WWE News and Rumors stated that Mystery hacker storyline still alive and we could see some interesting angles down the line in the future. The Company could use this storyline angle when they no left may option regarding any story.

#2 WWE News: Rusev takes a dig at AEW

WWE News - Rusev takes a dig at AEW - Sports Info Now

Recently on Social Media, former WWE superstar Rusev and current AEW star Dash Wilder aka cash Wheeler involved in some words exchanged. Things started when vocal run between FTR and WWE Hall of Famer Rodd Dogg on Social Media and Rusev gets involved in it.

Rusev brought out the fact that AEW doesn’t have a video game

Cash Wheeler challenge Rusev for a fight, then Rusev responded with the suggestion of some video games where they both could fight. After that Wheeler said that he doesn’t know anything that Rusev asked for and asked him to tag that video game in his post.

Rusev took an amusing jibe at AEW during a Twitter exchange with a former WWE Superstar

This is probably a shot on Rusev who recently told Scott Dowson to tag Shawn Michaels in his post. In reply, Rusev takes a shot on him and AEW while tagged one handle in his post that not exits ‘@AEWvideogame’. Then he points out that, his promotion has not a single game.

Rusev takes a shot at AEW on Twitter

Here are words exchanges from both:

“@ToBeMiro wanna fight!? F me right!”

“MK11, SF V, FIFA, or any game of your choice. you call it I’ll fight you”

“I don’t know what any of that means. @ them”

“.@AEWvideogame …… wait a minute”

#1 WWE Updates: Why Aleister Black push on RAW may end soon

WWE Updates - Why Aleister Black push on RAW may end soon - Sports Info Now

This week on RAW, Aleister Black is involved in a singles match against Seth Rollins. He also lost that match against Monday Night Messiah. After the match, Black also gets brutal beating by Seth Rollins and Murphy.

Seth and Murphy mostly target Black’s arm and in the end, they left Aleister black with an injured or broken arm. This thing may lead towards some time off for Black to maintain Kayfabe.

The backstage reason why Aleister Black’s push on RAW is reportedly going to end soon

At the start, Aleister Black had incredible undefeated streak on RAW and many fans speculate that Black comes in top title picture sooner than later. But in recent we see some bad booking for Aleister Black and fans assume that this downfall of Black is Pau Heyman’s departure effect on him.

The reason why Aleister Black’s push can end on WWE RAW

Now WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2020 comes from backstage stated that, Vince McMahon not high on Aleister Black to become top WWE superstar or face of his brand. Paul Heyman is the only reason that Aleister Black gets a good booking on RAW.

There’s one big reason that could stop Aleister Black’s push on RAW

So now we can assume that Aleister Black’s push on RAW may end soon. Now it’s interesting to see what in store of WWE for Aleister Black. Either the books him properly and become legit contender from top championships or WWE ruin his opportunity just like they did with EC3.

These are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: The Miz on his retirement, Chris Jericho reacts to Cody’s comment and more.

Wrestling Rumors Roundup

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