WWE Rumors Roundup: spoiler for Intercontinental Championship match result, Mystery guest appears on SmackDown and more

Hello and a warm welcome to our new edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. We bring some amazing WWE stories and Latest WWE News and Rumors including WWE Rumors Roundup: spoiler for Intercontinental Championship match result, Mystery guest appears on SmackDown and more.

WWE Rumours Roundup

We discuss here, WWE Rumours and spoilers on match result of WWE Intercontinental Championship match on SmackDown. WWE Rumours and News on special guest appears set to appear on SmackDown. Latest WWE news and rumors on New Day’s Big E set for a singles push and many more Pro Wrestling news rumors and Spoilers.

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#5 WWE News: spoiler for Intercontinental Championship match result on SmackDown

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - spoiler for Intercontinental Championship match result on SmackDown - Sports Info now

WWE book match for Intercontinental Championship on go-home edition of SmackDown. This match happens between AJ Styles vs Matt Riddle. WWE fans believe that WWE book this match way too early.

WWE reportedly has a plan in place for the finish of the title match

Now WWE Rumours and spoilers stated that WWE has no plans to make Matt Riddle IC champion. WWE Rumours and News also suggested that AJ Styles going to beat Matt Riddle in that match. AJ Styles also could join King Corbin and gives beatdown to Riddle.

According to Latest WWE news and rumors, that beatdown from Corbin and Styles could set a platform for feud and matches between King Corbin and Matt Riddle.

The original plans for Matt Riddle and King Corbin

According to WWE’s initial plans, WWE already writes King Corbin vs Matt Riddle feud on paper before Matt debut on SmackDown. In the first place, Corbin disagrees with this idea of WWE because Corbin wants that Matt should beat some enhancement talents first then he gets a match against him.

The big spoiler on the result of the Intercontinental title match between Matt Riddle and AJ Styles

AJ Style newly becomes Intercontinental Champion, so it makes no sense that he drops title this early. It doesn’t mean that Matt Riddle is not championship material. But for both Styles and Riddle, this time is too early to lose and win championship respectively.

This is the top WWE News from WWE Rumors Roundup: spoiler for Intercontinental Championship match result, Mystery guest appears on SmackDown and more.

#4 WWE Rumors: Mystery guest appearance set for WWE SmackDown

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - Mystery guest appearance set for WWE SmackDown - Sports Info now

WWE already announced interesting matches and segments for the go-home edition of WWE SmackDown for The Horrorshow at Extreme Rules 2020. Now WWE announced one more surprise and that is Alexa Bliss’ ‘A Moment of Bliss’ segment with some mystery appearance as a special guest.

WWE also confirmed another big Bray Wyatt segment for SmackDown

WWE told that this mysterious appearance could make everyone shocked. Bray Wyatt also appears on SmackDown episode with a new edition of Firefly Funhouse segment to give the final touch to his match against Braun Strowman.

Mystery guest segment announced for WWE SmackDown

WWE could add more matches for Extreme Rules 2020 PPV from SmackDown episode. WWE could add matches like the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match between The New Day vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro and this is gone a be tables match. Another match that WWE could add is Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy (a bar fight match).

What to expect from the go-home episode of SmackDown for Extreme Rules?

If you want to know Sportsinfonow’s expert’s speculation regarding mystery guest appearance on SmackDown then there are many possibilities present. First is, Asuka who can be a mystery guest who comes to give the final touch to their match against Sasha Banks. Second is Nikki Cross who could be the one who comes to hype her match against Bayley.

The third is, it could be Jeff Hardy or Sheamus who come and confirm their match at Extreme Rules. Fourth is guests could be Lita and Trish Stratus to answer Bayley’s call out for a match at SummerSlam 2020.

#3 WWE Updates: The New Day’s Big E set for the push of a single

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - The New Day's Big E set for the push of a single - Sports Info now

It’s been six years that The New Day formed and entertains us each week. Now it confirms that The New Day is future WWE Hall of Famer. They are achieving that much success and respect who deserve to be inducted in WWE Hall of Fame.

Now question rose like any time in future we see new day splits?

In the recent interview, Big E addressee few things including The New Day have split and Big E’s single run in WWE. Big E said that The New Day is one of that fiction in which no needs to be split for a single run. The latest example is Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship run.

Big E also explained why a New Day split may not be the right decision

Big also said that he would like it if he gets a single push in the future from WWE. He said he is ready anytime WWE gives him a chance for a championship. But he also not wants The New Day to split because of his single push.

New Day’s Big E is ready for a singles run

Here are Big E’s words:

“Our thing was we always wanted to be a faction. Kofi would have his singles stuff, Woods would have his singles stuff. We could also go into tags. I still think we can do everything we want to as a faction. I could still do singles stuff and the New Day is still in tags. I’m prepared to do singles. I came in doing singles and I never saw myself as a tag team wrestler, but I love tag team wrestling and I grew to love it. But, I still think we don’t need to break up. We can do stuff like Kofi did where we still stayed a faction. We were still together and he pursued.”

Big E explains why a New Day split won’t be beneficial

Big E also gives a reason for The New Day break up could not be beneficial or could not be the best idea. He said that they all three have a strong bond in these six years. He also said that break up between us could be looks fun and dramatic but that is not a good idea at all.

#2 WWE Spoilers: Why WWE went back to Saudi Arabia even with the scandal

WWE Spoilers - Why WWE went back to Saudi Arabia even with the scandal - Sports Info Now

Hugo Savinovich is a former Spanish commentator who works with WWE form a long time. He has deep knowledge regarding the WWE work strategy. Hugo Savinovich speaks up last year’s WWE scandal in Saud Arabia.

WWE Superstars did not have the best time after WWE Crown Jewel 2019

He revealed how WWE superstars stuck at Saudi Arabia airport, and they do not allow flying out of the country. Hugo Savinovich also revealed that the WWE attorney tries to kill his reputation.

The reason why WWE went back to Saudi Arabia despite scandal possibly revealed

Savinovich also told the reason that WWE still went back to Saudi Arabia for shows despite that scandal. He said that WWE went back for Saudi for more shows because they want to maintain their stock prices.

That deal between Saudi Arabia and WWE is very huge in terms of money and values of the company.

Hugo Savinovich on why WWE went back to Saudi Arabia

Here is Hugo Savinovich’s statement:

“Unfortunately, I think that WWE did not do the right thing by going back. What they wanna do, I believe, is that they wanna keep their stock from falling, and they’re in a pretty good price range right now. So, if they destroy my credibility, that’s one less thing. Then sometimes you hear the case has been dropped or whatever, but always read the small print. They do certain deals where you settle and you cannot talk about it. With me, they cannot do anything because I’m not under contract with them. Nobody owns me. I don’t have to answer not even to my own company Triple-A, and I haven’t heard one word from Triple-A saying, ‘You know Hugo, maybe you should not talk about it.’ Nobody has tried to sanction me. Everybody says, ‘Hugo, whatever he said is the truth.'”

#1 WWE News: CM Punk takes a shot on Big Show

WWE News - CM Punk takes a shot on Big Show - Sports Info Now

Recently one video surfaces on Social Media that video is from the past when CM Punk in WWE. In that Video, Big Show takes off the mask when CM Punk was on top of the ladder and reveals a bald head of CM Punk in front of the live crowd.

During that spot, CM Punk looks upset and screamed on big show badly. While Big show looks happy and smiling on CM Punk’s face.

Now CM Punk takes a dig at Big show and replies to that video on Social Media. Here are CM Punk’s words on Social Media.

“Was very upset I looked like him.”

These are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: spoiler for Intercontinental Championship match result, Mystery guest appears on SmackDown, and more.

Wrestling Rumor Roundup

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