WWE Rumors Roundup: Sasha Banks WWE return, Mandy Rose on WWE RAW and more

Hello and welcome to our daily edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. We bring some important WWE stories and latest WWE News and Rumors including WWE Rumors Roundup: Sasha Banks WWE return, Mandy Rose on WWE RAW, and more.

WWE Rumours Roundup

We discuss here, WWE Rumours and spoilers on WWE announces Sasha Banks possible WWE return on SmackDown. WWE Rumours and News on Mandy Rose traded to Monday Night RAW. Latest WWE news and rumors on Drew McIntyre’s opinion for Keith Lee’s theme and more WWE News and Rumors.

So let’s start today’s sports news from the WWE Rumor Roundup edition.

#6 WWE News: WWE announces Sasha Banks’ possible return on SmackDown

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - WWE announces Sasha Banks' possible return on SmackDown - Sports Info Now

WWE revealed that when Sasha Banks could return on WWE SmackDown. This is The Boss’ first appearance after she assaulted by her best friend Bayley.

The return of The Boss was advertised by WWE during a promo on an NFL game on FOX

WWE presenter, commentator, and interviewer Michael Cole revealed that this week on the WWE SmackDown episode Sasha Banks will return and address about that attack of Bayley on her.

That is unclear that, Sasha Banks going to appear live on the WWE SmackDown episode or just cut a promo through satellite.

WWE possibly announces Sasha Banks’ return to SmackDown to address Bayley’s attack

Here are Michael Cole’s words:

“It’s an all-new Friday Night SmackDown from the WWE ThunderDome. The Boss, Sasha Banks addresses her former best friend’s heinous attack live at 8 ET / 7CT on FOX”

Sasha Banks has been off WWE TV since being attacked by Bayley on Smackdown two weeks ago

After Bayley’s attack on Sasha Banks at WWE SmackDown episode, WWE gives The Boss’ injury update. WWE told that Sasha Banks suffered from a severe bone bruise in the knee and compressed neck nerve.

This is the top WWE breaking news from WWE Rumors Roundup: Sasha Banks WWE return, Mandy Rose on WWE RAW, and more.

#5 WWE Rumors: Mandy Rose trended to WWE RAW

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - Mandy Rose trended to WWE RAW - Sports Info Now

Last week’s WWE Talking Smack, The Miz, and John Morrison appeared as a guest alongside hosts Kayla Braxton and Xavier Woods. During that post-SmackDown show, The Miz revealed something interesting and shocking WWE News 2020 that Mandy Rose is now trended to Monday Night RAW.

Mandy Rose has been traded to RAW, what does this mean for Otis?

The Miz also said that Mandy Rose could be a distraction for Otis to cash-in his MITB contract and become WWE Universal Champion. Right after The Miz’s words, WWE also made an official statement about Mandy Rose trends to WWE RAW.

Here is WWE’s announcement:

“BREAKING: As revealed by @mikethemiz on @WWENetwork’s #TalkingSmack, @WWE_MandyRose has been traded to Monday Night #WWERaw!”

Mandy Rose reacts to being traded to WWE RAW

Trended Mandy Rose to WWE RAW is the surprising move from WWE. In the recent few weeks on WWE SmackDown’s episodes, we not saw Mandy Rose with Otis either on backstage segments or in the WWE ring. So if we look this way then we can say that this WWE’s decision is inevitable.

How was Mandy Rose traded to WWE RAW?

Just like WWE fans, Mandy Rose also looks surprised by this WWE decision. She reacts to this WWE Updates 2020 in the same shocking manner.

Here is Mandy Rose’s reply:


With this reaction of Mandy Rose, it looks like she never agrees on trended from WWE SmackDown to WWE RAW. WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2020 stated that The Miz is the person behind the latest Mandy Rose’s trade to WWE RAW.

Otis sends a message to Mandy Rose following trade to RAW

Mandy Rose hit back to The Miz for her trade to the WWE RAW brand on Social Media. She said that The Miz did this because he stops Otis from cash-in his MITB contract.

Later Otis gives his reaction to Mandy Rose’s claim about The Miz. Below is Otis’ reaction:

“You Tell Em My Peach



Otis sent a tweet to Mandy Rose shortly after WWE announced her move to RAW

It’s been a few weeks that we saw fed between The Heavy Machinery and The Miz & Morrison. Every time either John Morrison or The Miz tries to steal Otis’ MITB briefcase but they never succeed to steal Otis’ MITB contract.

Maybe at WWE Clash of Champions 2020, WWE book either singles match of Otis vs. The Miz or John Morrison or tag team match of The Heavy Machinery vs. The Miz & Morrison and winner take Money In The Bank contract.

This is the top WWE headline from WWE Rumors Roundup: Sasha Banks WWE return, Mandy Rose on WWE RAW, and more.

#4 WWE Updates: Drew McIntyre gives his opinion on Keith Lee’s theme song

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - Drew McIntyre gives his opinion on Keith Lee's theme song - Sports Info Now

Recently, former NXT champion Keith Lee make his main roster debut on the WWE RAW brand. Right after the debut on RAW, Keith Lee was involved with Randy Orton. He already wrestles three matches against Randy Orton.

Drew McIntyre offers an interesting solution for Keith Lee’s entrance theme

On WWE RAW, WWE changed the Keith Lee theme song quite a bit. Because of changes in the Keith Lee theme song, many WWE fans criticized WWE for that. WWE Latest News and Rumors suggested that Keith Lee also agreed on this change when WWE approach him for the same.

Now current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre gives an interesting solution on Keith Lee on Social Media. This week on the WWE RAW episode, we know that Drew McIntyre faces Keith Lee in a singles match.

Drew McIntyre offers to help out in the change of Keith Lee’s entrance music

So Drew McIntyre give favor to Lee and said that if Keith Lee beat him on WWE RAW this week then he go and have a word with WWE officials for Keith Lee’s Theme music.

Here is Drew McIntyre offers to Keith Lee:

“Indeed. Beat me and I’ll personally have a word about your theme music #WWERAW”

#3 WWE Spoilers: Summer Rae hints towards WWE SmackDown return

WWE Spoilers - Summer Rae hint towards WWE SmackDown return - Sports Info Now

In the last couple of weeks on the WWE SmackDown episode, WWE teases a new debut or return of a superstar. During those vignettes, we can see one glamorous woman walking around.

In the first place, WWE latest updates 2020 stated that that woman could be Carmella because WWE wants to repackage her before her return. But now things are changed because former WWE superstar Summer Rae teases something interesting which hinted that she could be that women which WWE teases on SmackDown.

Is Summer Rae the mystery woman on SmackDown?

Here is Summer Rae’s teaser:

“Days like this I miss laying the Smack…


Last we saw Summer Rae in WWE in 2016. During Draft 2016, She moved from SmackDown to WWE RAW. Rae never appeared on WWE RAW after that draft because of her injuries. After a year, WWE released Summer Rae for the WWE on her request.

#2 WWE News: Chris Jericho wish Samoa Joe with him in AEW

WWE News - Chris Jericho wish Samoa Joe with him in AEW - Sports Info Now

Last week on Saturday Night Special episode, Chris Jericho was asked about if there is a possibility to bring WWE superstar Samoa Joe to AEW then what you do.

In reply, Chris Jericho said that he would like to have a wrestler like Samoa Joe in AEW. He added that if Samoa Joe interested to jump a ship then Jericho gleefully accepts it.

Chris Jericho stated that he’d love to have Joe in AEW

Here are Chris Jericho’s words:

“So would I. I don’t know if Joe is hurt right now or if he’s not feeling good. But I’ll tell you what man, he is just an amazing wrestler. He’s a great talker and just a hell of a guy as well. I would love to have him in AEW. But I don’t know if he wants to go. He might be hurt and he’s a great commentator so if he’s going to come to AEW and steal my possible commentating job then forget that.”

Let’s see this thing happens in the future or it stays as just speculation. WWE never wants and let Samoa Joe go to other promotion. WWE knows that how good Samoa Joe is in the various role including in-ring performer and commentator.

#1 WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon apologized to The Revival or FTR

WWE Rumors - Vince McMahon apologized to The Revival or FTR - Sports Info Now

In the recent interview, The Revival or FTR talked about their WWE run and their meeting with Vince McMahon.

FTR’s Dax Harwood revealed that how the communicating system is broken in WWE. These broken things may detrimental to superstars. Harwood also told that Vince McMahon apologized to him and Cash Wheeler in their last meeting.

Here are Dax Harwood’s words:

“It’s funny you say that. Our very last meeting with Vince, he told us. He apologized to us because the system was broken … It’s crazy because Vince wants to hear those — he wants to hear those ideas, whether he wants to use them or not — because you know, just like everyone, he has an ego. But he wants to hear those ideas.”

Vince McMahon apologized to these current AEW stars in his last meeting with them

“But the 130 people that you have to go through to give those ideas, they are so afraid to be face-to-face with him, you know? That blows my mind, like, I understand he is an enigma. And I understand that he’s created his kind of legacy in the minds of people in the business. But they’re so afraid of losing their job because they pitch an idea, they want to stay as low key as possible because they want to get a paycheck the next week. That is sad.”

FTR is now working on AEW promotion. Recently they become new AEW Tag Team Champions by beating Kenny Omega and Hangman Page at All Out event.

These are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: Sasha Banks WWE return, Mandy Rose on WWE RAW, and more.

Wrestling Rumors Roundup

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