WWE Rumors Roundup: Roman Reigns Wrestlemania 37 opponent, Jeff Hardy plans and more

Hello and welcome to our today’s edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. We bring some fresh WWE stories and the latest WWE News and Rumors including WWE Rumors Roundup: Roman Reigns Wrestlemania 37 opponent, Jeff Hardy plans, and more.

WWE Rumours Roundup

We discuss here, WWE Rumours and spoilers on Vince McMahon plans for Roman Reigns’ WWE Wrestlemania 37 opponent. WWE Rumours and News on Jeff Hardy’s Clash of Champions 2020 plans. Latest WWE news and rumors on Chris Jericho wants singles match against Adam Cole and more WWE News and Rumors.

Let’s start sports news of today from the WWE Rumor Roundup edition.

#5 WWE News: Roman Reigns’ WWE Wrestlemania 37 opponent

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - Roman Reigns’ WWE Wrestlemania 37 opponent - Sports Info Now

At WWE SummerSlam 2020, right after the main event, Roman Reigns made his shocking WWE return after 5 months. After making WWE return, he aligned with Paul Heyman. At WWE Payback 2020, Roman Reigns defeated The Fiend and Braun Strowman and become the new WWE Universal Champion.

WWE has some big plans for Roman Reigns and ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

After WWE Payback 2020 everyone thinks that, The Fiend continues his feud against Roman Reigns for Universal Championship. But WWE decide otherwise and planed to booked some fresh opponent for Roman Reigns i.e. Jey Uso.

Many fans rise the question that now what for the feud of The Fiend and Roman Reigns? Is it The Fiend out of the Universal Championship picture? Now WWE never book The Fiend vs. Roman Reigns match for WWE Universal Championship?

Vince McMahon reportedly made a major change to Roman Reigns’ planned WrestleMania opponent

So here is the answer, WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2020 stated that WWE holds or saves The Fiend vs. Roman Reigns feud for a later date. This is the reason that we see some fresh feud for Roman Reigns and other fresh feuds also coming on the way in the future.

Roman Reigns and The Fiend feud

Here are WWE Latest News and Rumors 2020:

“The idea seems to be to save Fiend, his WrestleMania opponent in the original planning that Vince changed, to a later PPV.”

So for now we can say that at WWE Wrestlemania 37 Roman Reigns defends his Universal Championship against The Fiend.

This is the top WWE breaking news from WWE Rumors Roundup: Roman Reigns Wrestlemania 37 opponent, Jeff Hardy plans, and more.

#4 WWE Rumors: Jeff Hardy Clash of Champions plans

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - Jeff Hardy Clash of Champions plans - Sports Info Now

Several weeks before Jeff Hardy defeated AJ Styles and become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion. Then a couple of weeks back Sami Zayn makes his WWE return and claims that he is the real Intercontinental Champion.

Who will be Jeff Hardy’s opponent at Clash Of Champions?

Now looks like WWE comes out with plans for the Intercontinental Championship at WWE Clash of Champions 2020. At one end, Sami Zayn claims that he is a real champ because he never lost the IC title while another end AJ Styles never get any rematch after losing the IC championship.

Will we see the Intercontinental Championship defended at the PPV?

So according to WWE’s latest updates 2020, WWE makes Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles Triple Threat Match for WWE Intercontinental Championship at WWE Payback 2020 on 27th September 2020.

Jeff Hardy to defend Intercontinental Championship at Clash Of Champions

WWE not officially announced this match but this is the best scenario to book the Intercontinental Champion match at Clash of Champions. Maybe WWE announces the same thing in the upcoming weeks.

While Jeff Hardy also proposed this Triple Threat Match for the IC title but with some stipulation i.e. TLC match at WWE Clash of Champions 2020 PPV. So let’s see WWE also thinks the same way or not.

This is the top WWE Headlines from WWE Rumors Roundup: Roman Reigns Wrestlemania 37 opponent, Jeff Hardy plans, and more.

#3 WWE Updates: Chris Jericho wants to wrestle against Adam Cole

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - Chris Jericho wants to wrestle against Adam Cole - Sports Info Now

In the latest episode of Saturday Night Special, Chris Jericho talked on different topics including his future AEW feuds and one WWE NXT superstar that he wants to face.

While answering the question of Which WWE NXT superstar that he would like to face, Jericho takes the name of Adam Cole as his opponent and called Adam Cole as ‘Sweetheart of a Guy’ and a good worker.

Chris Jericho praises Adam Cole; wants to face the WWE NXT Superstar

Here are Chris Jericho’s words:

“I never met Adam Cole, I don’t think until AEW. He’s come to a few of our shows. He’s Britt Baker’s boyfriend. What a great guy, a sweetheart of a guy, great worker. I’d love to work with him at some point if the cards ever align. Congratulations to all his success.”

We know that Adam Cole is the boyfriend of AEW star Britt Baker and on many occasions both seen together.

The former AEW World Champion said that he would like to face Adam Cole in the future

Here are Adam Cole’s words on his relationship with Britt Baker:

“I think a lot of people know I’m very good friends with a lot of those guys. I’m dating Britt. I’m very friendly with a lot of people there.”

Recently Chris Jericho also gives his opinion on Roman Reigns’ heel turn and his alliance with Paul Heyman. Jericho is like Roman Reigns’ heel turn and his pair with Paul Heyman.

#2 WWE Spoilers: Authors of Pain WWE release update

WWE Spoilers - Authors of Pain WWE release update - Sports Info Now

This week’s one of the shocking WWE News 2020 is Authors of Pain (AOP) ‘s WWE departure. Out of nowhere, WWE revealed this WWE Updates 2020 and everyone is shocked after hearing this WWE News 2020.

Now WWE Rumors 2020 stated that Paul Heyman had huge plans for Authors of Pain.

WWE decided to release AOP despite Rezar coming back from injury

Here are WWE Spoilers 2020:

“The only thing I had heard…because he had just gotten cleared and the idea was that he was not going to be back with Seth Rollins, which was their original role but they didn’t know where they would be.”

“When Paul Heyman was there, Paul Heyman wanted to make them his Road Warriors and Levesque did too because he even brought in Ellering for them and they were total Road Warrior rip-offs. Interestingly, those two wanted to make them into Road Warriors and then Vince just decided whatever.”

WWE released AOP despite Rezar being cleared to wrestle

WWE news updates 2020 suggested that Rezar from AOP who injured earlier this year was medically cleared to compete in the WWE ring but despite he is cleared to compete WWE released AOP from the company. Right now, Akam and Rezar in the 90-day no-compete clause.

A possible reason why WWE gave up on AOP and released them

WWE’s initial plans for AOP on their return are big. WWE initially planned AOPs’ WWE return around SummerSlam 2020. On their return, AOP starts their feud with The Street Profits straightaway. But WWE give up on them and released them because they sustain some setback right after they cleared to compete in the WWE ring.

So after that unclear setback, Vince McMahon gives up Authors of Pain and in the end, Vince released AOP from WWE.

#1 WWE News: AJ Styles hints towards new tag team and future plans

WWE News - AJ Styles hints towards new tag team and future plans - Sports Info Now

In the recent live streaming on Twitch channel, AJ Styles talked about building a tag team with other bullet club member Finn Balor. AJ Style vs. Finn Balor already happened on one occasion.

Now AJ Styles come with a different idea and he wants to make a tag team with Finn Balor. Balor also shows his interest in this tag team. Now AJ Styles thinks to get out of the Intercontinental Championship picture and go for Tag Team titles.

The Phenomenal One revealed what he was willing to give up winning a tag team title in WWE

Here are AJ Styles’ words:

“Balor said he wanted to tag with me. Maybe we should make that happen. I’ll leave it up to Finn. Finn, do you want me to come down to NXT, or do you want to come up to SmackDown? You haven’t been there in a while, as far as SmackDown. Has Balor won tag championships with anyone? It’d be beneficial for both of us to be tag champs.”

AJ Styles outlines future plans in WWE

“Do I cut my losses with the Intercontinental Championship and get a partner and go after the tag championships? Maybe that’s what I should do. We could go after the tag titles and hold them as long as we can, and when it’s over, we can ‘Too Sweet’ each other and go our separate ways. Neither one of us have held the tag titles in WWE.”

This idea comes in real only if AJ Styles moves to WWE NXT or Finn Balor once again moves to the main roster. It will be interesting to see Styles and Balor in the tag team with WWE tag team gold.

These are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup edition. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: Roman Reigns Wrestlemania 37 opponent, Jeff Hardy plans, and more.

Wrestling Rumors Roundup

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