WWE Rumors Roundup: Ric Flair wife positive for COVID-19, the timeline for Apollo Crews return and more

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. We bring some amazing WWE stories and latest WWE News and Rumors WWE Rumors Roundup: Ric Flair wife positive for COVID-19, the timeline for Apollo Crews return, and more.

WWE Rumours Roundup

We talk here, WWE Rumours and spoilers on Ric Flair’s wife tested positive for COVID-19. WWE Rumours and News on timeline revealed Apollo Crews’ return. Latest WWE news and rumors on how Bray Wyatt helped Braun Strowman after a botch and more Pro Wrestling news rumors and Spoilers.

So let’s start today’s top WWE stories from WWE Rumor Roundup edition.

#5 WWE News: Ric Flair’s wife tested positive for COVID-19

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - Ric Flair's wife tested positive for COVID-19 - Sports Info Now

WWE Hall of Famer and legend, Ric Flair’s wife Wendy Barlow now tested positive for COVID-19. This WWE News is confirmed by The New York Post. Barlow is battling with COVID-19 while Ric Flair not tested positive yet.

Ric Flair recently opened up about the COVID-19 test results

As per the WWE Rumours and spoilers, Ric’s wife lives on the third floor of his building while Ric is live in the basement. Below are Ric Flair’s words:

“That is incorrect. My wife does [have the virus]‚Ķ we live in a 5,000 square foot home. I live in the basement. She lives upstairs on the third floor, and she got sick.”

Ric Flair’s wife tests positive for COVID-19, update on his health

Earlier WWE Rumours and News stated that WWE plans to write off Ric Flair from WWE TV tapings. Now other Latest WWE news and rumors give a reason about that is WWE trying to protect Ric Flair from this COVID-19 positive cases.

The WWE Hall of Famer is now expected to miss the WWE tapings

WWE taking Ric off from taping despite Ric is not contract with his wife. WWE does not want to take any chances and risks with Ric Flair. So now Sportsinfonow family wishes and prays for a speedy recovery for Wendy Barlow.

this is the top WWE headline from WWE Rumors Roundup: Ric Flair wife positive for COVID-19, the timeline for Apollo Crews return, and more.

#4 WWE Rumors: TimeliApollo revealed about Crews return

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - Timeline revealed about Apollo Crews return - Sports Info Now

Apollo Crew gets his first big push in WWE and he also becomes United States Champion. But now it looks like Apollo’s push comes into intermission. He misses few WWE RAW tapings as well as he also misses the match against MVP at Extreme Rules PPV.

Timeline for Apollo Crews’ return revealed

WWE News and Rumors speculate that Crews absent from WWE TV tapings due to he tested positive for COVID-19. There is concern over Apollo Crews’ current status and push.

WWE discovered Apollo Crews’ match had to be canceled hours before Extreme Rules

Now Apollo Crews and his title reign in jeopardy. All depend on Apollo clearance to come back. Now WWE tested him if he is fine then we can expect his return soon. If he is not cleared then we have to about a few more weeks for his return.

This is the top WWE story from WWE Rumors Roundup: Ric Flair wife positive for COVID-19, the timeline for Apollo Crews return, and more.

#3 WWE Updates: Bray Wyatt helps Braun Strowman after the botch

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - Bray Wyatt helps Braun Strowman after the botch - Sports Info Now

In a recent interview, Braun Strowman discusses many things. He also talks about his time with the Wyatt family. He also revealed that how Bray Wyatt helped Luke Harper, Rowan, and him during their times in Wyatt Family.

Braun Strowman is the current WWE Universal Champion

Strowman stated that the leader of Wyatt Family gives tips and talks about when he made botches. He also said that he is grateful to Harper and Rowan for all they did for me.

Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt have been on-screen teammates as well as rivals

Here are Braun Strowman words:

”You learn how to do so much of this behind the scenes,” said Strowman. “You learn on those long car rides after shows. There were so many nights I scr***d up, and we’d talk about that. Then there were other nights, when the notes landed right, like a ‘Freebird’ solo, and we’d talk about that feeling of accomplishment and excitement.”

Braun Strowman reveals how Bray Wyatt helped him after he botched

“Bray, Rowan, Harper, I learned so much from them. And every masterpiece has its star, and that was Bray, but he needed us to play a supporting role around him. I can’t praise Luke and Rowan enough for what they did for me. Those memories are very special to me.”

#2 WWE Spoilers: Vince McMahon reaction on Wyatt Swamp fight

WWE Spoilers - Vince McMahon reaction on Wyatt Swamp fight - Sports Info Now

The Wyatt Swamp Fight who main evented WWE Extreme Rules 2020 PPV. Some fans criticize that match and called it a sluggish horror presentation. While some fans consider it as one of the best matches of the night.

Wyatt Swamp Fight at WWE Extreme Rules

But in WWE, only one person’s reaction and opinion matter most and that is Vince McMahon. If he is happy with Superstar’s work then he gets a chance to do big things but if he is not happy then you also get some setback by Chairman.

Vince McMahon’s reaction to the Wyatt Swamp Fight

Now WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2020 stated that Vince McMahon shares his reaction about The Wyatt Swamp fight. Vince likes that match. At the end of that match, The Fiend comes out of nowhere. WWE stated that there is no clear winner of that match.

Vince McMahon’s backstage reaction to the Wyatt Swamp Fight

But in the end, we see The Fiend Appearance that indicates that Bray Wyatt becomes victorious of that match.

#1 WWE Updates: real reason about EC3 not with WWE happy

WWE Updates - real reason about EC3 not with WWE happy - Sports Info Now

In the recent interview, EC3 revealed about his time in WWE. During the pandemic situation, he closes to ask for release from WWE. EC3 is one of those former WWE superstars who released from WWE in April 2020.

Recently EC3 confirm his joining with IMPACT Wrestling. He appears on the Slammiversary event via intense promo at the end of the show. He always believes that WWE is not booked him as he thought about himself. EC3 also said that he is not happy with WWE for a long time.

The real reason why ‘unhappy’ EC3 wanted to leave WWE

He said that despite being unhappy with WWE, he continues to work in a company because of the financial benefits. EC3 also said that who called him to inform about his releases seem to be unhappy.

Here are EC3’s words:

“I realized earlier into especially the run on the main roster that I was not a very happy person. I realize financial means are not the only thing that matters to me. How much I need to be able to express myself and create and do something not my way? I understand there has to be given and take when you work for somebody, you can’t do everything your way. If everyone was doing what they wanted to do it would be a catastrophe, but the fact that no amount of input or effort seemed to be rewarded, it just didn’t matter.”

EC3 on his plans to ask WWE to release him

“Honestly, I was going to ask to be released but the pandemic was the only thing that kept me there because I needed money to support my family in case something horrible happened, so they did it for me and that’s fine. I was fine, I was okay. I was very relieved. The man who called me seemed to be very upset having to do all that so I was like ‘this is fine. It’s okay. Like it’s going to be okay.’ I don’t have anyone to prove to anyone else or them at all because I don’t live in the past anymore.”

EC3 is one of the talented wrestlers in the pro wrestling business and there is no doubt in that. We hope that his run with IMPACT wrestling goes good as compared to WWE.

So these are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: Ric Flair’s wife positive for COVID-19, the timeline for Apollo Crews return, and more.

Wrestling Rumors Roundup

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