WWE Rumors Roundup: RAW episode announcements, big storyline for WWE Champion Randy Orton and more

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WWE Rumours Roundup

We talk here, WWE Rumours and spoilers on WWE’s big announcements for the RAW episode. WWE Rumours and News on a big storyline plan for WWE Champion Randy Orton. Latest WWE news and rumors on Roman Reigns reaction to Jey Uso’s heel turn and more WWE News and Rumors.

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#6 WWE News: WWE’s big announcements for next week’s RAW episode

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - WWE's big announcements for next week's RAW episode - Sports Info Now

WWE makes some big announcements for the upcoming episode of RAW. The next episode of RAW will be built around what is next for WWE Champion Randy Orton. WWE already teased some possibilities last week on the RAW episode.

The Miz who newly become Mr. Money in the Bank is lurking around Randy Orton for WWE Championship. WWE also showed the angle of trio Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, and The Fiend Bray Wyatt.

WWE makes big announcements for the next episode of RAW

Here is WWE’s statement for what next for the WWE Champion Randy Orton:

“The Apex Predator is back on top of the WWE food chain, but the rest of the red brand is hungry to take him down. Randy Orton had a chaotic start to his 14th World Championship reign this past Monday, as the new WWE Champion has a giant target on his back. Drew McIntyre is motivated to reclaim his title, and he brawled with The Viper as Raw went off the air last week.”

The next episode of RAW will also feature a ‘Guitar on a Pole’ match

“The Miz lurks as the new Mr. Money in the Bank and has dreams of another WWE Championship run of his own. Then there’s always the ominous presence of The Fiend who hasn’t forgotten Orton’s inferno of The Wyatt Family Compound. Finally, a showdown with Universal Roman Reigns at Survivor Series looms as well. Who will come calling for Orton next?”

Three matches announced for WWE RAW

Apart from this, WWE also announced other big things including Jeff Hardy will face Elias in a ‘Guitar on a Pole’ match. While The New Day will face Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin of The Hurt Business in a non-title match.

Two non-title matches have also been confirmed by WWE

Last but not the least, Mandy Rose and Dana Brook will face Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax in a non-title match. There is also we can see a couple of Survivor Series qualifying matches because there are still two spots left in the Men Survivor Series team. Till now AJ Styles, Keith Lee, and Sheamus seal their spots on Men’s team. So hold back and tuned RAW episode this week.

This is the top WWE breaking news from WWE Rumors Roundup: RAW episode announcements, big storyline for WWE Champion Randy Orton, and more.

#5 WWE Rumors: big storyline plan for WWE Champion Randy Orton

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - big storyline plan for WWE Champion Randy Orton - Sports Info Now

At Hell in a Cell 2020 pay per view, Randy Orton defeated Drew McIntyre and becomes 14 times WWE World Champion. In that match, Randy Orton also ends Drew McIntyre’s 203 days title reign.

Looks like Randy Orton’s future as a WWE Champion is still not confirmed that which way his storyline goes. Last week on RAW, we see three different confrontations with Randy Orton. First is Mr. Money in the Bank The Miz confronts Randy Orton. Then Drew McIntyre confronts Randy Orton. Then The Fiend confronts Randy Orton.

Randy Orton’s future as the WWE future looks very interesting indeed

So all looks a little bit confusing that which way WWE goes with WWE Championship. At the end of the RAW episode, we saw the brawl between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre. So we can say that WWE will continue this rivalry for at least one pay per view.

WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2020 also stated that WWE could look forward to a three-way storyline of Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, and The Fiend. This idea could be to keep Drew McIntyre away from Randy Orton because WWE does not want to put Drew McIntyre in any unnecessary spot where he suffers from losses.

WWE Latest News and Rumors suggested that WWE want one more match between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre when actual fans return to the WWE show. This WWE thinking also looks sensible.

Is WWE waiting for the fans to come back for a big Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre match?

Here are WWE latest updates for 2020:

“Right now it appears Raw will be built around a three-way program with Orton, McIntyre, and The Fiend. The idea of keeping McIntyre away from Orton so he doesn’t continually challenge and fail, which wouldn’t be good for him right now, and build to a big match when fans are back making all the sense in the world. Except, we don’t know when fans will be back.”

Big possible storyline plan for Randy Orton as the WWE Champion explained

“Orton getting a clean win with no storyline protection for McIntyre can tell a story, since McIntyre had two wins over him and Keith Lee has one (that was never mentioned on television and has been seemingly forgotten). It’s not necessarily a bad idea and had McIntyre retained and worked with The Fiend, that’s a risk given the way Fiend is very difficult to babyface against without dragging one down badly.”

This is the top WWE headline from WWE Rumors Roundup: RAW episode announcements, big storyline for WWE Champion Randy Orton, and more.

#4 WWE Updates: Roman Reigns reaction on Jey Uso’s heel turn

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - Roman Reigns reaction on Jey Uso's heel turn - Sports Info Now

Last week on SmackDown episode, Jey Uso faced Daniel Bryan in Survivor Series qualifying match. Jey Uso gets one of the big wins of his WWE career when he pinned Daniel Bryan and qualifies for the men’s team.

Jey Uso officially joined Roman Reigns on tonight’s SmackDown

During that match, Roman Reigns was present at ringside. After the match, he approaches the ring, and then things are changed on its head. Jey Uso accepted to become Tribal Chief followers then unleashed on Daniel Bryan. So now we can say Jey Uso officially turned heel and joined Roman Reigns.

After the SmackDown episode, Roman Reigns gives his reaction to Jey Uso heel turn and aligned with him. Roman Reigns told that it is a hard lesson that you finally understand.

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso are all set to wreak havoc on the Blue brand

Here are Roman Reigns’ words:

“A hard lesson you’re finally starting to understand… one step at a time, Uce, one step at a time.”

Just like we heard WWE news and rumors before about Roman Reigns’ heel faction on SmackDown. Roman Reigns finally found the first member of his faction in the form of Jey Uso. So it’s inevitable that when Jimmy Uso makes his WWE return, he also joins forces with Roman Reigns and Jey Uso.

This is the top WWE story from WWE Rumors Roundup: RAW episode announcements, big storyline for WWE Champion Randy Orton, and more.

#3 WWE Spoilers: WWE’s plans for Roman Reigns stable

WWE Spoilers - WWE's plans for Roman Reigns stable - Sports Info Now

According to WWE news updates 2020, WWE’s plans are very well placed to build a stable for Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. WWE News 2020 suggested that the story already starts to tell about new faction build-up when Roman Reigns revealed Hell in a Cell match consequences. This idea is not just to elevate Roman Reigns character but it also put The Usos to the next level.

Jey Uso already aligned with Roman Reigns last week on the SmackDown episode. So it’s just a matter of time that Jimmy Uso also make WWE return and joined forces with Roman Reigns and Jey Uso.

The Usos opening theme will be replaced with new theme music for the stable

According to WWE’s latest updated news 2020, we can expect some big character changes in The Usos in the coming time. Maybe The Usos also could see wrestle shirtless juts as Roman Reigns wrestles nowadays. This stable also gets a new entrance theme song soon.

As a long-term WWE plan, the focus is to maintain Roman Reigns’ dominance on the SmackDown brand as a Universal Champion. While The Usos can reclaim SmackDown Tag Team Championships. These plans can be put on hold until Jimmy Uso make his WWE return which is expected around December or January.

#2 WWE News: Sheamus WWE future update

WWE News - Sheamus WWE future update - Sports Info Now

Sheamus is a multi-time WWE world champion and one of the top names in the WWE right now. But he not gets any big push in WWE in recent times. When WWE spilled The Bar tag team then we expect that WWE could give a big push to Sheamus but it never happened.

Right now WWE used Sheamus as a jobber on WWE TV to get over other babyface superstars. There are some WWE Rumors 2020 suggested that WWE plan Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus feud. This makes sense that Drew McIntyre is the top babyface and Sheamus is the top heel on the RAW brand. Both men can deliver the best o them when WWE plans their feud.

Possible details regarding Sheamus’ future; reason for being ‘jobbed out’

Here are WWE Updates:

“Good to see a tag wrestler get a win over a singles wrestler, I suppose, but between this and Sheamus losing last Friday, it really makes it seem as if there are no plans to build to a meaningful Drew vs. Sheamus match. I felt like he’d be a good opponent for Drew between two bigger feuds. They can always try to rebuild him. Or they’ll turn him babyface, as sometimes they job out a heel before a turn.”

What’s next for Sheamus?

Last week on RAW, we see Sheamus defeated Matt Riddle and beg his spot in the men’s Survivor Series team. So maybe WWE continued feud Sheamus and Matt Riddle after Survivor Series 2020 show to put over Riddle as a babyface. When Drew McIntyre finishes his feud again Randy Orton then WWE can plan a feud between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre.

#1 WWE Rumours: why Kevin Owens wrestles in jeans on SmackDown

WWE Rumours - why Kevin Owens wrestles in jeans on SmackDown - Sports Info Now

Last week on SmackDown episode, we saw Kevin Owens faced Dolph Ziggler in Survivor Series qualifying match where Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler and seal his spot in SmackDown men’s survivor series team.

After that match on Social media one fan noticed and Kevin Owens wrestles that match in jeans. That fan asked Kevin Owens that why he wrestle in jeans in a match at SmackDown. Then Kevin Owens relied on and said that one of the best and successful WWE superstars Jon Cena wrestles in Jorts in most past of his wrestling career. Owens also told in a joking manner that he also wants to wrestle in a Jorts in the future.

Kevin Owens explained the hilarious reasoning behind wrestling in jeans

Here is Kevin Owens’ explanation:

“One of the most successful wrestlers of all time wore jorts for most of his career. I’m trying to subtly get there. First, I wear shorts for years. Then I wear jeans for years. Then, one day, BOOM! JORTS! Except for this way, nobody notices anything out of the ordinary when I do.”

So this is the short but interesting story about Kevin Owens that we thought you all should know about.

These are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: RAW episode announcements, big storyline for WWE Champion Randy Orton, and more.

Wrestling Rumors Roundup

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