WWE Rumors Roundup: Goldberg Wrestlemania 37 opponent, Top Tier RAW Superstars list for 2021 and more

Hello and welcome to our latest edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. We bring some interesting WWE stories and Latest WWE News and Updates including WWE Rumors Roundup: Goldberg Wrestlemania 37 opponent, Top Tier RAW Superstars list for 2021, and more.

WWE Rumours Roundup

We discuss here, WWE Rumours and spoilers on Goldberg Wrestlemania 37 opponent revealed. WWE Rumours and News on Top Tier RAW Superstars list for 2021 revealed. THE Latest WWE news and rumors on two top WWE superstars confirm their entries in Royal Rumble 2021 match and more other WWE News and Rumors.

So let’s start today in sports news from the edition of WWE Rumors Roundup.

#6 WWE News: Goldberg Wrestlemania 37 opponent revealed

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - Goldberg Wrestlemania 37 opponent revealed - Sports Info Now

The last we saw Goldberg in the WWE ring was at Wrestlemania 36 where he lost Universal Championship to Braun Strowman. Initially, Braun Strowman was not an opponent for Goldberg but Roman Reigns was the original opponent that Goldberg faces Wrestlemania 36. But Roman Reigns opt himself out from that match and Braun Strowman replaced him.

Now things are changed as Roman Reigns is our Universal Champion after make his WWE return. While the other end Goldberg already takes initiate and shows his desire to face Roman Reigns on his return.

Now WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2021 stated that we could finally see Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg this time at Wrestlemania 37.

The reason why Goldberg could be facing Roman Reigns

Here is WWE News 2021:

“Right now it’s looking like Daniel Bryan or Goldberg is the most likely opponent for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37.”

WWE already had written two plans for Roman Reigns Wrestlemania 37 match. If Goldberg is not available for a match at Wrestlemania then WWE penciled Daniel Bryan’s name as Roman Reigns opponent for Wrestlemania 37.

Here is WWE Updates 2021:

“Right now it would look like Bryan and Goldberg would be the top contenders for the Reigns match at Mania. Bryan gives you the better match and Goldberg gives him the more mainstream interest which is kind of sad when you bring in a guy whose prime year would be 23 years earlier instead of having a series of challenges ready that people should care about more because of being current.”

This is the top WWE Breaking News from WWE Rumors Roundup: Goldberg Wrestlemania 37 opponent, Top Tier RAW Superstars list for 2021, and more.

#5 WWE Rumors: Top Tier RAW Superstars list for 2021 revealed

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - Top Tier RAW Superstars list for 2021 revealed - Sports Info Now

Last week, the top and first-tier list of SmackDown superstars for 2021 was revealed. Now the same list from the RAW brand is revealed. The RAW list also gives us some surprises with some names. Just like SmackDown’s list, RAW’s list is also categorized from A+ Grade to F Grade.

In this, we do not find names like Becky Lynch and Naomi because they are away from WWE actions right now. In the A+ category, there are four superstars present including current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, The Fiend, and Charlotte Flair. Surprisingly, current RAW Women’s Champion Asuka is not listed in the A+ category.

Top stars of WWE’s first RAW Tier List of 2021 revealed

Asuka is listed in A category with AJ Styles and Alexa Bliss. If we look at bottom of that list then in the F category, superstars listed are Akira Tozawa, Dabba-Kato, one-half of former RAW Tag Team Champions Erik, Lucha House Party, Humberto Carillo, Titus O’Neil, and Tucker.

This is the top WWE Headline from WWE Rumors Roundup: Goldberg Wrestlemania 37 opponent, Top Tier RAW Superstars list for 2021, and more.

#4 WWE Updates: Two Top WWE superstars announced their entries in Royal Rumble 2021 match

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - Two Top WWE superstars announced their entries in Royal Rumble 2021 match - Sports Info Now

During a backstage interview on the latest episode of RAW, the current one half of Women’s Tag Team Champion Charlotte Flair confirm her entry in the 2021 Royal Rumble match. Now Charlotte Flair joined Nia Jax as participants in the Royal Rumble match.

Here is Charlotte Flair’s announcement:

“The advice I would give to the women is don’t listen to the critics. Last year I wasn’t a favorite to win, and you know what I did, I defied the odds and I won the Royal Rumble in 2020.”

Charlotte Flair announces that she will be an entrant in the 2021 Royal Rumble match

“That’s why I’m going to declare myself for the 2021 Royal Rumble, and defy the odds again”

For the last two years, Charlotte Flair’s Royal Rumble match record is outstanding. In the 2019 Royal Rumble match, she becomes runners-up where she was eliminated by the winner of that match Becky Lynch.  Then in the 2020 Royal Rumble Match, Charlotte again put an impressive performance, and this time she not repeats her previous mistake of becoming runners-up. Charlotte Flair eliminated the last competitor Shayna Baszler and become the Royal Rumble 2020 winner.

AJ Styles officially announces his entry into the Royal Rumble

After Charlotte Flair, now AJ Styles also announced his entry in Royal Rumble 2021 match. This is the third time that AJ Styles participating in the WWE Royal Rumble match. On Social Media, AJ Styles confirmed his entry in the match.

Styles said to WWE fans that 2021 starts on a good note with his announcement. He also said that now forget about 2020 and focus on 2021. He also reminds fans about his WWE debut which also happens in the Royal Rumble match in 2016.

Here are AJ Styles’ words:

“Forget about last year, it’s a wash, nobody wants to remember 2020. In fact, the only Royal Rumble you should remember is 2016, introduced himself to the WWE Universe,”

AJ Styles’ WWE debut at the Royal Rumble

So with this announcement, AJ Styles looking all the way to the Royal Rumble match, so he can push himself towards a title shot. AJ Styles believes that he was screwed up during his title match against Drew McIntyre at TLC 2020 pay per view.

So if AJ Styles won the 2021 Royal Rumble match then he has a chance to challenge either Drew McIntyre or Roman Reigns and won either WWE or Universal Championship.

AJ Styles is the third superstar who confirmed his entry for the Royal Rumble match alongside Bobby Lashley and Daniel Bryan.

This is the top WWE story from WWE Rumors Roundup: Goldberg Wrestlemania 37 opponent, Top Tier RAW Superstars list for 2021, and more.

#3 WWE Spoilers: Keith spoke about his dream opponent

WWE Spoilers - Keith spoke about his dream opponent - Sports Info Now

In a recent interview, Keith Lee talked about which superstars that he likes to face in WWE. Since Keith Lee’s main roster debut, he already faced few top WWE superstars like Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, and AJ Styles.

Then Keith Lee discussed facing Brock Lesnar. In the 2020 Royal Rumble match, Keith Lee came face to face with The Beast. Lee said that Brock Lesnar is top in the list of superstars that he wants to face in WWE.

Keith Lee reveals his dream WWE opponents

Here are Keith Lee’s words:

“I think Brock Lesnar has to be at the top of the list based on the people. Obviously, there’s been some inconclusive things with Brock and with Roman, and those are two things I know they want.”

“If I could have a knockdown, drag-out battle with Cesaro, that is one thing that I want. There are other guys. I’d be honored to battle it out with Shinsuke Nakamura, but I want the handcuffs off. I know what these guys are capable of when they can cut loose. I want the battles that are top tier at all times.”

During that interview, Keith Lee also spoke about his meeting with WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg during Wrestlemania 34.

Keith Lee also discussed his first meeting with a Hall of Famer

Here are Keith Lee’s words:

“I was hanging out with some friends and a group of fans was hanging around us and Goldberg comes walking down the street. One of the fans was like, ‘Goldberg!’ He stops, and he’s a very intense guy. So, he’s like staring a hole in this dude. This man does not flinch. The fan goes, ‘You see this man right here? He’s Keith Lee and he’s going to come to the WWE and beat you one day.'”

“He grins a little and says, ‘Whenever you get there, change nothing about you.’ Which to me meant he has an idea of who I am and I’m like, ‘Wait, what?’ And then he shook my hand and just kept walking. That was super unexpected. Goldberg holds a little special place in my heart just because of that.”

#2 WWE Rumours: Vince McMahon not look convinced backstage

WWE Rumours - Vince McMahon not look convinced backstage - Sports Info Now

This is the time when Vince McMahon has to make some big decisions about WWE products because the next few months are very crucial. WWE Royal Rumble 2021 is the next WWE pay per view and from that night road to Wrestlemania 37 officially starts. But right now the backstage atmosphere is not looking too good.

WWE’s Latest News and Rumors suggested that Vince McMahon still unpredictable backstage for WWE plans. WWE reports stated that every now and then Vince McMahon change shows’ scripts and now it’s quite normal. Vince McMahon is now not looking well backstage.

Here is WWE Rumors 2021:

“As with everything WWE related, it [Royal Rumble plans] could turn on a dime depending on Vince’s mood at the time. As for Vince, he increasingly is being called wildly unpredictable. It’s also been stated that he isn’t looking well either.”

Vince McMahon’s recent decisions and how they have impacted WWE

So it’s quite a challenging job for WWE’s creative team to make Vince McMahon happy with their scripts. In the past, so many time Vince McMahon rewrite scripts of RAW and SmackDown episodes just hours before the show went on air.

Another recent Vince McMahon decision surprising us that he sent few WWE superstars to the performance center for further training and the most shocking name on that list was Keith Lee.

From the bulk of WWE superstars’ release in April 2020 to WWE superstars sent back to performance center for training, Vince McMahon already took much shocking decision during the whole of 2020 which hurt superstars as well as fans.

We hope that now Royal Rumble and then Wrestlemania season ahead, so Vince McMahon get better of his decision-making ability about WE plans for big pay per view.

#1 WWE News: Jerry Lawler’s WWE contract expires

WWE News - Jerry Lawler's WWE contract expires - Sports Info Now

According to WWE reports, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler’s WWE contract is set to expire in a few days. In one episode of his podcast, Jerry revealed that his WWE contract expires at the start of January 2021. So 8th January 2021 is the date when Jerry Lawler’s WWE contract expires.

Till now, there are no official words on Jerry Lawler’s resigning WWE contract. So right now, Jerry Lawler’s WWE status is pure speculation.

Jerry Lawler’s WWE contract reportedly expires this week

Jerry Lawler was last seen on WWE TV was in April 2020. After that Samoa Joe replaced him on the RAW commentary table. Since then Samoa Joe plays a good role as a commentator on the RAW brand.

In September 2020, Jerry Lawler celebrated his 50 years in the Pro Wrestling business. So we can say that Jerry Lawler is the most experienced person on the WWE commentary team as well as the most experienced person in the whole WWE.

These are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: Goldberg Wrestlemania 37 opponent, Top Tier RAW Superstars list for 2021, and more.

Wrestling Rumors Roundup

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