WWE Rumors Roundup: Draft 2020 night 2 spoilers, WWE RAW preview and more

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WWE Rumours Roundup

We talk here, WWE Rumours and spoilers on WWE draft 2020 night 2. WWE Rumours and News on what WWE advertised for WWE RAW and RAW preview. Latest WWE news and rumors on why WWE splitting up The New Day and more WWE News and Rumors.

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#6 WWE News: WWE draft 2020 night 2 spoilers

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - WWE draft 2020 night 2 spoilers - Sports Info Now

On Friday Night SmackDown, we see the first night of WWE Draft 2020. The most notable brand switches are Seth Rollins to SmackDown, the Mysterio family to SmackDown, and New Day splitting up.

Now interesting to watch out that, what WWE do with SmackDown Tag Team championships because the current champions are Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods and they are part now part of the RAW roster. But we think that WWE switches The Street Profits brand from RAW to SmackDown because Bianca Belier already shifted to SmackDown, so The Street Profits on SmackDown is almost confirmed.

The potential spoiler on more Superstars switching brands on Night Two of the WWE Draft

So WWE could do to RAW Tag Team Titles give to New Day and SmackDown Tag Titles give to The Street Profits Simply.

Here are WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2020:

“They have not moved The Street Profits over but put it this way, it absolutely as of this morning, The Street Profits were moving.”

More reports on WWE Draft Night Two

Other WWE Latest News and Rumors stated that mid-card Champions stay on their respective brands. WWE news 2020 suggested that WWE could send more superstars from SmackDown to RAW in the search of new opponents for Drew McIntyre.

We already give you a scenario about what can happen on WWE Draft 2020 night two in our Saturday edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. So you can check out that blog that links I mentioned at the end of this blog.

This is the top WWE Breaking News from WWE Rumors Roundup: Draft 2020 night 2 spoilers, WWE RAW preview, and more.

#5 WWE Rumors: WWE RAW preview, what WWE advertised for this week’s RAW

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - WWE RAW preview, what WWE advertised for this week's RAW - Sports Info Now

This week on WWE RAW, the most notable thing set to happen is the second night of WWE Draft 2020. We already see the first night of WWE Draft 2020 on last week’s SmackDown episode. So we can expect some shocks and surprises from night two of WWE Draft 2020.

Monday Night RAW will host Night Two of WWE Draft 2020

Apart from this, WWE also announced some huge segments and matches for the WWE RAW episode. WWE announced dual-brand Women Battle Royal Match to find out Asuka’s RAW Women’s Championship opponent. WWE did not reveal participants of this match.

Seth Rollins segment, Women’s Battle Royal, No DQ match, and more announced for Monday Night RAW

On more match that WWE announced is, No Disqualification match between Kevin Owens and Aleister Black. WWE also announced a huge segment where the leader of the RETRIBUTION faction Mustafa Ali addresses the WWE universe.

The Monday Night Messiah bids farewell to Monday Night RAW

Last week on SmackDown, Seth Rollins switch from RAW to SmackDown in Draft 2020 and becomes SmackDown Savoir from Monday Night Messiah. So Seth Rollins gives bid farewell to Monday Night Messiah.

These big things are announced for this week’s Monday Night RAW. So stay tuned to WWE RAW because of an exciting episode of RAW ahead.

This is the top WWE headline from WWE Rumors Roundup: Draft 2020 night 2 spoilers, WWE RAW preview, and more.

#4 WWE Updates: why WWE splitting up The New Day

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - why WWE splitting up The New Day - Sports Info Now

Last week’s SmackDown episode was a proven roller coaster for The New Day. First Big E won Falls Count Anywhere match on the show. Then we see shocking returns of both New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Then we see WWE gives him a title shot on their return.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston of The New Day got drafted to RAW, while Big E will remain on SmackDown

Later in the championship, The New Day defeated Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro to become new SmackDown Tag Team Champions. But shocking things not over there because one more and biggest surprise still left to unfold which is Stephanie McMahon announced that RAW first pick of Round three is current SmackDown Tag Team Champions i.e. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods while SmackDown’s first pick of round three is Big E and The New Day is no spat.

WWE reportedly has huge plans after splitting up The New Day at WWE Draft 2020

Now WWE latest updates 2020 stated that WWE’s decision to splinting up The New Day gets mixed reactions from fans. But all WWE thinks is, they want to give a singles push to Big E and that’s why we see a split of The New Day.

The reason behind WWE splitting up The New Day

Here are WWE news updates 2020:

“I think that their mentality is that they want to give Big E a big singles push and in their mind if he’s part of the New Day then people will want him together as a team. It doesn’t have to be that way, I don’t think breaking up the New Day was the right thing to do, but I’m sure if Big E becomes a big singles star at the end or if they go all the way with him they figure that everyone will be happy with that, and they will be.”

This is good things WWE did if we see Big E’s singles career point of view. The New Day does not want to bamboozle each other and then split, switch brands in WEE Draft is the only possible way to do that.

This is the top WWE story from WWE Rumors Roundup: Draft 2020 night 2 spoilers, WWE RAW preview, and more.

#3 WWE Spoilers: Where Braun Strowman and Lars Sullivan go to in Draft 2020

WWE Spoilers - Where Braun Strowman and Lars Sullivan go to in Draft 2020 - Sports Info Now

Braun Strowman and Lars Sullivan are two big names in the Draft pool for RAW edition. Fans are curious to know where these two monsters go in Draft 2020. Are they both draft to the same brand? Or they go to different brands.

WWE draft picks of Braun Strowman and Lars Sullivan reportedly revealed

Now WWE News 2020 stated that there is a strong possibility that Braun Strowman switches his brand and goes to RAW once again. While Lars Sullivan may stay on the SmackDown brand.

Here are WWE Rumors 2020 about why and where both monsters stay in Draft:

“I would guess [Lars is staying on] SmackDown and the reason I say that is because I figured they would keep Braun Strowman and Lars on separate sides. That’s not necessarily true but that’s kind of how I would do it.”

Where will Braun Strowman and Lars Sullivan end up after the WWE Draft?

“But Braun is gonna go to Raw is what I’m thinking. Put it this way, Braun was going to Raw in the original thing for this. Obviously, it can change, but he was.”

WWE does not want to put both heavyweights on the same brands and that is the reason that we see Braun Strowman on RAW.

#2 WWE News: Bayley make two new records in WWE

WWE News - Bayley make two new records in WWE - Sports Info Now

Current SmackDown’s women champions Bayley had a great run with the title right now. After turned heel, Bayley looks dominating and unstoppable force on SmackDown Women’s roster.

Now SmackDown Women’s champions Bayley set two new records. First, she becomes the first woman who holds the SmackDown title for 500 days in combined title reigns. She beats two best WWE women’s record, first Becky Lynch’s 216 days title reigns and second Charlotte Flair’s 189 days title reign.

Bayley has set two new records in WWE that may not be beaten in the future

Bayley also becomes the first woman who held SmackDown Women’s Championship for one complete year. From 11th October 2019 when she won the title on SmackDown episode till now she still champions.

Apart from Bayley, there is only one female who holds any women’s title for one full year that is Becky Lynch who held the RAW Women’s Championship for 373 days.

Current SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley has created history

In a recent interview, Bayley talked about her run on SmackDown as a champion. With her words, she not looks hold back and in no mood to lose the title anytime soon.

Here are Bayley’s words:

“Now starts the hard work. Now is the time to prove everyone wrong. People think this honeymoon stage is going to end. They’re thinking, ‘Bayley has a good run.’ But this isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. I still have a lot left to do, a lot to accomplish, and a lot of girls to beat up. Bianca Belair is on top of that list. There’s plenty of time for me to make more history.”

Bayley creates two records with SmackDown Women’s Championship

After turn heel, Bayley makes name herself as a one of the most talented versatile female WWE superstar. Nobody thought that she looks this much aggressive and dominating as s heel superstar because before turn heel, in whole WWE career she works as a pure babyface.

#1 WWE Rumours: Bobby Lashley told why The Hurt Business was formed

WWE Rumours - Bobby Lashley told why The Hurt Business was formed - Sports Info Now

Since Bobby Lashley makes WWE return, this is the first time that he enjoys his proper and dominating run in WWE. Right now he is part of a heel faction named The Hurt Business which led by MVP. He is also the current WWE United States Champion. MVP’s led fiction The Hurt Business received a mostly positive response from fans.

In a recent interview, Bobby Lashley talked about The Hurt Business. Why The Hurt Business formed in WWE. He also said that he thinks that The Hurt Business is quite similar to his faction in IMPACT wrestling.

Bobby Lashley says that The Hurt Business was formed with a goal in mind

Here are Bobby Lashley’s words:

“It’s incredible because I think that the group that we have, it’s real. When MVP first came back, MVP had told me this – he was like, ‘when I first came back, it was really just to have that one match for my son’ because he had a son and his son didn’t see him wrestle before. He was like, ‘I really want my son to be able to see me wrestle live, under the lights, and everything like that,’ and he wasn’t thinking about coming back full time. But when he came back, he and I ate, and he was like, ‘man, me and MVP did something before.’ And I was like, ‘man, we gotta run that back.”

Bobby Lashley reveals why The Hurt Business was formed

“So, I think me, and MVP, and Shelton, we’re kind of all in the same boat, and when we first got together, we were eating dinner every night. We were just all talking about putting this thing together, and The Hurt Business is basically guys that…. that kind of ‘tough man’ era coming back today to kind push what we have on some of these younger guys. But at the same time, we understand the business, and understanding the business is we’re going to beat you down and we’re going to be the bullies.”

Bobby Lashley talks about the real reason why The Hurt Business was formed

Booby Lashley also revealed his desire that he wants to do with The Hurt Business. He said that he wants to do some things that the WWE legend did for him in the past. Lashley wants to beat down superstars in the ring and end of the day the babyface superstars getting over.

These are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: Draft 2020 night 2 spoilers, WWE RAW preview, and more.

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