WWE Rumors Roundup: Daniel Bryan WWE future, Jeff Hardy vs The Fiend and more

Hello and welcome to our new edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. We bring some important WWE stories and Latest WWE News and Rumors including WWE Rumors Roundup: Daniel Bryan WWE future, Jeff Hardy vs The Fiend, and more.

WWE Rumours Roundup

We talk here; WWE Rumours and spoilers on Daniel Bryan WWE’s future and possible backstage role. WWE Rumours and News on Jeff Hardy’s future storyline with The Fiend. Latest WWE news and rumors on Brock Lesnar’s opponent on his WWE return and more WWE News and Rumors.

So let’s start breaking sports news from the WWE Rumor Roundup edition.

#6 WWE News: Daniel Bryan WWE future and his new backstage role

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News - Daniel Bryan WWE future and his new backstage role - Sports Info Now

It’s been a long time that Daniel Bryan did not appear on WWE TV. After AJ Styles OCVID-19 positive news, fans started to speculates that Daniel Bryan also absent because of his health issues.

Now WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2020 stated that Daniel Bryan has not appeared on WWE SmackDown episode for many weeks and now he is part of the WWE creative team.

The real reason why Daniel Bryan has been absent from SmackDown revealed

In recent times, Daniel Bryan gives lots of inputs in several storylines. Vince McMahon also listens to him and like his ideas. Daniel Bryan becomes one of the sharp-minded peoples on the WWE roster.

Now according to WWE News 2020 WWE used Daniel Bryan backstage with WWE creative team. He is now an unofficial member of the WWE creative team.

Daniel Bryan’s major new backstage role in WWE reportedly revealed; update on-ring future

Here are WWE Latest News and Rumors:

“Styles was out several weeks and Bryan has not returned although he has taped things for Smackdown and is now on the creative team. He’s not returning to Orlando also coincided with his wife being deep into her pregnancy so it was likely a precautionary measure, although his wife also had expressed concerns of him continuing to work because of his weakened immune system and it’s now been a month since she gave birth.”

Daniel Bryan joins the creative team

In the past, WWE gives full freedom to Daniel Bryan to choose his storylines and opponent. As a result, we have seen the rising of Drew Gulak in recent times. Daniel Bryan is the only person responsible for Drew Gulak’s WWE push.

Maybe Daniel Bryan returns in the WWE ring soon after the current pandemic slows down.

This is the top WWE breaking news from WWE Rumors Roundup: Daniel Bryan WWE future, Jeff Hardy vs The Fiend, and more.

#5 WWE Rumors: Jeff Hardy indication for a future feud with The Fiend

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Rumors - Jeff Hardy indication for a future feud with The Fiend - Sports Info Now

We know that Jeff Hardy is evenly successful in both competitions i.e. Tag Team and Singles. He is a multi-time Tag Team Champion and WWE Grand Slam Champion.

How do you think a match between The Fiend and Jeff Hardy would go down?

In the recent interview, Jeff Hardy talked about character and their aspects. Hardy also answered fans’ questions. Jeff Hardy was asked which current WWE superstar that he would like to work in a tag team. Hardy also gives the reason behind this tag team idea and said that both characters are scary and strange and it could lead towards some bizarre storyline ideas.

Jeff Hardy’s plan for a feud with The Fiend

Jeff Hardy also was asked about facing The Fiend in a singles match. Hardy replied to that said he would like to face The Fiend in a singles match before teaming up with him.

Jeff Hardy has come face to face with Bray Wyatt but not The Fiend

There is a money-making storyline and match that WWE could book between these two. There is a limitless storyline idea that WWE could run during the storyline. The Fiend and Jeff Hardy are right now on the same WWE brand so it makes sense and possible that WWE can run this storyline in the future.

This is the top WWE Headlines from WWE Rumors Roundup: Daniel Bryan WWE future, Jeff Hardy vs The Fiend, and more.

#4 WWE Updates: Brock Lesnar’s opponent after his WWE return

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Updates - Brock Lesnar’s opponent after his WWE return - Sports Info Now

There are many WWE Rumors 2020 buzzing around about whether Brock Lesnar re-signs with WWE or not. If he re-signs with WWE then what his plans in the future. Now WWE Latest News and Rumors suggested some possibilities of Brock Lesnar’s future.

There are already talks taking place about Brock Lesnar’s big return match for WrestleMania 37

According to WWE Updates 2020, as for now, Brock Lesnar could come back in the WWE ring either at the WWE Saudi Arabia show or Wrestlemania 36 if he re-signs a new deal with WWE. If WWE is not able to plan any Saudi Arabia show then Wrestlemania 37 is the only possible way of Brock Lesnar WWE return.

Brock Lesnar’s opponent for the return match after re-signing with WWE reportedly revealed

Just like we Sportsinfonow’s experts discussed in the previous blog WWE Spoilers 2020 also gives some indication that WWE could book a rematch for WWE Wrestlemania 36 WWE Championship match at WWE Wrestlemania 37.

According to WWE news updates 2020, this just early rumors about this match WWE not locked their plans for this match yet.

What’s next for Brock Lesnar?

Here are WWE latest updates 2020:

“It was said that for Lesnar, like for Tyson Fury (who issued a challenge to Drew McIntyre this past week for a match), that it’s at this point Saudi Arabia and WrestleMania as the only shows that make sense right now and the belief right now is Saudi Arabia won’t happen this year. Lesnar’s name had been talked about in WWE about a Drew McIntyre rematch for this coming WrestleMania, but that was if McIntyre was to retain the title, which has also been considered to go to Randy Orton, who in theory would be earmarked for Edge and not Lesnar. But nothing in that direction is close to being decided.”

#3 WWE Spoilers: Update on Elias WWE return

WWE Spoilers - Update on Elias WWE return - Sports Info Now

It’s been a while since Elias has been out of WWE action. WWE planned a car accident angle to written off Elias from WWE TV. In real Elias suffered from a torn pectoral muscle and his recovery time is 6 to 9 months.

Backstage news on Elias’ WWE return

Now WWE latest updates news 2020 stated that Elias may out of WWE action till December 2020 or early 2021. In his last run in WWE he competed in a WWE Intercontinental Championship tournament. In the early stage, he already beat King Corbin and advanced to the tournament semi-finals.

When will Elias return to WWE?

He was also involved in a feud with King Corbin during WWE Wrestlemania 36. At Wrestlemania 36, he also beat King Corbin in a singles match. Till now Elias won only WWE Championship i.e. 24×7 Championship once.

Elias has been away from WWE because of a torn pectoral muscle

Maybe WWE could give a feud for WWE Intercontinental Championship after he returns to WWE in the future. If Vince McMahon is happier with Elias’s work then we can see Elias as future WWE Intercontinental Champion.

#2 WWE News: Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton match for the WWE title is the main event of Hell in a Cell

WWE News - Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton match for the WWE title is the main event of Hell in a Cell - Sports Info Now

A couple of weeks back, Randy Orton brutally attacks Drew McIntyre and hits him three brutal Punk Kicks. Now Clash of Champions 2020 is the next stop when Drew McIntyre defends his WWE Championship against Randy Orton.

According to WWE Rumours and spoilers, the rivalry between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton is not over at WWE Clash of Champions 2020 and it may go future than that. After Clash of Champions 2020, WWE’s next PPV is Hell in a Cell 2020 which takes place on 1st November 2020.

WWE has a specific vision for the second Hell in a Cell match at the event

WWE Rumours and News stated that WWE currently planning to do Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton for a WWE Championship match that could headline WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 PPV. According to the current WWE report, Roman Reigns could defend his Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell 2020 in a normal match instead of Hell in a Cell match.

Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton rematch reportedly planned to main event WWE Hell in a Cell 2020

WWE also planning to do Women’s Hell in a Cell match this year and this could be Sasha Banks vs. Bayley for WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship match.

Here are the latest WWE news and rumors 2020:

I’ve been told at Hell in a Cell we will see Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton as the headline match within Hell in a Cell. Roman Reigns will be competing at the night, but he will not be competing inside the Cell. The plan is to have a men’s match inside the Cell and a women’s match inside Hell in a Cell.

#1 WWE Rumors: WWE News rule and Superstars reactions on that

WWE Rumors - WWE News rule and Superstars reactions on that - Sports Info Now

Recently WWE added one new rule for WWE superstars i.e. WWE superstars not interact with third parties now onwards. Vince McMahon gives thirty days to their superstars to close all their agreements with third parties. WWE added punishments if any WWE superstar violates this rule.

The situation is certainly not good backstage following the revelation of WWE’s edict

The Punishments are some sort of fines, suspension, and event termination from the company. Maybe there are three stages of this rule violation. In the first attempt, he or she getting fined for some sort of money by WWE. In the second attempt, he or she faces any sort of suspension. And the last and third attempt, he or she could terminate from the company.

WWE considers third parties like Cameo, Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, and other similar platforms. Some of the sources told that this WWE News 2020 is true and it gets many backlashes at Backstage.

Locker room reaction to WWE’s new rule and Vince McMahon’s backstage threat revealed

Even many WWE Superstars are also not happy with Vince McMahon because of this new rule. WWE superstars believe that if WWE banned the Cameo platform then its effects on the Virtual meet and greets market which happened between wrestlers and fans.

Here is Vince McMahon’s letter to WWE superstars:

“Some of you are engaged with outside third parties using your name and likeness in ways that are detrimental to our company. These activities must be terminated within the next 30 days (by Friday, October 2). Continued violations will result in fines, suspension, or termination at WWE’s discretion.”

CM Punk comments on WWE banning talents from using Twitch, Cameo, and more

Now former WWE superstar CM Punk also gives his reaction on WWE’s new rule of banned several third-party platforms. He also gives some advice to WWE superstars after WWE’s new rule comes into play.

CM Punk has shared his opinion on Vince McMahon’s latest WWE edict

On Social Media, CM Punk advised WWE superstars and said that ignore this new role of WWE and do that what he doing in the past.

Here are CM Punk’s words:

“Alright, guys. Girls. Are they gonna fire Everyone? Just keep doing you. Don’t Worry.”

These are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. We covered WWE Rumors Roundup: Daniel Bryan WWE future, Jeff Hardy vs The Fiend, and more.

Wrestling Rumors Roundup

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