WWE Rumor Roundup: WWE unhappy on a leaked plan, Raw couple engaged, Roman Reigns news

Here we come up with the first WWE Rumors Roundup series episode of the year 2020. We understood that many fans want WWE news, WWE updates regarding upcoming WWE events and PPVs. So here today’s WWE Rumor Roundup – WWE unhappy on a leaked plan – Roman Reigns news any many more.

WWE Rumours and spoilers

Here we cover some WWE updates on Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and other superstar’s news.

So let’s start.

#5 WWE unhappy on a leaked plan of Randy Orton

WWE unhappy on leaked plan of Randy Orton & AJ Styles - Sports Info Now

After the previous WWE live event, We see during the match between Aj Styles and Randy Orton Randy get injured while delivering RKO. But WWE Rumors stated that Randy’s injury is just a part of storyline nothing else.

WWE Rumours and News

On the other end, WWE wants that, fans believe that Randy suffers from a legitimate knee injury. But unfortunately, the plan is leaked and WWE gets very furious on this.

WWE Rumours 2020

Despite this leaked plan, WWE continues this AJ Styles and Randy Orton storyline as per their original plan.

#4 Charlotte Flair and Andrade get Engaged

Charlotte Flair and Andrade get Engaged - Sports Info Now

For a long time, current WWE United States Champion Andrade and WWE Hall of Famer’s daughter Charlotte Flair in a serious relationship. Several times these two superstars have shown in many events together.

WWE Rumors Today

Recently Andrade tweeted which indicated that he and Charlotte agree on the marriage.

He said on Twitter: “She said Siiiiiiiiii!!!”

Later Charlotte also twitted in response: “Si”

Si is the Mexican language world and ‘Si’ means ‘Yes’ in English which indicates that Andrade proposes Charlotte and in reply, she said YES.

#3 The Big Dog Roman Reign WWE record get broken

The Big Dog Roman Reign WWE record get broken - Sports Info Now

It’s crystal clear that Roman Reigns have the average year 2019 in WWE. Roman win almost every championship in WWE. In recent years he also becomes Grand Slam Champion. But here we come with some different state of Roman’s WWE career.

Latest WWE news and rumors

From 2014 to 2019, only 2019 years in which Roman Reigns not win a single championship. In the whole 2019 year, he has only one opportunity to grab any title and that is the Intercontinental Championship when he faced Shinsuke Nakamura for that title.

#2 Kevin Owens Injured

Kevin Owens Injured 2020 - Sports Info Now

Recently Kevin twitted that he suffers an unfortunate injury while he celebrates New Year.

Pro Wrestling news rumors and Spoilers

Kevin describes that incident and said:

“2020 is started on a high note for me

I shot myself with confetti paper because I hold it upside down

It hurt

My wife put that on Instagram

It’s all uphill from here and I’d say

Happy New Year! ”

We hope that Kevin’s injury is just minor and he will be back on WWE TV next week RAW episode. Because WWE rumors stated that Kevin Owens going to face Brock Lesnar for WWE Championship at Royal Rumble.

#1 Bobby Lashley speaks on getting social media hate

Bobby Lashley speak on getting social media hate - Sports Info Now

From few months we see a weird and interesting storyline between Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley. On TV sometime fans hate this storyline but at the same time, fans give a loud cheer for Rusev as well.

But on Social Media WWE openly hated and criticizes this storyline badly. Recently in one interview, former ECW champion Bobby Lashley speak up on cyberbullying that he faced on Social Media because of this storyline.

He says:

“Yes, I received a big amount of hate on Social Media. We as a society come out to and we bullying this and that, but I think we really choose that who we hate and criticize.”

“This is interracial because I have guys who saying n-words to me. And also said ‘I am going to kill you, we get you when you come down south.’ This kind of sit back I received.” He added.

Right now Vince personally likes most this storyline, so we can’t expect that this storyline end before Wrestlemania 36.

I hope you all enjoy WWE Rumor Roundup – WWE unhappy on a leaked plan – Roman Reigns news . So want to know about how WWE 2019 years goes then WWE news: 9 Images that define the year 2019 click here.

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