WWE Rumor Roundup:  WWE confirms Roman Reigns’ appearance, The Fiend Cryptic message and more

Hello and welcome to our daily edition of WWE Rumors Roundup. We bring some important WWE Stories and Latest WWE News and Rumors including WWE Rumor Roundup:  WWE confirms Roman Reigns appearance, The Fiend Cryptic message, and more.

WWE Rumours Roundup

Here we discuss, WWE Rumours and spoilers on WWE confirmed Roman Reigns’ next appearance. WWE Rumours and News on The Fiend’s cryptic message. Latest WWE news and rumors on WWE United States Championship match open RAW this week and more WWE News and Rumors.

So let’s start today’s top WWE breaking news from WWE Rumor Roundup edition.

#5 WWE News: WWE confirmed Roman Reigns’ next appearance

WWE Rumor Roundup - WWE News - WWE confirmed Roman Reigns’ next appearance - Sports Info Now

It’s been a long time that WWE superstar Roman Reigns take time off from WWE TV. Roman takes time off from WWE just because of the current pandemic situation and he does not want to take any risk on him and his family. Reigns take his name off from the WWE Universal Championship match against Goldberg at Wrestlemania 36.

Roman Reigns will be on the R-Truth Game Show

Now WWE Rumors and Spoilers 2020 stated some good news from Roman Reigns’ fans because Roman Reigns set to appear on the R-Truth Game show this week. This news also confirmed by WWE. Roman Reigns set to appears on R-Truth Game show alongside Drake Maverick.

Roman Reigns’ next appearance confirmed by WWE

The R-Truth game show debuted on WWE Network four weeks ago. Previously, WWE superstars like Sheamus, Alexa Bliss, Drew McIntyre, Natalya, The Miz, and Carmella already become part of this show.

The R-Truth Game Show on WWE Network

Every show has two segments for each guest. The first segment takes place with some general wrestling trivia. While the second segment is like a scavenger hunt that guests must complete in two minutes.

So let’s see what have to say by Roman Reigns on that show. Maybe he revealed his plans.

This is the top WWE headline from WWE Rumor Roundup:  WWE confirms Roman Reigns’ appearance, The Fiend Cryptic message, and more.

#4 WWE Rumors: The Fiend shares cryptic message

WWE Rumor Roundup - WWE Rumors - The Fiend shares cryptic message - Sports Info Now

We now see The Fiend after Wrestlemania 36 match against John Cena. He becomes victorious in that match.

Last week on SmackDown episode, we witness the first appearance of The Fiend after Wrestlemania 36 and he is a straightaway attack on Alexa Bliss after the main event of the show which looks very surprising but linked.

The Fiend Bray Wyatt attacked Alexa Bliss

The Fiend locked Alexa Bliss in a mandible claw and then she fainted in the ring. This thing happened just because The Fiend wants Braun Strowman and gives him a match for Universal Championship.

There is not much WWE Latest News and Rumors comes out on The Fiend’s attack. But recently on Social Media, The Fiend gives cryptic message just like he did in the past.

The Fiend Bray Wyatt posts cryptic message after attacking Alexa Bliss

Here is the Fiend’s message:

“Who controls the past controls the future.

Who controls the present controls the past.”

Now it’s interesting to see what and how Braun Strowman reacts on this next week. Alexa Bliss’s involvement in this feud is given more height and excitements.

#3 WWE Updates: WWE United States Championship starts Monday Night RAW this week

WWE Rumor Roundup - WWE Updates - WWE United States Championship starts Monday Night RAW this week - Sports Info Now

WWE officially announced that this week RAW’s episode kicks off with the WWE United States Championship match. After several weeks’ absence, finally, Apollo Crews set to make his return on WWE TV.

WWE United States Title match to open RAW

Here is WWE’s official announcement:

“@WWEApollo and @The305MVP will kick off #WWERaw tomorrow night as they battle for the #USTitle”

According to the storyline, Apollo Crews was out of action due to Bobby Lashley’s attack on RAW a few weeks back. In the absence of Apollo Crews, MVP unveiled the new United States Championship design. On Extreme Rules PPV, MVP declares himself as a new United States Champion.

Who is the real WWE United States Champion?

WWE News 2020 also indicates that Apollo Crews is tested positive for COVID-19. Maybe this thing could make MVP real US Champion. But if WWE announced that Apollo Crews appears on RAW then that WWE News and Rumors are out of the equation.

Will we find out who the real WWE United States Champion is?

Maybe this week on RAW, we get real United States Champion or maybe this match or segment led towards something which can happen at SummerSlam 2020.

#2 WWE Spoilers: Daniel Bryan is responsible for a big change in WWE

WWE Spoilers - Daniel Bryan is responsible for a big change in WWE - Sports Info Now

Daniel Bryan is one of the WWE superstars in the company, who has the freedom to put their creative angles and idea in his storyline. Bryan also frees to pitch an idea to Vince McMahon and the creative team. The latest example is Drew Gulak’s storylines, matches, and his TV time.

Vince McMahon seems to like Daniel Bryan’s ideas for WWE SmackDown

WWE fans want to see WWE pushed and use some new faces that have the potential to do big things on WWE TV. We already see some new faces on SmackDown episodes recently. Last week we see all the new superstars who very less used on WWE TV.

We see new talents like Shorty G, Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik, and Drew Gulak in Fatal Four Way match for no1 contender for Intercontinental Championship. Grant Metalik becomes victorious of that match and faces AJ Styles for IC title following week. He put quite a good performance in a title match.

Daniel Bryan reportedly the reason behind major changes; Vince McMahon’s reaction revealed

Now WWE Latest Updates 2020 stated that Daniel Bryan is responsible for that Fatal Four Way match and that match idea was pitched by him. Daniel Bryan is fans of all those four WWE Superstars and their work abilities.

According to WWE SmackDown Updates, WWE has enough influence to feature new WWE superstars on SmackDown episodes regularly. Vince McMahon also convinced and like Daniel Bryan’s ideas and approved them.

Daniel Bryan’s idea and Vince McMahon’s reaction

Here are WWE Rumours and spoilers:

“Bryan pitches a lot of his ideas. Sometimes Vince McMahon and Bruce [Prichard] will turn down an idea but a lot of the things he has pitched have been used on TV.”

Vice McMahon believes that new and fresh ideas will defiantly work to get high TV ratings.

#1 WWE News: WWE shop made a very funny botch on Triple H merchandise

WWE News - WWE shop made a very funny botch on Triple H merchandise - Sports Info Now

Triple H represents himself in WWE for the last 25 years. Previously, WWE also celebrates The Game’s 25th anniversary on SmackDown episode. In that celebration, Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon also involved.

WWE Shop’s botch of Triple H’s merchandise

Now WWE makes a hilarious botch on their official website. On WWE Shop, the company writes Triple H named a Triple HHH to describe his official merchandise.

It’s known that WWE did this intentionally or it is just a botch that WWE made.

So these are the whole WWE News, Rumors, Updates, and Spoilers from the edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. We covered WWE Rumor Roundup:  WWE confirms Roman Reigns’ appearance, The Fiend Cryptic message, and more.

Wrestling Rumors Roundup

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