WWE Rumor Roundup: Wrestlemania 36 update, Surprising returns and more

Days are passing, Months are passing, years are passing but few things like WWE rumors, and WWE Spoilers as remains as always. Here we come up with another WWE Rumor Roundup:  Wrestlemania 36 update – Surprising return any many more.

WWE Rumours and spoilers

Here we talk about some interesting WWE News and WWE Updates like Reason behind Bobby Lashley WWE return, Becky Lynch Royal Rumble 2020 plan, and many other things.

Let’s start with the big WWE headline the day.

WWE Rumor: Surprising in-ring return plan

WWE Rumor - Surprising in-ring return plan for Lana - Sports Info Now

WWE RAW superstar Lana recently confirms that she will be returned in action in 2020 very soon. Her last wrestle in a square circle was in April 2019.

WWE Rumours and News

She said:

“It was a crazy thing that I and Bobby return on TV together. This was one of the things that I want to do either on RAW or SmackDown. One of my goals is to give an impact on people with my performance and give something to people to talk about. One goal of entertaining people was almost accomplished and now my second goal was returning in-ring action in 2020. It’s WWE and in this company never says never.”

WWE Rumours 2020

Recently Liv Morgan involves in Lana’s storyline. So we can expect that Lana vs Morgan feud soon.

WWE Rumor: Big Wrestlemania 36 Update

WWE Rumor - Big Wrestlemania 36 Update - Sports Info Now

A few months earlier from Wrestlemania WWE started to giving hinted about Wrestlemania plans. But this time WWE wants to keep secrete all Wrestlemania 36 plan till they officially announced.

WWE Wrestlemania 36 matches

But one thing that hinted us WWE plan and it is WWE rumors. Some reputed Wrestling sources stated that there is no talk about Wrestlemania 36 plan at backstage till now. WWE wants to keep different options for Wrestlemania 36 matches.

WWE News: WWE Hall of Famer wants to manage RAW Tag Team

WWE News - WWE Hall of Famer Booker T wants to manage RAW Tag Team The Street Profits - Sports Info Now

In the latest episode of WWE Backstage WWE Hall of Famer Booker T told us that He could manage The Street Profits in 2020 later.

WWE Rumors Today

He Said:

“All know very well that I am Tag Team specialist in my Wrestling career. I am the fourteen-time Tag Team Champion in my WWE career. I am looking forward to managing one of the tag teams in WWE in 2020. And if WWE gives me a chance to do that then I could manage The Street Profits somewhere later in 2020.”

Latest WWE news and rumors

After WWE moves The Street Profits from NXT to main roster they doing pretty well. Now they come in RAW Tag Team championship title picture where at Next week on RAW they wrestle in Triple Threat Match for RAW Tag Team Championship against The OC and The Viking Raiders.

WWE News: Becky Lynch did not enter in Royal Rumble 2020

WWE News - Becky Lynch not enter in 30 Women Royal Rumble 2020 - Sports Info Now

We all witness Becky Lynch heroic that started from Royal Rumble where she wins Royal Rumble match then she never stops till now.

WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Prediction

In Royal Rumble 2019, Becky wrestles in the SmackDown Championship match but unfortunately, she lost. Then in later that night she enters in Royal Rumble match and wins it despite getting injured during the championship match.

Pro Wrestling news rumors and Spoilers

But this year in 2020 Royal Rumble, She faces Asuka again but she not to be part of 30 Women Royal Rumble match according to WWE News which comes from reputed sources.

This year in Royal Rumble, we expect that Becky takes revenge for last year to lose against Asuka. Becky Lynch vs Asuka happens at Royal Rumble 2020 for RAW Women Championship.

This is the one of the biggest WWE Rumor Roundup:  Wrestlemania 36 update – Surprising return.

WWE Update: Corey Graves wants former WWE superstar Jon Moxley back in WWE

WWE Update - Corey Graves wants former WWE superstar Jon Moxley back in WWE - Sports Info Now

In 2019, Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose gives WWE fans the most shocking moment of the year. She left WWE and join All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Then they work for both AEW and NJPW simultaneously.

WWE Wrestlemania 36 rumors

Corey just like every WWE fans hopes that Jon Moxley again works with WWE in the future. He told fans that he keeps touch with Moxley and he feels that Lunatic Fridge needed to back in WWE.

WWE Wrestlemania 36 match card

In Cory Graves Podcast After The Bell, Corey said:

“I respect that what Jon doing in other promotions. Right Now he is happy while working there and keep in touch with me. But I think that Lunatic Fridge needed to back WWE at some point in the future.”

WWE all about Never says never.

WWE News: Bobby Lashley talks on his WWE return

WWE News -Bobby Lashley talk on his WWE return - Sports Info Now

Bobby Lashley left WWE for UFC many years back. Then in 2019, right after Wrestlemania 34, He returns to WWE. Since his return, he involves in many storylines but not achieve his goal for what he comes back to in WWE.

WWE Wrestlemania 36 main event

Bobby Lashley reveals the real reason behind his WWE returns and that is he wants to face Brock Lesnar in a one on one match.

He said:

“I come here for one goal and that is facing Brock Lesnar in a match. I do whatever I need to do to that match. They hold me back for a long time and I don’t know this match happens soon. But I don’t care about that I am going to get this match before I leave. ”

Right Now there is no sign for Lashley vs Lesnar match happen soon because Bobby involves in long term storyline with Lana, Liv Morgan, and Rusev.

I hope you enjoy today’s WWE Rumor Roundup:  Wrestlemania 36 update -Surprising return any many more.

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