WWE Rumor Roundup: Superstars refuse to take part in PPV, The Fiend hinted alliance with Former US Champion and more

Hello and a warm welcome to our latest edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. Today we talk about some latest WWE News, WWE update, WWE Rumors, WWE Spoilers. Here we come up with few big WWE News including WWE Rumor Roundup: Superstars refuse to take part in PPV, The Fiend hinted alliance with Former US Champion and more.

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We talked about upcoming Saudi Arabia PPV, The Fiend future plans, AEW superstar and many other interesting things.

WWE Rumors Today

So let’s start with the WWE headline of the day.

#5 Multiple Superstars refuse to attend upcoming Saudi Arabia PPV

WWE Rumor Roundup - Multiple Superstars refuse to attend upcoming Saudi Arabia PPV - Sports Info Now

There are several WWE rumors that come around with different sources that WWE planning next Saudi Arabia shows next month and WWE announce that soon publicly. This PPV takes place on possibly 20th February.

WWE Rumours and News

But we here not talk about PPV date but we here for different news regarding this show. We have seen that last year huge controversy happen at Crown Jewel 2019 PPV.

So now according to WrestlingNews.co several superstars hinted that they not taking any part in next Saudi Arabia PPV.

WWE Rumours and spoilers

WrestlingNews.co stated this:

“Several wrestlers said privately around the time of the “mechanical issues” that they were not planning on going back to Saudi Arabia. Now, with the heightened tensions in the Middle East, specifically the recent issues in Iran, there are more wrestlers questioning whether they should fly out for the next show. I was told that at least two more wrestlers have decided against going to the next Saudi Arabia show.”

#4 Bray Wyatt wants Matt Hardy by his side

WWE Rumor Roundup - Bray Wyatt wants Matt Hardy by his side - Sports Info Now

Early WWE Rumors indicate that Matt Hardy is not happy with WWE for his current booking. And Matt also shows interest to join AEW after his WWE contract end.  

WWE Royal Rumble 2020 predictions

But now according to Matt things getting changed when he tweets something out of the box. He pretends as he now confused that said to The Fiend in his tweet that “Would HE hurt me or heal me?”

WWE Royal Rumble 2020 spoilers

Then again interestingly Bray Wyatt also replied to Matt tweet and said that “he never ever hurt you. When nobody by my side, you are the one who stands for me.  That I never forget.”

Royal Rumble 2020 rumores

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy are former WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. They called their fiction as a Deleter of Worlds.

Royal Rumble 2020 rumours

But before they team up, They are arch-rival and their feud also entreating once. Now they both again want to work together as a team.

Let see what WWE has planned for them. But this is one of the biggest WWE Rumor right now alongside WWE Rumor Roundup: Superstars refuse to take part in PPV, The Fiend hinted alliance with Former US Champion and more.

#3 Vince McMahon impressed with R-Truth idea

WWE Rumor Roundup - Vince McMahon impressed with R-Truth idea - Sports Info Now

We all know Vince is a quite moody and quirky person. No one can change his mind if he makes once for anything. The latest example is the Lana-Bobby-Rusev-Morgan storyline which hated badly by fans but it’s still running on TV.

Brock Lesnar royal rumble 2020

But here we come with some interesting idea which pitched by R-Truth to Vince and the shocking thing is this that idea was accepted by Vince McMahon.

In the recent interview, R-Truth speaks on this and said, at 2016 Royal Rumble I have some crazy and funny ideas which I shared with Vince. And Vince laugh hilariously after heard idea and that ladder placed in the ring and I climbed on the top was my Idea which he accepted.

WWE Rumor Roundup

R-Truth said:

“When I came up with that idea, I went into Vince’s office and said, ‘Hey, I got an idea.’ He was like, ‘What?’ … ‘What if I had a ladder underneath the ring for the Rumble?’ and he looked at me and burst out laughing, and said, ‘We’re doing it.’”

#2 Sonya Deville responds to the Lana/Liv Morgan storyline

WWE Rumor Roundup - Sonya Deville responds to the Lana-Liv Morgan storyline - Sports Info Now

There is in WWE one storyline make headline in every episode of RAW and that is Lana, Bobby, Rusev and Morgan’s story. During the Lana and Lashley Weeding segment, everyone expected that Rusev interrupts the wedding and crush it. But shockingly it is Liv Morgan who comes out before Rusev and puts herself in the storyline as a Lana lover.

Royal Rumble 2020 rumors

The latest WWE update stated that Sonia Deville who is the part of the LGBT community is not impressed with WWE regarding this Lana-Morgan story angle.

Royal Rumble predictions

She Spoke in a recent interview that:

“I mean, at the end of the day, we work for a sports-entertainment company, and the segment was very entertaining. That’s not to say Mandy and I don’t get our storyline in the future. You know, there’s room for plenty of LGBTQ storylines.”

“I’ve been working hard over the past two-and-a-half years since I’ve been on Raw and SmackDown with executives and GLAAD and organizations in trying to do exactly that. I think it’s very important to have a representation of every human there is, right? Just like you would see on a TV show or a movie in Hollywood.”

“That’s something that’s personally important to me and the company as a whole. There’s definitely talks going on about more representation in the years to come. I’ll definitely make it my personal duty and passion to help pursue those.”

#1 AEW superstar reveals sign with AEW above WWE

AEW superstar reveal sign with AEW above WWE - Sports Info Now

In a recent interview, AEW star Kris Statlander speaks on several topics and his AEW Signing over WWE is also one of the parts of the interview.

WWE Royal Rumble 2020 winner

Kris Statlander reveals that during the make choice between WWE and AEW she confused.

Latest WWE news and rumors

She told that:

“You know, there were a lot of thoughts that were going through my mind because it was like WWE was interested in me, which put a lot of stress on me. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I didn’t know what was the right choice. You’d think it’s a dream come true for anybody to be offered a contract, but for me, getting signed was never a legit goal of mine in wrestling. I was like, am I going to be happy? Is this something I want to do? I was very nervous and stressed about it, but I am thoroughly enjoying all my time that I’ve been with AEW and all the opportunities that they’ve given me so far. I have no regrets about it.”

She believes that Pro Wrestling saved and makes her life. And she is now grateful to work with a company like AEW.

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So here all WWE Rumors goes around regarding current WWE plan, storylines as well as future WWE plan and storyline. Here we cover almost every WWE News, Update and Spoilers including WWE Rumor Roundup: Superstars refuse to take part in PPV, The Fiend hinted alliance with Former US Champion and more.

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