WWE Rumor Roundup: New Day backstage fight, WWE Champion Retires and many more

A warm welcome to our another interesting edition of WWE Rumor Roundup. Today we come up with some important WWE News, WWE Update and WWE Spoilers. Here we talk on WWE Rumor Roundup: The New Day backstage fight, World Champion Retires and many more.

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Here we talk about The new day fight backstage with League of Nation at Wrestlemania 32. Former 6 times WWE World Champion announced his retirement and many other WWE Updates.

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So let’s start with a big one.

#5 Backstage fight between The New Day and The League of Nation

Backstage fight between The New Day and The League of Nation at Wrestlemania 32 - Sports Info Now

On New Day’s podcast recent episode, Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E speak up on Wrestlemania 32 backstage incident them and The League of Nation.

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Big E said:

“At Wrestlemania 32 the six men tag team match set between The New Day and The League of Nation. That match won by League of Nation but after the match, there are major arguments take place between two teams. That was not just an argument but it is another level of madness. And I am like another level of heat. ”

Kofi added:

“they did not go on-air what we said? It was like the two polar opposite. Because we are always in a group for many years. The better that one of us is and the better of that all of us and them. ”

#4 Kevin Nash announces retirement

Kevin Nash announce retirement - Sports Info Now

We all know Kevin Nash as a different name Diesel. Recently He announces his retirement from Pro Wrestling. Big heavyweight wrestler Kevin is former 5 times WCW World Champion and one time WWE Champion.

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In Pro wrestling career, Kevin mostly knew as a founder of one famous fiction named NOW which he created in WCW. He has a good relationship with Triple H and Shawn Michaels as well as alongside Scott Hall and X-Pac called themselves as Kliq.

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This 60-year-old Kevin last wrestle in WWE was way back in 2014. In 2014, he participates in 30 men Royal Rumble Match. After leaving WWE he also wrestles in the different promotions. Now the two time WWE Hall of Famer finally quite Pro Wrestling for good.

#3 Stephanie McMahon wants to change Drew McIntyre’s name

Stephanie McMahon wants to change Drew McIntyre's name - Sports Info Now

In a recent interview, WWE superstar Drew McIntyre spoke about an interesting incident happened when he debuted in WWE in 2007.

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Drew reveals that his original name given by WWE was Drew Galloway for On-screen but just prior to his WWE on-screen debut Stephanie McMahon change his name from Drew Galloway to Drew McIntyre.

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He Said in Interview:

“Stephanie come to me and Michael Hayes and says ‘Is Drew Galloway is your real name?’ I said ‘Yes’ then she said ‘then how about change it?’ then I am on in legitimately two matches and maybe 10 minutes maximum.”  

#2 Drew McIntyre turns Babyface

Drew McIntyre turn Babyface - Sports Info Now

We all know WWE wants to push Drew McIntyre for the big stage. But WWE still confuses on that and sadly Drew struck on one place from where he neither go up or down.

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WWE always protect him and book him as an unstoppable force. But he still not become the main eventer wrestler. Right Now McIntyre is top heel superstar in the RAW roster but some WWE Spoilers stated that He going to turn babyface soon.

WWE report stated:

“The way Drew interacts with the crowd it is invited that drew getting face turn soon. Paul Heyman believes that drew to be a little looser because he wound so tight. Paul wanted that drew show wider rage and turn face of Drew could be a step that fans going to cheer him. Then Paul goes to Vince and said now fans cheering Drew. So it better to let him in Royal Rumble Match and then face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.”

#1 Vince McMahon made a special effort for Lana/Lashley wedding segment

We all know very well that Vince very high on Lana/Lashley’s storyline and he likes it very much. Now Vince added Liv Morgan also in this trio storyline of Bobby, Lana, and Rusev.

Wrestlemania 36 Matches and Match Card

WWE News stated that how happy and high Vince on this storyline when he made a special effort to arrive on the RAW only to watch Lana/Lashley wedding segment.

In the last episode of RAW, both Vince McMahon and Triple H on present on the show. Jerry Lawler said they both arrive at the arena just a minute before the wedding segment goes on air.

So here are today’s all WWE Rumor Roundup: New Day backstage fight, WWE Champion Retires and many more. I hope you all enjoy it.

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