Top 5 WWE Superstars who really close to being fired from the company

For the chairman of WWE Company Vince McMahon, no superstar is bigger than the WWE business. Either you are the most successful WWE superstars or you are a famous name in pro wrestling world it doesn’t matter in Vince’s point of view. So here we come up with Top 5 WWE Superstars who really close to being fired from the company.

5 Top WWE Superstars you didn’t know were almost fired

In the history of WWE, we had seen many popular and top WWE superstars getting fired from the company. Even in the current roster, many superstars that you do not believe that they almost getting fired from the company.

WWE’s 5 Greatest Superstars

There are few superstars in out today list of Top 5 WWE Superstars who really close to being fired from the company that really surprise you all. So let’s start.

#5 WWE’s top babyface John Cena

Top 5 WWE Superstars who really close to being fired from the company - WWE’s top babyface John Cena - Sports Info Now

Our list starts with one of the biggest and popular names in pro wrestling world Mr. Hustle Loyalty Respect aka John Cena. There are few backstage stories as well as heat that led towards Cena’s company release.

At the initial stage of his WWE career, Cena struggling to deliver matches for good. He also not very well connected with fans. This is not just a WWE Rumors but this thing reveals by John Cena during the interview.

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Readout what Cena says in his interview:

“I was told that I would be getting my release at Christmas cuts because it just wasn’t working, and there was no argument there, it wasn’t”

During that time John Cena rapping on backstage with his WWE fellows, Stephanie McMahon notice that and told Cena that do the same thing on TV. Thing little things led towards a big revolution in John Cena’s WWE career and we see born of Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick of Cena then we know rest his history.

Who got fired from WWE 2020?

Check out what Cena told in an interview:

“I was about to be fired. I was in a Becky Lynch-type scenario where I was forgotten and I was about to be let go and I took a chance on myself. Then I took a chance on redefining my character and it worked and I’ve never stopped. And I wasn’t the corporate headquarters first, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth choice, but the audience began to make noise”

So moral of the story is, if these things do not happen at the right time we can witness and we can’t find the most successful WWE Wrestler in the form of John Cena.

#4 WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon

Top 5 WWE Superstars who really close to being fired from the company - WWE's Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon - Sports Info Now

If you are brother or son or daughter of the company chairman then you not fired from the company then you are totally wrong. If the company’s chairman is Vince McMahon then no one is safe in the WWE event his son and daughter also.

Who is fired from WWE?

Vince is very strict regarding his business and he does not tolerate any kind of loss and misbehave. In the larger part of WWE career, Stephanie McMahon played heel character and now she is master of it.

She introduces the company as an innocent princess of his father. But she reveals in her interviews that she nearly getting fired from the company multiple times.

Why was WWE fired?

Read what Stephanie McMahon says:

“From Vince McMahon’s perspective, especially, you have to earn it even more because you’re his child. You have to be better than everybody else and he puts you to that test every single day. I’ve almost been fired numerous times. It hasn’t always been pretty. I had to learn a lot along the way and I made a lot of mistakes along the way. And I think that the only way you truly grow and get better is by making mistakes.”

From there till now she involves in many iconic moments of WWE history.

#3 WWE Hall of Famer Triple H

Top 5 WWE Superstars who really close to being fired from the company - WWE Hall of Famer Triple H - Sports Info Now

Stephanie McMahon’s husband and Vince McMahon’s son in law also in the list of peoples who almost getting fired from WWE. Triple H name on the top who can take over WWE Company after Vince McMahon takes retirement. But the fact is, Triple H made one big mistake during the initial face of his WWE career.

What happened to WWE superstars?

During the 90s, it’s very difficult to maintain kayfabe in the pro wrestling world. But one can change many curtains and it happens at Madison Square Garden in 1996. At that time kayfabe is almost everything in WWE and four’s of Scott Hall, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Kevin Nash broke is wisely in the front of packed MSG arena with huge each other despite being a rival on screen.

Who is the best in WWE?

During one interview this thing is revealed:

“Well, here’s what happened. Curtain Call happened at Madison Square Garden. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall went to WCW. Shawn Michaels was the champion, so they weren’t going to touch him. So, who was going to be the whipping boy? Triple H.”

“I mean, at the time, Bruce Prichard and Jim Cornette wanted Triple H fired. They wanted him fired. That’s how pissed off they were.”

After that incident, Triple H not fired from the company but he loses his WWE career momentum for quite a long time as a punishment.

#2 WWE’s Beastslayer and Kingslayer Seth Rollins

WWE’s Beastslayer and Kingslayer Seth Rollins - Sports Info Now

Right now in WWE, Seth Rollins is one of the popular and biggest name. He gets so much success during his WWE career. He also becomes Grand Slam Champion. But you do not know that due to the one backstage incident almost led towards Seth’s termination from WWE.

Who made WWE famous?

Rollins faces behavioral issues backstage and because of this he almost getting fired from the company. Check below some revelation regarding the same.

“Rollins’ issues were simply that he didn’t always listen precisely to his coaches. He’d be told not to do a move… and then do it. I know that while Rollins was in FCW and NXT, people felt at times he had ‘behavioral issues’. That was never the case in my estimation. Every coach on the staff was just as hungry at one time, so that was overblown. But he was on the bubble to be let go months prior to the Shield angle, based on the perception of some from the office.”

WWE Superstars getting fired

Seth Rollins also confirms the above words in one interview.

“I literally almost lost my job. Had been there for almost two years. I was very frustrated. Couldn’t get along with anyone. I thought I deserved more than I did.”

Triple H gives some tips and guidance to Seth Rollins during that time to lift up his confidence. He also helps Seth to change his attitude and rest his history. Now Seth Rollins is the name which can consider as a future Hall of Famer.

#1 WWE’s Apex Predator and Viper Randy Orton

WWE’s Apex Predator and Viper Randy Orton - Sports Info Now

Every number and name passed this list getting more interesting and makes more surprises to fans. Name is Randy Orton who considers as one of the biggest brands and names in the pro wrestling world.

Former 13-time world champion almost getting fired from the company during mid of his WWE career. Even his stardom also not prevent him from getting fired from WWE at that time. In his WWE career, Randy Orton faces many issues with WWE’s Wellness Policy.

He breaks this policy on more than one occasion in his WWE career. WWE rule says that if any of WWE superstar breaks this policy three times in his career then he or she terminated from the company at immediate effect.

WWE Superstars fired

But in Randy Orton’s case, some backstage personals and officials want to release Orton on his second attempt. Below is what the WWE report says.

“A WWE source described the meeting’s atmosphere as “hostile;” it was determined that a further decision concerning Orton awaits. The report adds there are “several” officials lobbying for his termination as a cost-cutting measure. They feel his lucrative 10-year contract—signed in January 2010—can no longer be justified if he is brought back in a mid-level role. His second suspension hinders WWE from continuing to feature Orton in headline role since a third drug-testing policy infraction would result in automatic termination.”

After that incident, Randy Orton changed himself for better and as a result, we can see him as one of the hottest WWE properties right now.

WWE Superstars who were fired or released only to be rehired by the company almost immediately

So this is our list of Top 5 WWE Superstars who really close to being fired from the company. We hope you all enjoy this list of superstars and their incidents.

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