Top 5 WWE Superstars who hit their opponents for real

There are many decades of WWE rule over the pro wrestling world and business. WWE gives many big superstars like Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, The Undertaker, John Cena and many more. We talking about Top 5 WWE Superstars who hit their opponents for real.

We all know that WWE matches are scripted and sometimes WWE taped matches before time. Superstars involve in matches are truly aware of the opponent’s moves and match results.

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But despite that awareness, sometimes superstars hit their opponent for real either intentionally or by mistake. So here we come with some of that moment when superstar hits their opponent in real. Look at the below blog for the Top 5 WWE Superstars who hit their opponents for real.

#5 Michael Tarver and John Cena’s real-life beef

Top 5 WWE Superstars who hit their opponents for real - Michael Tarver and John Cena's real-life beef - Sports Info Now

Many WWE fans are not aware of this name ‘Michael Tarver’. Michael Tarver is one of the members of the most dominating stable named ‘The Nexus’. He is one of the lead members while The Nexus target and attacks John Cena on RAW in 2010.

But after The Nexus dominance end, no one notice Tarver. Then during mid-2011, WWE release Michael Tarver.  After release from WWE, he posts one message on Social Media. That post stated that during the match against John Cena at the PPV Cena intentionally fractured his arm.

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He also said that after that match, John Cena laughs about that backstage. Cena does not give any response to that allegation made by Tarver. After release from WWE, Michael Tarver wrestle in different promotions including NWA, NJPW, and some Independent circuits.

#4 Daniel Puder shoots on Kurt Angle

Top 5 WWE Superstars who hit their opponents for real - Daniel Puder shoots on Kurt Angle - Sports Info Now

This incident of Daniel Puder’s shoots on Kurt Angle happens in 2004. During one SmackDown episode, both involved in one segment and that segment proves the beginning of the former’s WWE career. During that time Chris Nawrocki named WWE superstar won Tough Enough match to challenge Kurt Angle for shoot fight. But Angle ended the match with broke Chris Nawrocki’s rib. Then Angle challenge another finalist of that match named Daniel Puder. Daniel Puder accepts Kurt Angle’s challenge.

How do wrestlers avoid injury?

Many WWE fans are not aware that Daniel Puder belongs to the MMA background. At the start, Angle took down Daniel Puder but after that suddenly Daniel Puder locked Kurt in Kimura Lock. Matt referee sees the seriousness of the match and makes a quick pin over Daniel Puder despite his shoulder is way up from the mat. Then both wake up immediately and former talk off-mic to rookie.

#3 Daniel Puder is ‘punished’ for his deeds

Daniel Puder is 'punished' for his deeds - Sports Info Now

WWE sees Daniel Puder as a one of WWE superstar with a bright future in the company and also see future world champion. But one bad incident of Daniel Puder with Kurt Angle ruin his WWE career. WWE does not take lightly that incident that happens at night of SmackDown. Daniel Puder pays a big prize for that mistake.

WWE Real Fight Backstage

During Royal Rumble 2005, Daniel Puder makes his entrance in that match but cut some disrespectful promo before entering in the match. The duo of Chris Benoit and Eddie Gurrero give a brutal attack on him. Then come Hardcore Holly in the match and he also gives some nasty chops on Daniel Puder and then thing getting nasty.

Because of that incident Daniel Puder’s WWE career over far early then everyone expected.

#2 JBL busts Blue Meanie open

JBL busts Blue Meanie open - Sports Info Now

During the ending moment of ECW’s One Night Stand PPV in 2005, both RAW and SmackDown superstars involved in a brutal brawl. In the recent time of that event, ECW’s superstar Blue Meanie targets JBL during his interviews. Meanie says that JBL is a backstage bully.

Then former world champion decided to make him pay for his words. And JBL sees opportunity during that Brawl and JBL hits Blue Meanie in real.

Do WWE wrestlers get hurt?

Below are the Blue Meanie words:

“JBL started throwing shots. He did the hockey thing, pulling my shirt over my face [and] began throwing live rounds. He [had] a fistful of rings, so I was like, ‘I ain’t going to take this!’, so I snatched a headlock as much as I could on a 6’6” man and I started throwing punches back. We kind of got pulled apart.”

#1 Brock Lesnar gives it back to Braun Strowman with full force

Top 5 WWE Superstars who hit their opponents for real - Brock Lesnar gives it back to Braun Strowman with full force - Sports Info Now

At Royal Rumble 2008 PPV, WWE confirms Triple Threat Match between Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, and Kane. During that match things getting real while Braun Strowman unintentionally hit keen on Brock Lesnar’s face.

Lesnar completely in shock for a while after taking Braun knee for real. But later in the match Brock takes his revenge and hits punch right through Braun’s face. As a match result, Brock Lesnar comes out as a victorious.

Do WWE Wrestlers Fight Really?

After sometime Braun Strowman recalls that incident on the interview and reveals what happened after that backstage.

“We laughed about it afterward. It is what it is. We got to the back and I said ‘Hey, my bad” he said the same thing and we went about our business.”

So these are some incidents where WWE superstars hit their opponents for a real. I hope you all enjoy our today’s blog of Top 5 WWE Superstars who hit their opponents for real.

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