Top 5 shocking endings in WWE History

WWE is always known for some twist and turn in their products. Every time fans think one way and WWE did something shocking or thrilling endings that keep fans guessing and talking for their shows. So in this blog, we are going to talk about Top 5 shocking endings in WWE History.

Top 5 cliffhanger endings in WWE history

Since the 90s, 2000s, and during the Attitude Era WWE gave so many moments that keep fans check and don’t let them go to see other shows. But nowadays those types of WWE cliffhanger endings are seen rarely. Right now The Fiend and Randy Orton storyline give us those types of thrilling endings now and then.

So let’s recall those Top 5 shocking endings in WWE History from the past:

#5 Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn brutalized Daniel Bryan on his WWE return

Top 5 shocking endings in WWE History - Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn brutalized Daniel Bryan on his WWE return - Sports Info Now

20th March 2018 is the date when Daniel Bryan came down to the WWE ring cut the promo and announced his in-ring return after three years. That moment was memorable for both Daniel Bryan and WWE Universe but later what happened that stunned WWE universe.

Both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come out and congratulate Daniel Bryan and call him the biggest supporter. Then they proposed Daniel Bryan to join them and make a dream team.

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But Daniel Bryan not accepts their offer and yelled at them for their attack on Shane McMahon. Daniel Bryan would go fire Owens and Zayn for their actions and fans are start cheering Daniel Bryan.

Then Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn unleashed a brutal attack on Daniel Bryan. Bryan tried to comeback with Yes Kicks to Kevin Owens but soon he was blindsided by Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens’ powerbomb on the apron looks very brutal one.

After this attack, fans were shocked and wondering if after this brutal attack Daniel Bryan make an in-ring return or not.

#4 Randy Orton set Alexa Bliss on Fire

Top 5 shocking endings in WWE History - Randy Orton set Alexa Bliss on Fire - Sports Info Now

Most recently become the talk of the town topic is WWE RAW recent ending with Randy Orton seemingly setting Alexa Bliss on fire. Alexa Bliss provoke Randy Orton with gasoline and Matchbox and said that do the same thing that he did with The Fiend at TLC 2020 pay per view that is lit her on fire.

Randy Orton looks clueless and hesitates to do so. Then Alexa Bliss put all gasoline on her and the light went off. Then we saw Randy Orton with a lit match in his hand and the show went off the air with a cryptic and shocking ending.

5 Best WWE RAW Cliffhanger Endings Ever

Now WWE universe all talking about did Randy Orton really burn Alexa Bliss juts like The Fiend. Fans are now curious to know what next in store for this storyline. When The Fiend makes his return with new shades of his character.

#3 Shane McMahon buys WCW

Top 5 shocking endings in WWE History - Shane McMahon buys WCW - Sports Info Now

For the whole pro wrestling universe, the time of Monday Night Wars was great. Two top companies of that time WWE and WCW tried to put the best content than others. During that time, WCW’s Nitro was dominated in terms of rating in 83 straight weeks. Then WWE/WWF make comeback with the announcement of the Attitude Era that features top superstars like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind.

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In 2001, WCW was purchased by WWE’s chairman Vince McMahon. But in storyline angle, Shane McMahon declared himself as the owner of WCW. Then on 26th March 2001, on RAW and Nitro episode finale Shane McMahon appeared and initiate the infamous invasion storyline.

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That night, fans who watched the show were stunned and thrilled about a new development. Fans were evenly excited at the same time because they could see now dream matches between top WCW and WWE superstars.

That step changes the wrestling landscape on its head. That storyline left everyone to be desired.

#2 Nexus havoc on the main roster

Top 5 shocking endings in WWE History - Nexus havoc on the main roster - Sports Info Now

There are countless invasion angle WWE books in the past. But nothing has come anywhere close to the 7th June 2010 Monday Night RAW episode’s invasion angle when The Nexus invaded on RAW. The eight men group invaded and attacked John Cena, CM Punk, Luke Gallows, Justin Roberts, and all others who come to stop them.

That was quite shocking and thrilling which spread pin-drop silence in the arena. That invasion we did not see ever night after all. It’s showed up once in a decade. Newcomers invaded the main roster and destroy top WWE superstars are rarely seen on TV.

5 Best WWE RAW Cliffhanger Endings Ever

After that attack, Nexus rule over RAW for months. Nexus makes WWE product worthy to watch out every week on TV. It makes fans keep guessing what next in the store for Nexus.

But every risen thing has a downfall so as for Nexus. At SummerSlam 2010, WWE latterly kills all momentum of Nexus. After that, we not saw that impeccable dominance of Nexus ever after.

But Nexus’s debut night was written as a most shocking and thrilling night and RAW ending of the century.

#1 CM Punk come out of WWE as a Champion

Top 5 shocking endings in WWE History - CM Punk opt-out of WWE as a Champion - Sports Info Now

We knew that how famous is CM Punk’s Pipebomb promo on the RAW episode. A few weeks later at Money in the Bank 2011, we also see another shocking development on CM Punk.  CM Punk was set to challenge John Cena for WWE Championship in the main event of Money in the Bank 2011.

At that time CM Punk was on his way out of WWE. While Vince McMahon also warned John Cena that if he lost the title at the show then he also out of WWE. Money in the Bank show was taking place on CM Punk’s home crowd Chicago.

So CM Punk was cheered by fans and Champion was loudly booed. Despite home crowd support, no one can expect that CM Punk won that match and become champion that night.

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Fans are shocked when CM Punk pinned John Cena to become the new WWE Champion. Those scenes when CM Punk gave Vince McMahon flying goodbye and leave the arena through the crowd was remembered by fans forever.

At that time no one except some very close backstage personnel knew that CM Punk signs a new WWE contract just an hour before his match. So it’s almost impossible to keep secret this type of thing nowadays.

So these are the whole Top 5 shocking endings in WWE History. Hope you all enjoy it.

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