Top 5 OMG Moments in the History of WWE

#2 Wrestlemania 30

Lesnar defeated Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 - Sports Info Now

Wrestlemania 30 was written the history book of WWE with golden ink. This Wrestlemania had one of the biggest of all time OMG moments in a true manner. This is the best one in our list of Top 5 OMG Moments in the History of WWE.

Who beat the undertaker at Wrestlemania?

Fans can’t believe, Superstars on backstage that nigh can’t believe, and the undertaker himself can’t believe what just happen at the end of the match.

Who did undertaker lose to Wrestlemania?

From the undertaker debut, he was undefeated in all Wrestlemania matches until Wrestlemania 30. Before this Wrestlemania, his streak stands on 21-0.

This longest streak of pro wrestling comes to an end at Wrestlemania 30 at New Orleans when The Beast Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker.

Why did undertaker lose to Brock Lesnar?

At the ending moments of the match, Brock Lesnar delivers 1st F5 and taker kicked out then he delivers second F5 and still taker kicked out and Lesnar gets shocked by it. Then Lesnar delivers impactful third F5 and then finally he gets pinned, taker. After the pin even broke Lesnar can’t believe what just he did.

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