Top 5 OMG Moments in the History of WWE

#4 2001 King of the Ring Tournament

Kurt angle vs Shane McMahan 2001 King of the Ring Tournament match - Sports Info Now

This is one of the brutal and scary incidences in our list of Top 5 OMG Moments in the History of WWE.

Who won 2001 King of the Ring?

King of the Ring tournament is famous for decades. Many superstars win this tournament and make himself popular in WWE. Every year, King of the Ring winners definitely get a push in his WWE career and all winners get a title shot in the future.

An OMG moment comes when Kurt Angle and Shane McMahan compete in a KOFTR tournament match when Kurt broke the tailbone on the mat in the middle of the match. This was one of the best performances from both Kurt and Shane in the match and match end was also incredible.

Each and Every weapon used by both superstars to injured each other. From start to end this match going too extreme. Kurt gives suplex to Shane on the glass on Entrance and that was real glass which broken on the back of Shane with repeated suplexes.

In the final moments of the match, Angle delivers Olympic Slam to Shane from top of the rope and pinned Shane.

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