Top 5 interesting Cricket World Cup fact that you should know

2) Generosity cost match

Generosity cost match to India in 1987 Cricket World Cup - Sports Info Now

We all know that Cricket is the gentlemen’s game. In the history of Cricket, there are many players mostly known for his generosity and there are also players who make cheating while playing a match and after they face banned from Cricket.

Cricket World Cup facts

In many players who famous for their generosity and Indian legendary players, Kapil Dev is one of them. But you quite shocked when you hear that any men’s generosity cost him badly in life. That exact thing happens with Kapil Dev. His generosity cost match India and that too happen in Cricket World Cup.

During the 1987 World Cup, when Dean Jones hit Maninder Singh’s delivery to long off for a boundary. The umpire was not sure about either it’s a four or six. Ravi Shastri was the player who fields near boundary around long-off and he signaled that it’s four and umpire belief in Ravi’s word.

Cricket World Cup Stories

But Dean sure about that it’s six and he goes to the umpire and argues with them. Match on hold for some time to solve this issue. During held umpires approached Indian captain Kapil Dev and He allowed that Dean speculation to be accepted. In the end, umpire awarded six runs to Australia.

That decision of Kapil Dev cost a match to India when India lost that match by 1 run. So this is one of that Top 5 interesting Cricket World Cup facts that you should know.

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