Top 5 interesting Cricket World Cup fact that you should know

3) 100 mph ball

100 mph ball in Cricket World Cup by Shoaib Akhtar - Sports Info Now

Dennis Lillee to Starc, there are many bowlers come and make a name as deadly fast bowlers in the Cricket world. These bowlers make fear in batsman’s mind with the rapid speed which always picks 145 to 150 kmph (90 mph).

Who has bowled over 100mph?

Apart from this rapid pace, no one can touch 100 mph while bowling ever. But things going to change one incident happens in one of the Cricket World Cup.

What is the speed of the fastest ball ever bowled in Cricket World Cup?

It happens in the 2003 World Cup which played in South Africa. To become a first player who bowls a ball at 100 mph is Shoaib Akhtar from Pakistan.  In the 2003 Cricket World Cup, the match was played between Pakistan and England English batsman Nick Knight at crease and Akhtar deliver 100 mph speedy delivery to him.

Fastest ball in Cricket 164.5 kmph

When a giant screen shows the ball speed then fans and bowlers all delighted. And that moment makes history as this the only occasion when bowler delivers a ball at 100 mph.  This is the very rapid and one of the Top 5 interesting Cricket World Cup facts that you should know.

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