Top 5 interesting Cricket World Cup fact that you should know

4) Coin Toss

Coin Toss saga in World Cup 2011 final - Sports Info Now

Toss is a very important part whenever and wherever a Cricket match played. It is the thing which could make a difference between the winner and loser of the match.

If any captain makes the right call at the toss then he takes most advantage regarding batting or bowling as per the pitch condition.

Who won the toss in the 2011 World Cup final?

Something interesting happens in the history of the Cricket World Cup regarding the coin toss. Incident happen like that, 2011 Cricket World cup final was played between India and Sri Lanka at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

At the toss, Sri Lankan skipper Kumar Sangakkara call head before flipping the coin but no one here the call of Sangakara including match referee Jeff Crowe. Fortunately, Sanga call right which Head and it is Head was fell. But no one can hear the call of Sangakara then one more time coin was tossed.

This time again Sanga calls head but the difference is that everyone hears that call and again it is head on the fall of coin and He decided to bat first. This was the very rare and one of our Top 5 interesting Cricket World Cup facts that you should know.

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