Top 5 interesting Cricket World Cup fact that you should know

Fact is one of many things that peoples eagerly want to know about. In any field, the fact stands as the most important thing to create interest in it. So there is no different in cricket also where fact also plays big to create interest in fans. So here we are with Top 5 interesting Cricket World Cup fact that you should know to create more interest than ever in cricket. We talk about interesting facts about ICC Cricket World Cup as well as World Cup facts and figures.

5) First Hit wicket in One Day International (ODI)

First Hit wicket in One Day International In World Cup - Sports Info Now

In cricket, there are different ways through bowler take a wicket of the batsman. In the early days of cricket, sport Hit wicket was the rarest way to get dismissed the batsman. Generally, we can’t see that batsman hits the wicket by own bat or body.

What happens when you hit the wicket?

Batsman gets dismissed himself with only two reasons either he is overexcited while playing his shot or he is overbalanced and falls on the wicket while playing the shot.

First Hit Wicket in ODI

The first time Hit Wicket incident happen on the grandest stage of them all i.e. ICC Cricket World Cup.

First Hit Wicket in Cricket World Cup

In the 1975 Cricket World Cup, the final was played between West Indies and Australia. In that match West Indian batsman Roy Fredericks facing deadly bowler Dennis Lillee. Denies banged in a short ball that rose up rapidly on Roy’s body that forcefully played hook shot. Apart from the hit the ball for six but while playing hook shot he overbalanced and fall on the stumps. He out himself as hit wicket after boundary.

This is the incident when Cricket has the first player who got out as Hit Wicket. Roy Fredericks hit wicket was a rare incident in World Cup history.

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