Top 5 Cricket Records that can’t be Broken

#2 Bowling figures of 19/90

Jim Laker's Bowling figures of 19-90 - Sports Info Now

Who took 19 wickets in a Test match?

In the 1990s many unbelievable records set by Batsman, Bowlers, and fielders. This record comes from the bowling department. In 1952, Cricket witness deadly rivalry between England and Australia on the cricket field. Before that day when this record made, No one can imagine that one bowler can bowl out his opponent single-handedly.

Which Bowler has the best figures in a Test match?

But it’s become reality when English Bowler Jim Laker bowl out Australians single-handedly. Australia becomes the first side which been bowled out by single bowlers.

Who has taken 10 Wickets in an innings?

Jim Laker was the off-spinner and at that Australia was very weak while facing off-spinner and England know that very well. In the first inning of Australia, he took all 10 wickets in an inning and made sure no one can past their off-spin bowling.

Who took 9 wickets in an inning?

But drama never stops here, he continues to dominate over Aussies in the second inning as well while he takes 9 wickets out of 10. Then he set that record of 19/90 world’s best figure in cricket history which remains unbroken till now.

Best bowling figure in Test?

This is another unbelievable record form our Top 5 Cricket Records that can’t be Broken ever made.

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