Top 5 Cricket Records that can’t be Broken

#4 Retirement of Wilfred Rhodes

Retirement of Wilfred Rhodes at 52 age - Sports Info Now

Players in any sports and especially in cricket take retirement normally at the age of 40 to 45. The reason behind this is body didn’t respond much while batting, bowling, and fielding. Injuries during active career also another concern about early retirements.

But here we talk about records and records book says the highest age of player who played cricket match is 52. Yes, you read right it’s 52. This recodes held by Wilfred Rhodes who consider as the oldest player who plays cricket match ever.

Who is the oldest cricketer who played in the history of cricket?

Till today we all know that Sachin Tendulkar’s career was longest but it’s not true. Wilfred Rhodes also held this record with 30 years of cricket career. We can see this is one of the unbelievable Top 5 Cricket Records that Can’t be Broken.

In today’s time, it’s very difficult broke these two records of Wilfred Rhodes.

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