Top 5 Cricket Records that can’t be Broken

Fans witness first-ever cricket match in the way back 1877. After that, so many changes were made until now. Famous changes made when in 1971 first ever One Day International match played between Australia and England. In the past 142 years of Cricket history, many records have been made and many of them were broken. But here we talk about some unusual Top 5 Cricket Records that can’t be Broken they made in past but till now they remain unbroken.

#5 199 centuries Records

199 centuries Records of Jack Hobbs - Sports Info Now

Whenever batsman achieves three figures mark then he achieves one feet called century. Not every match batsman made century from past to present. In today’s time, peoples look shocked when seeing Sachin Tendulkar made 50 centuries but image one batsman made 199 centuries in his career then?

Who Scored most first-class centuries in history?

Yes, you read right, it is the record of 199 centuries in the history book as most centuries made by a single player in cricket. This record held by England cricketer named Sir John Berry “Jack” Hobbs.

Who scored most centuries in Tests?

He most of his centuries from a total of 199 scores in his first-class career. When he played for England he made 18 Test centuries. His Highest score of 211 comes against South Africa in 1924. Other feet that he achieves as his opening partnership with Herbert Sutcliffe was an all-time successful opening partnership.

Which cricketer has scored the most first-class centuries in history?

While in his career, he and Herbert Sutcliffe open the inning for 38 times. In these 38 tests, they made 15 centuries stand between them.

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