Top 10 huge controversies in the history of the World Cup

#2 Shane Warne will be banned

Shane Warne will be banned in world cup 2003 - Sports Info now

Another controversy comes for the 2003 world cup. This controversy was funnier than other serious incidences.

Why did Shane Warne take diuretics?

At the time 2003 world cup, Shane Warne was the one the key player of the Australian Cricket Team. He was banned from playing a match just one day before starting the world cup. He takes a prescription drug named Moduretic which banned to take in sports. In the pre-match test, Warne marks as positive in a drug test and will be banned.

What did Shane Warne get a band for?

That drug gives him by his mom and that drug is only for looking good during their match.

How long was Shane Warne banned?

Shane Warne gets banned was on year.

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