Top 10 huge controversies in the history of the World Cup

#3 The Rain Rule

The Rain Rule in world cup 1992 - Sports Info Now

World cup of 1992 was the first one where officials seriously think about changing in a world cup format. That world cup was the first one played by teams in the colorful kit as well as in that world cup use a white ball instead of a red ball. Another new thing added in that world cup was rain rules.

According to rain rules, rain-affected matches will be played with adjusting overs and the least productive overplayed by batting the first side will be discounted.

1992 World Cup Semifinal

This new rule of rain comes in a controversy picture when semi-final of the tournament played between England and South Africa. After the rain effects, England manages a total of 252 in awarded 45 overs. In that inning, South Africa bowled their over slowly.

In the chase of 252, South Africa started well and going to win the match. But when they needed 22 runs from 13 balls then rain getting heavier. Umpire deiced to halt the play. As per the new rain rules, the least productive overs which played by batting first were deducted without reducing the target.

According to the old rule, there is only one over will be deducted but according to the new rule two overs deducted. So the situation was for south Africa was there is only one ball remain and run will be not deducted. So to win the match South Africa needed 22runs in one ball. That is impossible for any player in the world. This is the most famous and well talked one of the Top 10 huge controversies in the history of the World Cup.

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