Top 10 huge controversies in the history of the World Cup

#4 darkness of World Cup Final

darkness of World Cup Final of 2007 - Sports Info Now

In the world cup of 2007, the dark cloud of Bob Woolmer’s death looms over and its effects World Cup finals. Because of dark weather and rain tournament final was decided on the Duckworth Lewis method.

2007 World cup final going to play on Kensington Oval ground at Bridgetown. The biggest drawback of this ground is there are no floodlights available. In the middle of the final, Weather going too dark and sunlight were not enough to continue to play the game future. So umpire decides and officials decided to halt the play for the day and play resume on the next day to complete the future overs.

Which country won the World Cup 2007?

But officials and umpires realized that enough overs will be already played to produce results via Duckworth Lewis method. Then they decide to award victory to Australia.

Match umpires and referees will be suspended for the inaugural ICC World T20 world cup after that incident.

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