Top 10 huge controversies in the history of the World Cup

#5 Real or fake trophy controversy

Real or fake trophy controversy of World Cup 2011 - Sports Info Now

After the 28 years-long waits, finally, India won the world cup. According to source reports, the trophy awarded to India was a fake replica.

Is World cup 2011 trophy real or fake?

Reports say that the real trophy was kept and placed into the godown of government. Trophy gets seized by the Mumbai customs department immediately after it arrives from Colombo after the semi-final of Sri Lanka and New Zealand.

After that World Cup trophy will be taken to Dubai. After some time ICC claims that the trophy which seized by the customs department was fake and the real one was on the ground on the night of the final.

On one end ICC claims that, The trophy which awarded to India was real one while on the other end other reports claim that the trophies which awarded to Australia on their world cup win in 1999, 2003, and 2007 were real one because names of the all world cup winning nations will be written on the base of trophy while India had trophy which base was blank.

After this controversy. ICC decided to print the original logo of the event to avoid fake trophy.

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