Top 10 huge controversies in the history of the World Cup

#7 Death of Democracy

Death of Democracy in cricket -Sports Info Now

This controversy not regarding any matches of the world cup but it rare bad incident of cricket history. This happens when two Zimbabwe cricketers make a strong objection and say they did not keep silence over it.

At that time Zimbabwe players Andy Flower who is the team captain and other one is fast bowler Henry Olonga wore black armbands in their first match of the world cup to protest against their president Robert Mugabe.

Which Cricketers responsible for Death of Democracy in World cup 2003?

Later they called this act as mourning the death of democracy in Zimbabwe. That time England has to face Zimbabwe in a match but because of outside pressure for a boycott the match. So they decided to no play match against Zimbabwe and points will be awarded to Zimbabwe and they go into super six stages of the world cup.

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