Top 10 huge controversies in the history of the World Cup

#9 Rule of 2.5-meter

Rule of 2.5-meters in cricket - Sports Info Now

This incident happen in the 2011 cricket world cup when India played against England at Bangalore in a group stage match. This controversy started when England batsman Ian Bell give not out on leg before wicket appeal on the bowling of Yuvraj Singh. Then Indian Captain decides to challenge the on-field decision and take a review.

LBW 2.5 Meter Rule

But after seeing so many replays the third umpire stand with an on-field decision which is not out because the point of impact and stumps distance show more the 2.5 meters.

This 2.5 meters rule applies just because Hawk-Eye technology will be used in the World Cup. Because of this rule, the final decision will be on umpire thought to give a batsman out or not.

What is LBW 2.5 Meter Rule in Cricket?

After World cup, that rule of 2.5 meters will be revised but Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara criticizes that decision because it will not be revised during the World cup.

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