Top 10 huge controversies in the history of the World Cup

We all know very well that Cricket is the gentleman’s game. Apart from that fact, Cricket had most controversies in past history. Those controversies will be highly discussed when they happen on a bigger stage like the ICC Cricket World Cup. So here we talk about Top 10 huge controversies in the history of the World Cup.

We all know that sledding is one part of the cricket. At many stages like India vs Australia game, and Australia vs England game and many more we see some words going to exchange between players. In the history of the World cup, there are so many big or small controversies happen and today we talk about the top 10 of them all.

#10 Blotto in a pedalo (Andrew Flintoff)

Blotto in a pedalo (Andrew Flintoff) - Sports Info Now

One of the biggest controversies happens when the 2007 World Cup running in West Indies. In that World Cup, English cricketer Andrew Flintoff deprived of vice-captaincy of England cricket team and banned him for one game of that world cup because of commandeering a pedalo while being intoxicated.

When he does that he was not alone, his teammates James Anderson, Liam Plunkett, Jon Lewis, Ian Bell and Paul Nixon with him. After that incidence, all of them will be sanctioned.

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