IPL 2020: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the top cricketing events around the world. In this COVID-19 situation, all sports events are not taking place for the last 4 months. But now live cricket return and so as IPL. IPL comes this time with different places, rules, guidelines, and point of view. So here we are with IPL 2020: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

IPL 2020 is set to take place in the United Arab Emirates. The 12th edition of IPL set to take place between 19th September and 10th November. This is the only second time when IPL final held on a working day. Previously in on edition of IPL, final held on Saturday and now on Tuesday during Diwali weekend.

Here is some official statement:

“We have decided to go up till November 10 and so the final will be held on a weekday for the first time. Also, to ensure that there are enough gaps between games considering the traveling and the biosecure environment and keeping all these things in mind, we will have 10 doubleheaders this season,” the official said.”

So let’s start some Frequently Asked Questions about IPL 2020 that fans eagerly wants to know.

#1 Will IPL 2020 be played?

Yes. IPL 2020 is played in the United Arab Emirates between September to November. this is the most asked question in our list of IPL 2020: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

#2 What is the new schedule of IPL 2020?

According to IPL 2020 new schedule, the tournament will start on 19th September and the final will be on 10th November on Tuesday.

As for match timings, afternoon games will start at 15:30 IST and evening games starts at 19:30 IST.

Here is the official statement regarding IPL 2020 new schedule:

“We have decided to bring it forward by 30 minutes from the regular time of the IPL which is 8 p.m. for evening games and we will start at 7:30 instead.”

IPL 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 3

#3 Will fans allow attending matches on grounds?

At the initial stage of IPL 2020, both BCCCI and UAE government not allowed to fans comes on the ground to attend matches. But in a later stage, maybe the government allowed limited fans with proper social distancing on grounds. But everyone’s safety is the top priority for both BCCI and the UAE government.

Here is the official statement on the same:

“It would be great to have some fans come in as that would boost the morale of the players for sure. But what needs to be remembered is that the safety of the players is a priority. So, these are things we will discuss with the ECB at the right time,” the official revealed.”

#4 how many doubleheaders held in IPL 2020?

In the 13th edition of Indian Premier League i.e. IPL 2020, there are as many as 10 doubleheaders will be played. All afternoon matches start at 15:30 IST and all evening matches start at 19:30 IST.

IPL 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1

#5 what is the BCCI draft COVID-19 testing protocols for IPL 2020?

According to BCCI rules for COVID-19 tests and results, every Indian player and support staff will have to tested negative for as many as five times before starts their training in the UAE camps. Each COVID-19 test will be conducted on every fifth day as per the BCCI protocols.

In India, there is a compulsory 14-day quarantine period that has to follow by every participant. Then, before one week this quarantine, they all have to undergo for Covid-19 RT-PCR tests twice within 24 hours.

Here is the official statement:

“There could be minor changes to this protocol depending on the feedback from the teams, but there will not be any compromise on players and team officials’ safety,” the official said.”

#6 What if anyone tested positive for COVID-19 in India?

If anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 then he must undergo for at least 14-day quarantine. After this quarantine, he again undergoes for Covid-19 RT-PCR test one more then he can fly to UAE.

IPL 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 2

#7 what is the BCCI draft COVID-19 testing protocols for foreign players in IPL 2020?

For foreign players, all protocols are similar to Indian players. They all have to undergo for Covid-19 RT-PCR test for twice and then fly to UAE. In any case of positive COVID-19 result, he must undergo for 14-day quarantine before flying to UAE.

#8 what is the BCCI draft COVID-19 testing protocols for IPL 2020 in UAE?

Everyone must undergo for 14-day quarantine after arriving in UAE. In this quarantine period, no one can see each other faces. During this 14-day quarantine, three COVID-19 tests will be conducted.

Everyone must be tested negative in COVID-19 tests because then only all players and support staff enter in a bio-secure bubble with their respective teams.

Here is the official statement:

“Anyone who breaches the bio-secure protocols will have to be in self-isolation for seven days and return two negative tests on days 6 and 7,” the official added.”

IPL 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 4

#9 Will players allowed bringing their family to UAE for IPL 2020?

BCCI already clear thing about player’s families can fly with them to UAE. BCCI said that player has to take a call on allowed their family to come or not. All the protocols and rules also applied to the player’s family and all have to limit themselves in a bio-secure bubble.

#10 What are the arrangements for players to stay in UAE for IPL 2020?

BCCI arrange separate hotels for each franchise. No one for one team who contract with other team members. No one allowed coming across from their hotel to other team’s hotels.

All players have to follow social distancing rules in their respective dressing rooms. Instead of a paper sheet, BCCI provides electronic team sheets. Team meetings also going to be part of BCCI’s SOP.

Here is the official statement:

“The @IPL health and safety protocol document is a fascinating read. Real depths to ensure the biosafety issues are all addressed. Anyone in breach of protocol risks punishment. Putting it out on @IndiaToday @ITGDsports http://indiatoday.in bec it is a detailed SOP.”

IPL 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 5

#11 What are the major guidelines issued by BCCI for IPL 2020?

  • Every franchise should have a team doctor to ensure that the medical guidelines, including the Bio-Secure environment protocols, are maintained.
  • Wearing a triple-layered mask will be mandatory for the players and support staff when they are in public places.
  • Chartered flights have been recommended for travel to the UAE. Seat spacing and social distancing norms are to be followed in the flights.
  • All passengers arriving at UAE are required to have a negative PCR test report issued not more than 96 hours before the arrival. Passengers need to undergo Covid-19 tests at the airport as well.
  • All personnel will need to give a signed undertaking agreeing to be a part of the Bio-Secure environment.
  • Only the personnel clearing the tests and having valid accreditation will be allowed to the training and match venues.
  • The venue operations staff and players will be segregated into different zones to avoid crowding.

#12 What if any player wants to go outside of the bio-secure bubble?

BCCI told that there is in some exceptional case or situation that will allow the player to go outside of the bio-secure bubble. Exceptional cases or situations include going to the hospital for some sort of body scan. But the player should issue permission for that from the IPL Medical Manager.

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#13 what about venues, hotels, and transport in UAE for IPL 2020?

All matches and training venues, players’ hotels, all transports will operate according to SOPs of BCCI. Breach of any rules and bio-secure bubble environment should be punishable under the IPL Code of Conduct.

#14 What is the price of IPL 2020 UAE Tickets?

The ticket price for each team is different. All Ticket range comes between 340 rupees. (Delhi Capitals) to 8000 rupees. (Mumbai Indians).

IPL 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#15 where can I get IPL 2020 tickets?

IPL 2020 tickets can buy from the ticket counter at the respective stadiums. Apart from this, some online protocols are authorized to sell IPL 2020 tickets from their official website.

#16 how many bio-secure bubbles are there for IPL 2020?

As per the BCCI SOPs, BCCI categorized the Bio-Secure bubble in four different stages or environments. BCCI also gives a risk mitigation procedure for each Bio-secure bubble. Each one will be followed before entering in one bubble from another.

Here are four categories of bio-secure bubbles:

  • Hotels
  • Training sessions
  • Matches
  • Transportation


All the above mentioned various zones will be created separate bi-secure bubble for franchise team members, match officials, cricket operations team, ground staff, broadcast teams, hotel staff, and security personnel.

All members must be limited to their allotted bio-secure bubble. Individuals not allowed to go neither outside of the bio-secure bubble nor are entering other bio-secure bubbles.

So these re the each possible IPL 2020: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Hope you get all your answers from our blog of IPL 2020: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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