India Premier League (IPL) 2021 Rule, Guidelines and Fixture under matches played

Hello and welcome to our latest and new edition of India Premier League (IPL) 2021 in the Cricket category. In this blog, we are talking about IPL 14th season which I started on April 9th and end on 30th May. India Premier League (IPL) 2021 Rule, Guidelines and Fixture.

This year’s IPL league will be played at 6 different venues in India behind closed doors. There are some rules and guidelines that the Indian government applied for IPL 2021 season. Under those guidelines, only all IPL matches will be played. Venues, where IPL 2021 edition will be playing, are Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

IPL 2021

IPL 2021 edition’s qualifiers, Eliminator, and Final will be played at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmadabad.

Here are some Rules and Guideline that the Indian government decided for the Indian Premier League aka IPL 2021:


Family and Franchises’ owners will be placed in Bubble

So this year’s IPL, like all teams’ players, their family members as well as all franchise owners can make out of Bio-secure Bubble only if it is highly necessary. If they want to get out of the bubble then they must get approval from the BCCI’s Chief Medical Officer to exit the bubble.


All team areas are around the hotel are sealed off

To make sure about the high-security measure of all team players, BCCI applied this rule that all teams should try to book the entire hotel for their players and all other staff. If this is not possible then the whole wing of the hotel would be allotted to the particular team and it would be sealed off for another group of people.


BCCI issued Bubble Integrity Manager

To prevent or make sure that all team players not violating any rules of the bio-secure bubble, BCCI implied four members team which designated as ‘Bubble Integrity Manager’. This team will separately allocate to each team. This team makes sure that all team players and other staff did not breach any rules of Bio-Secure Bubble.


Ball replacement rule

After so many researches all over the world, it is proved that Cricket balls are very few or about nothing chances to carries the COVID virus. But to neglect any small margin of risk, BCCI decided that if a ball goes to stands or outside area of the stadium then it would be replaced immediately. That replaced ball will be reuse after sanitization.


As many as Three RT-PCR teats needed for all

To enter into a Bio-secure Bubble, all those who come from another bubble will have to take three RT-PCR tests under the period of 7 days. Only those people enter into a new bubble that tests negative in all tests.


Different Check-In Counters

To make sure all players and staff are kept away from any sort of harm, BCCI allocates them separate Check-In counters at the hotel. This facility makes sure that any player and staff will not contract with outside elements.


No Contact between BCCI official and Players

As a member top tier BCCI panel will not be allowed to enter IPL’s bio-secure bubble. They are not permitted to make contact with players or other officials who are the part of Bio-Secure Bubble.


So there are some rules that BCCI issued for Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021.


Now we are talking about the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021.

IPL 2021 Fixture

IPL 2021 will be played in India and this year’s IPL featured as many as 60 matches. These all matches will be played in six various venues as we mentioned at the start of this blog. India Premier League (IPL) 2021 Rule, Guidelines and Fixture.

In the opener of this season, defending champions Mumbai Indian will clash with Royal Challengers Bangalore. In this years’ IPL there is no home advantage for any of 8 IPL teams as all teams will be played their matches at neutral venues. Each team played their all matches at four different venues during the entire season.

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