History of the most prestigious titles of WWE aka WWE Championship – Part 3

Today Sports Info Now comes up with another part of the History of the most prestigious titles of WWE aka WWE Championship. We talk about further championship reigns and new WWE champions. If you want to read this series previous part then you can found here:  WWE Championship – Part 1 & WWE Championship – Part 2.

Hulk Hogan (April 2, 1989 – April 1, 1990)

In 1989, the macho man was the ultimate champion as well as a crowd favorite. Even though his highly favorite and successful title reigns as well as box office success, he has followed McMahan’s plan which takes out WWE Championship away from him. It happens in Wrestlemania V.

Randy Savage defends his title against none other than the immortal Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania V. Because of both are highly rated as well as crowd favorite superstar, they are able to set a new record of drawing 750,000 audiences and this record not be broken in the whole decade.

Hulk Hogan with WWE Championship - Sports Info Now

In that title match, Macho man was a heel because he turns on his friend Hulk Hogan because of he jealous of his popularity. This storyline starts on 3rd February 1989, when Randy attacked Hogan backstage.

At the trump plaza in Atlantic City around 18,950 fans wetness that historic title wins of Hogan over savage. That is his second title reign. Fans love to watch Hogan as a new WWE Champion because he is the top babyface of the company at that time.

After a highly successful first bout between these two, McMahan was very happy because the crowd loves it and then he set rematches between them for the next few months.

Hogan’s Next Feuds:

After a complete feud with macho man, Hogan’s next feud comes with Tom “Tiny” Lister AKA Zeus. The storyline between them shows the audience that Hogan and Zeus were rivals from their film set and Zeus wants to prove that he will be better in every way then Hulk Hogan.

They had a title match on two different pay per views SummerSlam and Survivor Series respectively. Both matches draw huge success in the box office.

After completing feud with Zeus, Hogan starts a new feud with Mr. Perfect. Mr. Perfect was a great wrestler with high in-ring skills.

They both give a hell of a match at Royal Rumble but despite that this feud not draws much attention as well as the interest of the crowd.

In the above feud, Hulk Hogan defends his title successfully in every single match.

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