History of most prestigious title of WWE aka WWE Championship – Part 2

History of the most prestigious title of WWE aka WWE Championship – Part 2

Today we come up with another chapter of History of the most prestigious titles of WWE aka WWE Championship. Here we going forward from the last champion we discuss in the previous article named Stan Stasiak.

Bruno Sammartino (December 10, 1973 – April 30, 1977)

In the 70s, Bruno was people’s champ and the legend of all time creates history on 10th December 1973 when he defeats Stan Stasiak for WWE championship. In this process, he becomes the first superstar who won the title twice in a company.

Interestingly as well as shocking said that Bruno now wants to become WWE champions for the second time. The reason behind that he wants a much lighter wrestling schedule as compare to his first reign as a WWE champion in 1971.

Bruno Sammartino with WWE title - Sport Info Now

After so many conversations and a meeting between McMahan sr. and Bruno for second title reign Bruno accept the request and agree to become champion again.

In 1973, he becomes champ when McMahan come up with a much lighter wrestling schedule as Bruno wants. At that time he wrestles only 3-4 matches in a week and he only works outside of his hometown.

In a further agreement between Bruno and McMahan, they both agree that Bruno’s second title reign not much longer rather than just 12 months long. But somehow he holds title over more than three years.

In the second WWE championship reign of Bruno, he defeats his previous rival Ivan Koloff, as well as new superstars, includes Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, and others. After another long title reign in 1977 McMahan finally, agree to replace him with a new rising superstar.

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