History of most prestige title of WWE aka WWE Championship – Part 1

Stan Stasiak (December 1, 1973 – December 10, 1973)


Stan Stasiak with WWE title - Sports Info Now

Stan Stasiak was another Canadian wrestler who work with WWE in the 1970s. His best known for his surprising WWE title win in a promotion that shocks the world.

At the early stage of his WWE stay, he bags one of the big opportunities of his career when he gets title shot again big name Bruno. On 1st December 1973, He defeated Bruno for the WWE championship which he holds for nearly three years.

At that time Bruno was crowd favorite and just because of crowd backlash, on that night WWE not announce Stasiak as the new champion. Instead of the rushed toward the backstage area to make crowd clueless regarding the ending of that match.

Later WWE announces on television that Stasiak is the new WWE champion and then only crowd know what happen that night actually. After 10 days, again Bruno defeated Stasiak to become the new champion.

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