History of most prestige title of WWE aka WWE Championship – Part 1

Pedro Morales (February 8, 1971 – December 1, 1973)


Pedro Antonio Morales was the most famous and decorated WWE Superstar as well as WWE champion in History of WWE Championship.

Pedro Antonio Morales made his first appearance in WWE on 21st November 1970. In his first match, he was teaming up with Chief Jay Strongbow in a draw against The Mongols, Newton Tattrie, and Josip Peruzovic.  In his first singles match, he defeated Joe Turco.

Pedro Morales with WWE title - Sports Info Now

7th January 1971 was the date when Morales won the WWWF United States Championship which is vacant at that time by defeating Blassie. Later, on 8th February 1971 after one month of his first title win in WWWF, he defeated Koloff for the WWWF World title.

In his time with WWE in 1970, He is the most successful to draw audience attention and love.

For some reason despite gain most popularity in crowd Morales didn’t make an impression on McMahan sr. So in 1973, McMahan sr. decided to replace him with Bruno as a champion as well as the face of the company. Morales’s three years of success cut short by Stan “the man” Stasiak for the return of Bruno in the summit of the promotion.

Apart from WWE World title he also gains success in his US title reign as well in his Intercontinental title and Tag Team titles in the 1980s. At that time his is the first Grand Slam Champion in WWE History with the win of all top titles in the promotion.

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