History of most prestige title of WWE aka WWE Championship – Part 1

Ivan Koloff (January 18, 1971 – February 8, 1971)


Ivan Koloff is another professional wrestler who comes from Canada. He widely knew as a WWWF World heavyweight Champion under the name “The Russian Bear”. He debuted in the WWWF in late 1969. In early days in WWWF, he started a rivalry with the current champion of that time Bruno Sammartino.

On 18th January 1971, Koloff becomes a new WWWF World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Bruno via pinfall. With that victory, it ends the legendary seven years reign of Bruno’s WWWF title.

Ivan Koloff with WWE title - Sports Info Now

Another historic moment made and witness by 20,000 peoples at most famous Madison Square Garden.

At that time when Koloff pinned Bruno in MSG had pin-drop silence. No one can believe in their eyes they just see that end of the legendary reign of Bruno. But Koloff’s title reign, not much long which can remember by fans because it lasted only three weeks.

When he works in WWWF, He wrestles WWWF title matches against Morales, Superstar Billy Graham, and Bob Backlund. Koloff was the first-ever wrestler who challenges WWWF title rematch in Steel Cage Match. He Wrestles in WWF from 1975–1976, 1978–1979 and 1983.

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