History of most prestige title of WWE aka WWE Championship – Part 1

Bruno Sammartino (May 11, 1963 – January 18, 1971)


Bruno Leopoldo Francesco Sammartino was an American Professional wrestler who better known for his wrestling with WWF. Bruno nicknames in wrestling “The Italian Strong Man”, “The Strongest Man in the World”, “The Living Legend” told us a whole story that how much success achieves by him.

He is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world who step foot inside the square circle. He held WWF World Heavyweight Championship for more than 11 years in two reigns.

Bruno was the ideal choice for McMahon who can replace Buddy Rogers as the Face of the company. At that time Bruno was much younger, strong and powerful who can lead the company forward.

Bruno Sammartino with WWE title - Sport Info Now

Bruno defeated Rogers in just 48 seconds to win the WWE championships in 1963. Unfortunately in that match, Roger had been hospitalized because he injured by Bruno’s finisher backbreaker. 19,000 people witness that Bruno was their new WWF champion.

As compare to Rogers’s reign Bruno reign much longer and crowd favorite as well as successful. His first reign was recorded seven-year and eight-month-long which is never ever broken.

In his successful title reign, Bruno gives some memorable matches with Gorilla Monsoon, Giant Baba, Boris Malenko, Killer Kowalski, Freddie Blassie, The Sheik, Gene Kiniski and many others. In his title reign, he mostly time sold out famous stadium Madison Square Garden. But his last title reign ends in a sad way because he has to relinquish his title because of serious back issues. Finally, his reign was over and drop the title to Ivan Koloff.

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