History of most prestige title of WWE aka WWE Championship – Part 1

Here is the list of superstars who held the WWE championships and their WWE championship history:


Buddy Rogers (April 11, 1963 – May 17, 1963)

Herman Gustav Rohde Jr was famously known by his ring name Buddy Rogers. He is an American wrestler. Roger was a multiple-time world champion who held championships on both NWA as well as WWWF promotion.

Buddy Rogers was the first-ever superstar who held WWE championships which introduced in 1963. Rogers was the most famous superstar in the 1950s and 1960s. He is the biggest attraction in-crowd, so it was an obvious choice for first-ever NWA World title from 1961 to 1963.

Nature Boy Buddy Rogers with wwe title - Sport Info Now

In April 1963, McMahon sr, split WWWF from NWA and his first who lead their promotion was Buddy Rogers.

Roger become the first-ever WWE champion in history by defeating Antonino Rocco in a fictional tournament final. His title reign not much longer due to his big age as well as health issues. But in the history of WWE, we can consider him as one of the successful superstars forever.

In the memory of Buddy Rogers, a 16-time world champion named Ric Flair use his nickname “Nature Boy”, as well as his hairstyle and his finisher “Figure 4 Leglock”.

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