Cricket Terms that you never ever heard before

There are so many terminologies used in cricket. These terms define cricket in more detail. Cricket is widely known for its range of terms. Some of the terms are not too familiar with sports of Cricket. There are so May terms written in the book of cricket which make us laugh. Here are 10 Cricket Terms that you never ever heard before.

#10 Bosie

Bosie or Bosey, Googly bowl in cricket - Sports Info Now

The term Bosie or Bosey is just the other name of the googly ball. The googly ball mostly delivers by right arm spinners which are opposite from their regular delivery which they bowled. The googly that can turn in to right-handed batsman and turn away for left-hander batsman.

This name Bosie was named in the honor great cricket from England name Bernard Bosanquet. Behind this honor is Bernard Bosanquet has invented this delivery. Basie has another named is wrong’un.

In the history of cricket, so many cricketers use this delivery very effectively in their careers. Some of the bowlers like Abdul Qadir use this delivery much time and he is the most successful while wicket-taking among the other bowlers.

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