5 WWE Superstars who have Creative Control right now

Nowadays there are so many superstars present who are unhappy with WWE because of their poor booking on TV. Superstars have no option but to adjust to it and wait for the right time to come because they sign a multi-year deal with the company. But here we come up with a different topic that is 5 WWE Superstars who have Creative Control right now.

5 current WWE Superstars who have creative control

Either some WWE superstars’ right time comes when WWE start to push them to top title picture while others leave the company and join another one. There are also few superstars in WWE in the past like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Triple H who have creative control for their booking.

So now we start a discussion over Top 5 WWE Superstars who have Creative Control right now.

#5 Daniel Bryan

5 WWE Superstars who have Creative Control right now - Daniel Bryan - Sports Info Now

One of the most complete WWE Superstars of the PG era, Daniel Bryan has earned that much trust and respect to held creative rights for their own bookings. Daniel Bryan is a complete package of amazing mic skills, incredible in-ring skills, and a sharp and creative mind.

Fans always remember 2014 year when Daniel Bryan famous YES moments comes and that Wrestlemania 30 season when fans literally hijacked WWE shows and even Royal Rumble pay per view with YES chants.

WWE Superstars with Creative Control?

Unfortunately, right after that Daniel Bryan gets injured and takes forceful retirement. But after a few years, Daniel Bryan beat the odds and makes his historic return to WWE. This is the back but as a part-timer like superstars. WWE also shows some faith in Daniel Bryan’s sharp mind and gives him creative control for his character and bookings.

For a long time after he returns to WWE, almost everything we saw about Daniel Bryan it’s all his ideas and plans. Right WWE looking to put Daniel Bryan against Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship program.  So we can expect Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan match Universal Title at Royal Rumble 2021.

#4 Edge

5 WWE Superstars who have Creative Control right now - Edge - Sports Info Now

This year at Royal Rumble 2020, we saw another historic WWE moment when Edge makes his WWE return and fans are erupt when they see. Fans are not expecting that Edge makes his WWE return after long nine years. After making WWE return, he starts a feud with Randy Orton. This rivalry is one of the best of the year 2020.

During one of the interview, Edge revealed that he cut the promos during his rivalry with Randy Orton were written by him only.

Which wrestlers have had creative control?

Here is what Edge told about his promos:

“We have been left alone. And that’s because I’ve been doing this for 25 years and Randy’s been doing this for 20. Nobody’s going to write a promo for me. That’s all there is to it. I don’t work well that way and I think everyone understands that, but it took years and years of proving it.”

Even backstage, Edge also becomes a part of a creative team for his storyline, promos, and matches. Now fans again eagerly wait for Edge WWE’s return after his triceps injury.  So it’s interesting to see after return which way Edge takes his character.

#3 Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee - Sports Info Now

One more time fans are shocked when Pat McAfee makes his way to WWE on the NXT brand. From day one, he makes an impact on the NXT brand as well as on fans. WWE gives him a feud against top NXT star Adam Cole. WWE set the debut match of Pat McAfee against Adam Cole at NXT: TakeOver XXX and it was just an awesome debut match of Pat McAfee.

Pat McAfee makes his name in that list of those superstars who were actually impressed with his debut feud and match in WWE. The way he cut promos during his feud and delivered a match against Adam Cole was just incredible.

5 WWE Superstars who had backstage power

In one of his recent interviews, Pat McAfee revealed that even he is a newcomer in WWE; he has creative control in the NXT brand.

Here is what he said about the same:

“So there’s a couple of conversations that happen because I fly down, so I get, I get COVID tested on Sunday and Monday, here in Indianapolis, so when I get my results back Tuesday, Wednesday, so if those two are negative, as soon as my show ends here in Indianapolis, I hop on a plane, literally as soon as the show’s over, and fly down to Orlando. So whenever I get down there. The audience is already in the Capital Wrestling Center, right, so there are a couple of quick conversations that have to happen like, hey, this is where we’re at.”

Right now, Pat McAfee led the faction named The Kings of NXT alongside Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch, and Pete Dunne.

#2 Bray Wyatt

5 WWE Superstars who have Creative Control right now - Bray Wyatt - Sports Info Now

Just like Daniel Bryan, it’s well known that Bray Wyatt also has a sharp and creative mind in WWE. We saw many characters of Bray Wyatt in WWE in his whole career have been influenced by him. During his The Eater of the Worlds gimmick, he wrote almost his promos and also gives many amazing ideas about his character.

Even in his current gimmick of The Fiend and his success mostly credit goes to Bray Wyatt. All cryptic things and some different moves during his storyline were all pitched by Bray Wyatt to WWE. The good thing is, WWE listens to Bray Wyatt and applied his idea on WWE TV.

5 WWE Superstars who gained Creative Control

Bray Wyatt’s father Mike Rotunda revealed about Bray Wyatt creative control in WWE in his one of an interview.

Here is what Mike Rotunda said about his son:

“Some people, you can do stuff to enhance a character and make it even bigger. It’s like the character my oldest son does when he did Bray Wyatt. They kind of came up with that themselves and it was… developed the character more and more and then they went to doing The Fiend stuff and he was just — Windham, my older son is good on the mic. He can talk well and speak well and he has a creative mind,” said Rotunda.”

#1 Goldberg

Goldberg - Sports Info Now

On so many occasions, superstars’ creative control not gives positive results. We knew that Goldberg is a WWE legend and one of the greatest Wrestlers of all time. But if we see Goldberg’s booking in WWE the last couple of years then it was widely criticized if we take the match of Goldberg vs.  The Undertaker or Goldberg vs. The Fiend.

After that match of Goldberg vs. The Fiend, WWE News comes out that it was Goldberg’s last-minute influence that to put him over. Goldberg was the one who asked for a change of match result in the last moments because he feels that if he gets defeat it ruined his image.

5 WWE Superstars who hold Creative Control

So maybe give creative control to those who that is not in their prime it could be a risky decision. If we look at that match then fans are furious on WWE, so WWE now not wants to repeat that mistake again.

It’s a good thing that The Fiend character manages to recover from that loss and rise again. But it is also a fact that a win over Goldberg that night would take his character to a new level.

These are the whole of our today’s blog. We covered 5 WWE Superstars who have Creative Control right now.

5 WWE Superstars who write their own promos and storyline

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