5 WWE Breakout Superstars of the year 2020

The whole 2020 year has been tough and challenging for everyone around the world. COVID pandemic hits badly on pro wrestling business also but despite everything WWE Company and superstars stood farm and showed up why they are best in the world. So here we are with the top 5 WWE Breakout Superstars of the year 2020.

5 Breakout Superstars in WWE this year (2020)

We are here to discuss those 5 WWE superstars who come up, rise, and entertain us in a promising manner. So we should appreciate their efforts and wish them a bright future.

So let’s start 5 WWE Breakout Superstars of the year 2020:

#5 Keith Lee

5 WWE Breakout Superstars of 2020 year - Keith Lee - Sports Info Now

Keith Lee’s dominance started last year from Survivor Series 2019. In that Traditional 5 on 5 Elimination Match, Keith Lee shows skill and stayed till the end and comes toe to toe with Roman Reigns in the last. Roman Reigns also saw that spark in Keith Lee which make him a top WWE superstar in the future.

Then in the Royal Rumble 2020 match, Keith Lee comes face to face with Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman. We saw little glimpses of what he capable of when he gets opportunity against the likes of Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, and Roman Reigns.

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Then at NXT Brand, he won the first NXT North American Championship and later won NXT Championship and become the first even dual NXT Champion. Keith Lee relinquished North American Title to give title opportunity to others. He also lost NXT Championship to Karrion Kross.

After SummerSlam 2020, on RAW Keith Lee make his main roster debut and come face to face with Randy Orton. On RAW, Keith Lee lost few matches in the DQ manner against Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre. Finally, WWE gives him a proper match at Payback 2020 against Randy Orton. He defeated Randy Orton cleanly this time and pick up his first-ever main roster win.

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Then at Survivor Series 2020, Keith Lee becomes a member of the RAW team who clean-sweep SmackDown team at the show. Now WWE tries to show something wrong between Keith Lee and Sheamus. So we expect that WWE could run a feud between these two.

So not doubt after these many achievements in a short time, Keith Lee is one of the 5 WWE Breakout Superstars of the year 2020.

#4 Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair - Sports Info Now

Bianca Belair’s dominance journey also started from last year’s Survivor Series 2019. She also a standout performer in 5 on 5 Tradition Elimination match. Then in the Royal Rumble 2020 match, she lasted on 30 women Royal Rumble match for more than 30 minutes in the match and eliminates few superstars.

Around Wrestlemania 36, WWE called up Bianca Belair to the main roster on the RAW brand. WWE did not book her on a strong note on RAW at first. But during The Street Profits and Andrade and Angel Garza feud WWE put her in that feud when Zelina Vega tried to get involved in that.

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This year’s Survivor Series 2020 also proved good for Bianca Belair. She again put an impressive performance in the Tradition Elimination Match but her team again lost the match. As expected, right after Survivor Series 2020 WWE starts a feud between Bayley and Bianca Belair. Now we expect that WWE book her strong manner against Bayley to built her for a title match in the future.

Bianca Belair needs good momentum right now. Looks like she gets it sooner than later and then could go for SmackDown Women Championship. So Bianca Belair also out strong contender for 5 WWE Breakout Superstars of the year 2020.

#3 Dominik Mysterio

5 WWE Breakout Superstars of 2020 year - Dominik Mysterio - Sports Info Now

We saw Dominik Mysterio on WWE TV before when Rey Mysterio feuded with Brock Lesnar for WWE Championship. At the Saudi Arabia show, we saw Dominik’s involvement in the WWE Championship match of Brock Lesnar and Rey Mysterio.

But in a proper manner, WWE involved in any proper storyline was Rey Mysterio’s storyline against Seth Rollins on RAW. Dominik comes up to the aid of his father Rey Mysterio against Seth Rollins and his disciple Murphy.  As Dominik Mysterio’s father is a WWE legend and his trainer also then everyone’s expectation is high on him and Dominik Mysterio never disappointed all of us.

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Few occasions, Dominik Mysterio wrestle in a tag team match with his father Rey Mysterio. In all tag team matches, Dominik showed all his in-ring skill and it impresses Vince McMahon and other WWE officials. Every passing match Dominik Mysterio got better and better inside the WWE ring. Everyone including his family, fans, and WWE officials are happy with him and support him.

After seeing an amazing Dominik Mysterio performance, WWE finally gives him a single match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam 2020. Dominik Mysterio put an incredible performance in that match but unfortunately, in the end, he stands on the losing side.

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With the performance, Dominik even impressed his opponent Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins after that match breaks his character and praises Dominik Mysterio’s work in the ring. Mysterio Family and Seth Rollins feud were one of the highlights of the 2020 year and Dominik Mysterio’s input in that storyline was amazing and incredible.

So we expect a bright future of Dominik Mysterio in WWE and we also see him as a future WWE World Champion.

#2 The Street Profits

5 WWE Breakout Superstars of 2020 year - The Street Profits - Sports Info Now

WWE introduce The Street Profits on RAW before their call upon the main roster. The Street Profits showed up first on RAW when they are NXT Tag Team Champions. This WWE move is to promote the NXT brand on the main roster to give exposure to that brand.

After losing NXT Tag Team Championship, WWE called them up on RAW Brand. First, they have hosted only backstage segments. Fans already knew about The Street Profits potential and maybe WWE also that’s why WWE soon give RAW Tag Team Championship. Before grabbing Tag Team Titles, they failed in few attempts, but they finally won gold on the main roster when they defeated Seth Rollins and Murphy.

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After that, there is not held back for them and The Street Profits emerges as the most prominent Tag Team of WWE. They are successful in their title defenses before drafted to SmackDown during Draft 2020. After Draft 2020, The Street Profits and The New Day exchanged their titles because both champions switch their brands.

One of the brightest moments comes for The Street Profits at Survivor Series 2020. In the amazing Champion vs. Champion match, The Street Profits defeated one of the best WWE Tag Team of all time The New Day.

#1 Jey Uso

Jey Uso - Sports Info Now

In 2020, we saw the most unexpected thing in WWE that is Roman Reigns’ heel turn. Roman Reigns’ heel turn gives benefits to him and WWE. But apart from these two, one other superstar present who gets benefits from this is Jey Uso.

We always see Jey Uso wrestle in the Tag Team division. But after saw Roman Reigns and Jey Uso feud, now we can say that Jey Uso is even promising as a single competitor. The way he carried out an emotional feud against Roman Reigns was just incredible.

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In the process, Jey Uso also turned heel and joined forces with Roman Reigns. But fans still behind Jey Uso even after his heel turn. Now Jey Uso becomes a vital part of Roman Reigns heel run and character. Even now he becomes the main eventer on the SmackDown brand.

There is still a possibility that at some point in the future Jey Uso might be the one who dethrones Roman Reigns heel Empire and his dominance. It’s a great year for Jey Uso and especially the second half of 2020.

So there are the out all top 5 WWE Breakout Superstars of the 2020 year. Hope you all agree with our choices.

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