5 Best Matches in the history of TLC PPV

Tables Ladders and Chairs (TLC) is the one of the top 5 major PPV in the WWE. This PPV comes last in every year. In recent history, we see some brutal and hardcore matches in TLC Pay per View. TLC is mostly known for his traditional Tables, Ladder, and Chairs matches or Chairs matches or Tables matches or Ladders matches. Today we come for you with 5 Best Matches in the history of TLC PPV ever happen.

How do you win a TLC match?

With all these stipulations, WWE made this PPV most extreme above all their PPVs. TLC is the night where WWE booked a barrage of weapon-based matches for the fans. Since 2009, TLC PPV gives us many memorable matches that we remember forever.

Best TLC matches

History tells us that, TLC is also known for shocking title changes and shocking debuts as well. That matches with Tables, Ladders, and Chairs stipulation made this PPV Better than best. Here we are discussing 5 Best Matches in the history of TLC PPV but we honored while mentioning a special list of matches of few.

Best ladders matches

Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio vs Kane: TLC Match (2010)

Sheamus vs John Morrison: Ladder Match (2010)

Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena: Ladder Match (2012)

#5 The Demon Finn Balor vs AJ Styles at TLC 2017

The Demon Finn Balor vs AJ Styles at TLC 2017 - Sports Info Now

This was the simple match that we see on Raw, SmackDown, and other PPVs. But Big named who compete in this match made this match special and memorable. AJ Styles vs The Demon King Finn Balor match is a dream match for every fan.

This match was not a pre-planned match. It last minute decided the match. The original plan was The sister Abigail face off with The Demon King Finn Balor. But unfortunately, Bray Wyatt was injured just a day before TLC.

AJ Styles vs Finn Balor TLC

Then WWE needs to change their plan and even that Finn Balor was Raw superstar and AJ Styles was SmackDown superstar that match happen. Then out of nowhere, we witness a dream match of two great ones.

That match had brutal sports and countless sequences of their moves in the ring. The crowd goes bonkers during the match and match end also makes a fan happy with one of the loudest pop in WWE history.

AJ Styles vs Finn Balor TLC 2017

In the match ending moments, Demon Finn Balor hit tremendous Coup de Grace to Styles and pinned him. There is also another moment of remembrance awaits for the fans when after the match these two Bullet Club makers shared their moments of respect as give a sweet ending to the match.

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